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(interview me)
William Lyle
Location: Townson, MD United States
Birthday: Mar 21st
Joined: Jan 29th, 2004
About   (request update)
My Interview Question
If you could do one thing RIGHT NOW what would it be
Current Whereabouts:
Baltimore, VA, DC and travel to various other states from Jan - May & August

TO THE SISTA's: A QUOTE FROM A DELTA FRIEND (T. CANADA) TO KEEP IN MIND: "Boy's before books brings baby’s."

As stated above...I am just getting current mission is to help save MD youth. The school system out here SUCKS....FOR REAL. I am only in the infant stages of planning, but keep your ear to the ground. If your in MD and are interested in changing the community in a SERIOUS/RADICAL way, shoot me and email (subject: Classic Baltimore).

Life & Professional Aspirations:
To BE.
Education   (request update)
Wilberforce University class of 2000
Undergrad Major: Marketing
Campus Organization:
Alpha Phi Alpha
Claim To Fame:
Originally From:
Oakland, CA (Elm. School)
Pahoa, HI (Middle School)
Alameda, CA (High School)
During College:
Most outstanding FR, SO, JR, SR.
-President Black Male Coalition (BMC)-Most outstanding non-greek Male Organization, NAACP...
-Vice President Freshman Class (later became president after impeechment of President)
-WU Radio DJ (campus radio station) -ACTIVE MEMBER of SIFE, NVIP(gospel Chior), WU Track team (we did NOTHING but run)
-And probably a bunch of other things that I can't remember right now.

-University Board of Trustees (member)
-President BMC
-VP Sife
-Webmaster/designer (AKA, APA, DST, A-Heart, BMC, Ohio District-APA, Sife, NAACP)
-ACTIVE MEMBER of NVIP(gospel Chior), WU university Chior
-Original Brainchild
-Cooresponding Secretary/Webmaster/publications editor APA - Most outstanding greek lettered Organization

-University Board of Trustees (elected member)
-All of the Above +
-Vice President APA
-Member/co-founder of Wilberforce University Investment Club (WUIC)w/ T.J.Kent
-Member WUYR

Sr: - President APA
- Mr. NPHC
- Mr. Wilberforce
- Voted: Most likly to Succeed; Best Dressed.......
Too many to list....

After College:
- Guess inc. Employee 2 weeks(I quit because of "Atmosphere" or "Environment" complications
- First AA Male to recieve the UNIDEN innovation award '00
- Youngest Editor of the Sphinx Magazine '01-currnet
- Waiting on some forms from the GOV. so I can begin to hire some of yall '04
- Book: The Last Woman (near completion. FINALLY) '04
- Promotions co. '03-current
- 03 MD Auto solon - 2nd runner up for amateur import(non-american car) '04 (auto competetion for those of you all who may not know)
I am just getting current mission is to help save MD youth. The school system out here SUCKS donkey....FOR REAL. I am only in the infant stages of planning, but keep your ear to the ground. If your in MD and are interested in changing the community in a SERIOUS/RADICAL way, shoot me and email (subject: Classic Baltimore).

Most Memorable Moment:
All are listed in proper order
- 3/96 (New Voices In Praise Gospel Choir SHUT-IN (rededicated life)
- 2/22/97- Became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha (names: Ned Flanders aka ICEBERG)'06 From this point I realized how much work it takes to be a truly active & committed member of an organization as well as what is needed to be an effective leader.
New Voices In Praise
This choir was an instrumental tool in developing/protecting my spiritual walk. I learned the relevance of statement "Birds of a feather." When I was with, conversing, socializing with my choir friends I was not even aware of all the other "things" that went on on campus nor did I care.

Black Male Coalition
The BMC allowed me to realize the important role that black men have in today's economic growth as well as providing an avenue for me to network with Men who were doing great things in their respective professions.

Delta Sigma Theta (Beta Chapter)
These ladies were the first on campus to give me guidance in my academic/leadership/social choices. Some of these sista's took me in as a little Brother while others were always available for advice. Vashon, Letha, Emphany, Wilemina, and many others are people I can today still say are a positive reflection/example on how a WOMAN should carry herself. Funny thing is a Delta told me I was Going to be a Good Alpha Man before I even knew what an Alpha Man was.

Alpha Kappa Alpha (Zeta Chapter)
There was initially one individual who I knew that had an awesome SPIRIT and an even more AWESOME personality. She was also one whom later became my "BIG SISTER." Interestingly enough she became a member of AKA. These ladies invited me to participate in various on & off - campus events, provided tutorial assistance, spiritual guidance (who to talk to about issues) and true friendship. This experience and showed me that Wilberforce Greek Organizations are possibly the tightest nit group when I came to Community involvement and University retention. Tiff, Lori, Steph-Diggy, Nikky and a lot more can be said to be the sista’s I can call on when I need a GOOD 2 cents.

