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Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"How about, who is more interesting than the One who made you and knows every strand of hair on your head? I would say because of the God/Jesus/Holy Spirit in you and you don't have to be perfect, you are made interesting for people to know about. Never forget, your value as a woman of God, is priceless. Take care."

Interviewed by Rudelene Josil 10/15/10

If you could make any dream come true without being concerned about $$ or other things, what dream would you choose?
"My dreams and goals are multiple..."

Interviewed by Rudolph Hickman 06/01/10

Would you like to be able to take resort vacations all over the world for a guaranteed lowest price?

Interviewed by Berrece Andrews 06/01/10

"God/Jesus, Prayer and Faith..."

Interviewed by Debra DeBerry 03/11/10

What goal do you want to accomplish by the end of 2014 (next 5 years?)?
" I will be very well blessed/established in "Arts, Entertainment, and Media"..."

Interviewed by Ashley Carnegie 03/11/10

What things can we do on HBCUConnect to make it a better site?
"Hey Reg is the search feature for trying to find and locate blogs gone?"

Interviewed by Reginald Culpepper 01/29/09

What does friendship mean to you?
"I most relate true friendships to some scriptures I know such as Proverbs 18:24, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 27:6, Proverbs 27:9 & 10, Proverbs 27:17 and Hebrews 13:1-3. I hope this is cool to answer your question like this."

Interviewed by Catrina Mercer 07/27/08

What do you like most about HBCU Connect?
"HBCU has been a major Blessing for me, it has been a thrill and a joy to meet soo many good bright people here. I think as much as I have commented at this site and for this site, I can not compare in words the value of this site for people. I wish the best for all and exponential continued growth. My sincerest appreciations... Peace. Sincerest W.W.H.III"

Interviewed by Daniel Moss 07/20/08

"I just answered a interview question for someone, maybe you would like to read it, it is in reference to Faith... My Faith & Strength? I never quit and My name means Determination and Great Protector... Do you or have you looked up your name meaning? For those by chance that may not have a name meaning or were given a bad charge in life by people, ask Jabez. 1Chronicles 4:9-10. Jabez asked God for a name change/new name meaning/new charge in Life... It's amazing that most whose names have a meaning have been living that name meaning and did not know why... They just did what they had to do. Destiny/Greatness."

Interviewed by crystal williams 07/09/08

In one word, what makes you happy?
""Hope"... I know you requested an answer with one word Sis, but thats hard for me to do in short. I want to make clear what I mean by "Hope" in short. I believe before one can have faith, before you can believe in GOD/JESUS, you have to have something to receive (i.e Choice). Before Faith which is the connector to God/Jesus, there has to be hope in the choice to have Faith which is Believing. When people falter what happens to get back up and moving again? Ask Peter in the New Testament one of the Apostles/Disciples of JESUS for Adults. For all youth ask Isaiah 40:28-31... Lastly, for Everyone that can relate, when You had nothing or nobody, what else did You have? "Hope"... Kids are great/ the best at that right? "Hope"... "

Interviewed by Yvonne C. Hunnicutt 07/08/08

what motivates you?
"God, the Bible, cloudy rainy weather, youth, those who are less fortunate, sports, good books, Miami Dolphins, issues out there in the world, beaches, action movies, WWE wrestling, grilling, great music, good preaching, watching Michael Jordan play basketball, dancing, health and fitness, going to the barbershop, etc., I can't get too much more personal than this sis w/o being told TMI! Lol!"

Interviewed by Nicole Brown 07/05/08

If you got it on your mind then get it off your chest
"Why does Barak Osama get grilled about his faith and not all the other Presidential hopefuls who had Pastors make controversial comments in past??? I said this to a few folk who were talking about Barak, you may guess their cultural affiliation... I asked them, "Mitt Romney is a Mormon... The Mormons historically did not allow blacks and when they did, they were not allowed to hold any positions in that religion (They just voted recently to allow blacks to hold positions)... Mitt Romney is a devout Mormon..." Hope this is interesting enough for one of my 2cents worth, Lol! No one questioned Mitt Romney on that, who came close to winning the Republican Presidential nomination and is prsently being considered a Vice Presidential candidate by John McCain and is being suggested by some Republicans. Enough said."

