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Tiarea Holmes
Location: Columbia, SC United States
Birthday: Jul 19th
Joined: Feb 13th, 2004
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Jackson State University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Criminal Justice
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After college I first wanted to be a music producer, but I sat out for about 2 years and had time to sit and get focused while I prepare to go back. I now want to become a C.S.I.
Most Memorable Moment:
I try to make everyday memorable, and so far, that's what I've done. I love JSU!
High School: Columbia High School in Columbia, SC class of 2004
My Groups
Entrepreneurial Think Tank
Guestbook Comments
Thanks for the note. I don't get on this site as much as I used to, but it is nice to hear from fellow HBCU grads.
Tagged by Herbert Delancey on 08/23/2010  
Hi Tiara, thanks for the guestbook luv! I had to return some, BE BLESSED
Tagged by ERIKA HOLMES on 08/18/2009  
Whats good, just wanted to stop by and show your page some love.
Tagged by rod jones on 08/17/2009  
ha...three years later till i respond..literally...unless i came before...anyway, just showin your page love....breathe easy!
Tagged by Marcus Ayee on 06/08/2008  
Hey, what's up? Stopping by to show you some love.....
Tagged by Akiva McClam on 11/23/2007  
Thanks for th e shout out.. My friend Brittany Jefferies goes to school there.. Next time I come through I'll have to give you a shout
Tagged by Dwight Gordon II on 11/21/2007  
Stopping by just to show you some love.
Tagged by Big Dawg on 10/11/2007  
Thanks for the add!
Tagged by Troy Gathers on 08/30/2007  
just saying hi
Tagged by Tamika Cooke on 07/27/2007  
hey what up just stoppin by n showin some luv
Tagged by Ammina Reed on 04/20/2007  
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Tagged by Thomas Huff on 12/24/2006  
Sorry it took so long to holla back!!!! I had trouble with my account. PeAcE!!
Tagged by Terri Williams on 11/07/2006  
Check it out folks, this is the premier site for HBCU students to hookup and meet people with similar interest.
Tagged by Jake Daniel on 10/22/2006  
hey thanks for da luv, just returning da fava
Tagged by Octavia Ingram on 09/05/2006  
Yo wassup thanx for the hit just returning the love.
Tagged by Karen Brown on 08/18/2006  
just returnin the love! thankx for signin my book
Tagged by Tasheena Galmore on 08/17/2006  
Returning the love! Thanks for signing my book. Mo
Tagged by Monica Brown on 08/16/2006  
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Tagged by Jake Daniel on 06/30/2006  
Hey !!Just Hittin U wit Some H-Town Luv!! HOLLA!!
Tagged by Preston Wilson on 05/23/2006  
stopped by to show some luv on guestbook.
Tagged by joanne severe on 05/09/2006  
What up!!! Just wanted to return the love you left me back in it took so long....Dont really know how to work this site well.....Anyways be blessed:)
Tagged by Maria Scoggins on 04/20/2006  
Hey! How are you doing? Just dropping by to bring you some love from WSSU!!
Tagged by ryan roberson on 03/22/2006  
I'm coming to JC this August tell me something good???
Tagged by Rico Lindsay on 03/20/2006  
Thanks for signing my guestbook!!! You are a star!!
Tagged by Melisa John on 02/10/2006  
Wha's up girly? Thanks for stopping by and much luv to you and do your thing...We strong black intelligent sisters gotta represent!
Tagged by Dr. Angela D. Pearson on 02/03/2006  
was hapnin lil mama
Tagged by Brandon Middleton on 01/17/2006  
Thank you for the love, I am alreay a trifoling friend cause you sent this in May, but anyway they never sent me anything so I didn't know. Take Care, and know you know of someone in DC, that's me :)
Tagged by Precious Wallace on 11/15/2005  
Wuz up,Tiarea!Just hitting you back up. Thanks 4 showing ta boy some luv.
Tagged by Patrick Dailey on 10/19/2005  
Just came thru to return the love that you showed me! Thanks for hittin me up. Keep doing big things girl!
Tagged by Deyadra Blye on 10/18/2005  
showing u love n respect from bermuda--hang in there with life- u will do well, trust me....>>><<<
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 10/16/2005  
Just coming by to show some of that Dirty South love! Keep your head up
Tagged by Blaque Queen on 10/13/2005  
Sup cutie Pie. Sorry it took me so long to hit ya up, but ya boy has been on the road from Tampa to the Lou. Hit me up some more, i wanna get to know ya.
Tagged by Jeremy Howard on 09/26/2005  
what up just stop by to show u some SSU luv BE EASY!
Tagged by Brittany Whitby on 09/25/2005  
Thanks for stoping by may page. As you can see I haven't been on in while.
Tagged by Ekara D. Nichols on 09/17/2005  
Thanks 4 stoppin by just returning the favor.
Tagged by April Lee on 09/16/2005  
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