WU University Choir
"What happens on tour...stays on tour." A strange statement for a choir that nothing bad or negative ever happen. If you want to work harder than you have ever work for a choir, sing like you have never sung, and learn another level of Discipline. try and join your University Choir. I got to know people who I would normally not socialize with. This choir experience allowed me to broaden my horizons and socialize with everyone - "for EVERYONE has something to offer." EVENT: WUTC - WEST COAST TOUR

My Groups
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Guestbook Comments
Hello! THanks for the luv. I just met alum from your college in DC. :)
Tagged by Monica P. Simmons on 10/25/2008  
WOW ! ! ! Very enlightening, Thaks the best resume' I've read in a long time, continue to prosper and spread this joy around, it will make the world a better place. Kaye in TX and a DELTA also
Tagged by Kaye Vann-Anderson on 07/13/2007  
William Lyle what is goin on? Long time no talk or see or anything! I thank God that you are doing well and blessed. Crystaline Barger
Tagged by Crystaline Barger on 10/10/2006  
Wil, I'll give you your props for all the work you did especially for the ladie of AKA, but more for you choosing an AME college to be educated. Keep up the good work.
Tagged by S. Isaiah Harvin on 05/10/2006  
just wanted to show some WU luv!!!!!
Tagged by Jaunice Moore on 10/19/2005  
Sending NPHC Love your way. Sorry you didn't get a chance to experience Sorors of Kappa Chapter (Sigma Gamma Rho). Much success in all you do.
Tagged by Zaria Davis on 09/20/2005  
Hope to see YOU at Dawn Dance :) they say this year's will be big
Tagged by Tennesha Frierson on 09/17/2005  
Hey, WILL.....this Tennesha, fellow Wilberforce...just giving you some love keep in touch-----Phi-Yip
Tagged by Tennesha Frierson on 09/17/2005  
Stoppin' through to spread some Rattler love. God Bless.
Tagged by Whitney Graves on 06/21/2005  
OK....That is a cute, but TRUE clich'e. I always heard it like this: Books before boys b/c boys bring babies... same thing tho!!!Good luck in all your future endeavors. Tougaloo has shown you love now remember to do the same!
Tagged by Lexi T on 06/08/2005  
Hey! Just coming by to drop off some luv.
Tagged by Kimberly Smith on 06/02/2005  
Tagged by Alesha Brandon on 06/01/2005  
Showin a little luv from the tweetest schhol I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/19/2005  
I don't know how I ended up on this page but Im here and all I have to say is, THANK YOU! (You represent Black Males well)
Tagged by Kathleen Petrice Lindsay on 04/04/2005  
I am happy for your success and keep going, never loose your focus. How was it living in Hawaii and why did you live there?
Tagged by J. K. on 03/31/2005  
Thanx for the "reminder" ;) Holla back!
Tagged by Angelica 'Jelli' Jones on 01/31/2005  
Just wanted to return the luv...I wish you luck in everything that you do
Tagged by Princess Allen on 01/24/2005  
Hey how u doing William, just sending some love back. Thanx for your words of advice (haha) I'll keep that in mind. Oh so I see you're feeling the TIE yeah; well ya know it's a JerZee thang! My back is always watched (lol) HOLLA!
Tagged by Sherrell Widgeon on 01/19/2005  
what's going on, sendin DSU love
Tagged by Sherrell Widgeon on 01/16/2005  
i'm definitely stickin to my books, hope you had a good new year!
Tagged by Mercy C. on 01/04/2005  
well this year I am having my lil girl, kayla, so I might have move to j-ville
Tagged by Kyanta Washington on 12/30/2004  
Thanks for the luv. God bless you and your hardworking self. I will be in touch about saving our youth. We need more motivated black men like yourself to help let society know that we have it going on. Peace.
Tagged by Kendra Walters on 12/13/2004  
Thanks for stopping by. I must say that reading your page was very refreshing. Its so nice to see a Black man with goals and aspirations, actually making things happen. From what I can see, God has truely blessed you.
Tagged by Nicole G on 12/13/2004  
Hey...You're resume is very very impressive and you'd be a great example for all MD youth to aspire to. I wish you many blessings in your endeavors. If you need someone to assist you on any of your projects e-mail me. (MissGiGi08@aol)
Tagged by Regina Mapson on 12/13/2004  
Good luck on your goal of saving MD youths. Maybe once you've accomplished that goal you can help us out in Dayton. Many blessing.
Tagged by Leslie Dunn on 09/23/2004  
AAAAA PHIIII! My Brother, what can say, you are doing your thang. Keep striving to move onward and upward. Uphold the light Bruh. SIX!
Tagged by Corey J. Bartley on 09/22/2004  
Showing some HU Love
Tagged by Carrie Lambert on 09/01/2004  
hey!! jus stoppin thru to show u some HU c/o 08 luv!! God Bless! -Jessica
Tagged by on 08/20/2004  
I just wanted to tell you God Bless You, because you truly are on the right path. By reading your "Claim To Fame", I realized we have so much in common. God Bless You on all of your endeavours and thanks for signing my guestbook.
Tagged by Asia-Lige' Arnold on 08/11/2004  
Well I'm from Bmore and thought I'd send you a note to express my interest in your plan for a Classic Baltimore b/c I plan on moving back to MD after undergrad to attend Hopkins... But I wish you much success Brother and do what u do..
Tagged by Ashley Poole on 08/02/2004  
Hey, Boo thanks for rolling thru! Keep your head up and believe innthe Lord and you will be alright. One Love
Tagged by Kudaira Charasika (Kuda) on 07/28/2004  
I like what you said about boys before books im going to put it on my wall as a constant reminder. Thanks for the note and the quote. MSU Bear Pride !!!!!!
Tagged by Nicole Bruce on 07/22/2004  
Whats good ? Just showing love from tha south. You've seem to accomplish a lot in just a short amount of time, I admire that and wish I could do the same. Hit me up sometime.
Tagged by Patrick Hand on 07/19/2004  
Whats up. Just stopping by your page to show you some luv. Always remember to stay stong and focused. Keep God first in your life!!!
Tagged by Christina Cotton on 07/18/2004  
Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I am staying focused on my goals. I'm trying to be like you, I really want to be a part of the organizations that are for social change here at Prairie View. You inspire me, thanx
Tagged by Danielle Bush on 07/17/2004  
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