Interviewed by James Hathorn 07/04/08

Are you in a Fraterrnity or Sorrority?
"Hi Sis, I did not join a Fraternity while in college. I was older, 26 when I came to FAMU out of the Army. When I saw what those teens respectfully were doing to people I knew and roommates, I said I'll wait till I graduate and go Grandchapter respectfully. I did visit with various Fraternities having friends and family a part of them. I do have plans to join the Kappa's. I joined the Masons while in the Army years ago. That was another deciding factor in not joining a Fraternity. I knew guys that were Masons that were in Fraternities and they knew what I went to in order to be a part of the Masonic Order, I was not willing to do by guys younger than my baby brother. No dis meant to anyone. Hope I answer You good enough here."

Interviewed by Shaunta Williams 07/04/08

What do you like to do in your spare time
"I love doing many things, but the place where I enjoy myself the most is the beach!"

Interviewed by Lyndsay Warren 07/04/08

what it be like?
"Things are going good for me and I hope the best for you. I look forward to hearing about the great things you will do in the present and in the future. Be a great blessing to your University as God has been to you. Sincerely, William p.s. By the way, I grew up in Bradenton, FL"

Interviewed by Preslin Isaac 07/04/08

What is your favorite hobby?
"I have soo many from Writing, which I can say evolved into a profession, to watching weather/meteorology, I like to study up on things, reading, florestry, cooking, sports, health, volunteering with youth, blogging, poetry (done a few times when inspired), running (honestly its a man thing like playing basketball against younger to compete...), etc.etc.etc. What ever catches my mind to do. I've thought of taking up boxing at a local club for health and exercise, just to see how I can do and pick up some things... Oh and I've always been a lover of music... Oh and being my own Entrepreneur which is developing..."

Interviewed by Carlisha Jennings 06/24/08

If you could have any one thing in the world, what would it be...?
"More Black Women 2 Realize how awesome they are... There would be far more Respectable Black men 2 follow and far less cheating, amongst other things... "

Interviewed by sukii osborne 05/29/08

Were you scared to go off to college?
"The fear I had was knowing I had no other choice but to go off to college, I could not fail nor come back... In my Pro, I mention my journey to FAMU..."

Interviewed by Delicia White 05/06/08

What is YOUR outlook on LIFE?

Interviewed by Antonio Coleman 05/06/08

What makes you so unique?
"My Choices..."

Interviewed by Nicholas Davis 05/06/08

What do you think is the biggest mistake that men/women make in their relationships?
"I have made my share of past mistakes, I would say leave God out of it and do I have to post my 2nd response???"

Interviewed by Allen Cook 05/06/08

Why should I accept your friend request?
"My Answer: Be true, Be you, Be real, Be cool and Dream/Aspire. Ya Dig?"

Interviewed by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III 02/22/08

What types of books do you like to read?
"I am currently reading "Reposition Yourself", by T.D. Jakes."

Interviewed by Patrice Baltimore 02/22/08

What is the #1 thing you like about
"This site has been a major blessing to me because of the staff and all the friends, associates and networks I have made here. Also this site has enhanced my writing and although I was here to meet people this site far and beyond has been a major unexpected boost in promoting and advertising what I do. I have been invited to other websites, I have participated at other previous websites and I brag about HBCU all the time. It came to me again the other night and a point I make in my book that the young folk here are soo positive, ambitious, they dream verses other sites where the older generation try to tear you down because of what they have not done for themselves. I thought of the woman caught in the act of adultery and Jesus saved her. There were no young folk there... Just look at the world, i.e. media, community, Church etc. Mostly middle age to seniors. Not all, just some, but enough of them. When young folk try to make a move in this world, who are the first in general to thwart dreams? This site is a major conduit to promote the younger generation with a mix of alumnus and older adults who benefit by giving and receiving. A perfect mix. I draw strength and rejuventation from here. This is why I state this site blesses me far more. In general young folk say dream big, limitless, older say whoa thats too much. But God says (Scriptures are loaded about the impossible)? I am not talking about the wisdom and knowledge, I'm talking about those who are negative. I know you have your stories to share as well. That would make a great blog, Bro! I can write a chapter for my 2cents worth on what this site has meant to me. I still sport the HBCU.Com t-shirt I received from here and I can see myself on the public stage sporting FAMU Rattla (of course!) paraphrenalia as well as Like Bill Cosby does... I hope I did not write too much here Lol! Peace. "

Interviewed by Will Moss 02/25/08

(interview me)
Location: Tampa, FL United States
Birthday: Sep 30th
Joined: Feb 1st, 2004
About   (request update)
Who and what God made me and what I am meant to be... I am loyal a great friend, spiritual and determined... I can't quit. "The greater the devil against, the greater God for".

p.s. Feel free to view more about me and my background from the website where my father's music (samples can be played here) is listed at
My Interview Question
Have you ever had to overcome anything life?
Current Whereabouts:
Completing my first Book, "When My Father and Mother Forsake Me"; Then My ABBA Will Take Me Up. Presently attending Graduate School with U.S.F. Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Department
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Education   (request update)
Florida A&M University class of 1995
Undergrad Major: Political Science
Attending USF Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Dept., aspiring to be Licensed Therapist. class of
Grad Major:
High School: Manatee High School in Bradenton, FL class of 1985
Activities & Accomplishments:
Best Memories:
Grad Night...
My Last Stones Throw: A Collection of Spiritual, Inspirational & Thought Provoking Quotes (Through Perilous Jo My Last Stones Throw: A Collection of Spiritual, Inspirational & Thought Provoking Quotes (Through Perilous Jo
Hi, It has certainly been awhile since I've last been here, I pray to find all are well. I work many hours and it's not easy to find time, but I am here today. I recently published my 1st EBook ...more
Posted by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on December 31st, 2012 • 16,005 Views
Happy New Year 2012 Happy New Year 2012
"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." -Rev 21:4 May 1st SON DAY New Year 2012, Be a Rev ...more
Posted by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on January 1st, 2012 • 6,467 Views
The Small Things; Zechariah 4:10 The Small Things; Zechariah 4:10 "Who despises the day of small things?"
I have a habit where I will walk to the woods part of park; I sit and view nature and talk with God. On the way back a woman who is a short, middle-aged, Spanish School Patrol officer stopped me. Sh ...more
Posted by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on December 2nd, 2011 • 6,200 Views
Quote By Dr. M.L.K. Quote By Dr. M.L.K.
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. -Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963 ...more
Posted by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on January 17th, 2011 • 5,465 Views
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Hello fellow member. First I would like to wish you a blessed day. Secondly, if you get a chance, visit my profile page where you will hopefully find some words of wisdom. While you are there be sure to visit my website where you will be able to view some information that will show you how to start a successful online business by partnering with one of the top companies in the digital product industry. Have a successful and blessed day.
Tagged by Ralph White on 07/28/2019  
How's alumni life?
Tagged by Cheer Leader on 01/20/2016  
God bless you and may you have a marvelous and productive day. When you get a chance please visit my profile to check out some info that might appeal to you.
Tagged by Ralph White on 03/30/2014  
Tagged by Joyce Brayboy on 09/06/2012  
Thank you for making me your friend. Check this out (See it to believe it. And if you still don't believe it, or Check out the information for yourself. Here is something I wrote to the U.S. Copyright Office and then I sent this information to the news media, and Oprah Winfrey, and CNN network, just to see there response.) Read my poem called Remebering My Historical / Prophetical Poem During The Republican Convention , located on my page/blog and if you don’t believe it check the information through the US Copyright Office. Peace
Tagged by Terrance McCreary on 08/30/2012  
Tagged by LAKEISHA TATE on 01/19/2011  
And a WONDERFUL day to you, William! Hope you are following the so-called housing foreclosure moratorium. Quite a story. Let us know if you are being impacted by it and follow us as this massive fraud is unravelled.
Tagged by Bill Cooper on 10/11/2010  
Tagged by CLIFTON McBEAN-HENRY on 03/13/2010  
Tagged by CLIFTON McBEAN-HENRY on 03/10/2010  
cheers Boy. It quite nice to hear from u and read your fantastic mail.
Tagged by Arthur Kamara on 01/11/2010  
Tagged by Coreata Houser on 01/08/2010  
William, Thank you for the 5-star REVIEW at: Have a great day and a blessed 2010. Eliza
Tagged by Eliza Earsman on 01/05/2010  
hello! i dont know if i ever responded! but u were the first to sign my guestbook back in 2006. im just now signing back into hbcu connect after a very long time. i am sorry for that. i just want to say hey! thank u! and happy new year!
Tagged by Shaunita Felder on 12/31/2009  
Bro, it's a bit late! but I never check HBCUconnect. But I just read your comment on my profile. Thanks! Endeavor Always, CRHouser
Tagged by Coreata Houser on 12/30/2009  
His William ha you doing of late,hope ya doing fine though winter is quenching ya bones,but anyway thats how life goes on.To this I just wanted to wish you a prosperous new year with all ya family and the rest of the HBCU colleagues.Nice day.
Tagged by ZIMULA PAUL on 12/30/2009  
Thank you so much for your comments! Have a blessed day!
Tagged by monique claytor on 12/29/2009  
Thank you so much. I hope you also enjoy your holidays :) and hope all is well!
Tagged by monique claytor on 12/24/2009  
I am hardly ever on here, but thanks for the encouraging words, I really appreciate it.
Tagged by Shakari Briggs on 12/22/2009  
I understand the busy part. I am glad to see you are doing the Lord's work encouraging and inspiring. Continue on, and pray for me
Tagged by Cheryl Hendrix on 09/23/2009  
William, Nice to hear from you. I took on a new job as the director of the Institute of Aboriginal Health in the College of Health Science Faculty of Medicine and have been running ever since. How have you been doing. I often think of you although im not onthe site as much as I used to be.
Tagged by Dr. Lee Brown on 09/22/2009  
Thank you and I wish all the best to you as well.
Tagged by M. Pradia on 09/22/2009  
Hi William send me an excerpt from your book, I think I may have a place for you in the next peas magazine... here is the link to the 5th edition.. and this is my personal email address
Tagged by Denise Bethune on 09/14/2009  
Good to hear from you. I thought I had to come looking for you. How you are doing well.
Tagged by Cheryl Hendrix on 09/14/2009  
Thank you William for replying. Welcome. I look forward to knowing more. Please access the PRESS RELEASE/freemasonry at Have a Blessed day. In Christ. Eliza.
Tagged by Eliza Earsman on 09/12/2009  
Hello FAMU RATTLERS! My name is Myth and I have just formed the most innovative book club, HBCU BOOKIES. Help me do FAMU right by our alumni becoming the most prolific active, dedicated and discussed readers of any book club up on this thang, I promise - if you do and follow thru – you will never be the same. Come by, join up and see what this hype is all about and do me (and our Alma Mater) proud…. STRIKE, STRIKE AND STRIKE AGAIN!!!!!! Mythical Bliss
Tagged by Mythical Bliss on 09/07/2009  
Hello!..... thanks for that oh so sweet comment you wrote me last year.. and im embarrassed to admit that im just finding out how to explore this HBCU account of mine, not that im ever on here... LOL.. i just wanted to say thank you dearly- have a nice day:)
Tagged by Sade McDowell on 08/17/2009  
Thank you William and have a productive week ahead. Peace 2U
Tagged by Lynne W on 08/16/2009  
Hello William, I hope you have had a chabce to visit me on, a fun site with profit potential. Let me know.
Tagged by Bill Cooper on 07/24/2009  
Thank you for replying to my friend request. May God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors!
Tagged by MF Cunningham on 06/15/2009  
Hey Frat, Just wanted to give you a shout. I pray that things are well with you. Have a Blessed week. Go Blue !! Willie / PBS
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 05/31/2009  
Hi William. Thank you for the contact. I look forward to getting to know you. If ever I can do anything for you in Internet marketing please let me know. Best Success! Sharon Twitter: sjsmith
Tagged by Sharon Johnson-Smith on 04/23/2009  
Greetings How are you? Thanks for stopping by my page and giving me a wholesome welcome to you soon
Tagged by Alitra Brown on 03/27/2009  
Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Best wishes to u and your endeavors. It's great that u write. I write poems.
Tagged by Kimberly Moore on 02/23/2009  
Thanks I appreciate that; hoped you had a wonderful Valentine's day as well.
Tagged by Cheryl Hendrix on 02/20/2009  
Thanks I appreciate that; hoped you had a wonderful Valentine's day as well.
Tagged by Cheryl Hendrix on 02/20/2009  
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