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Brittany Green
Location: Orangeburg, SC United States
Birthday: Nov 27th
Joined: Oct 11th, 2007
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Brittany Green
Growing up has not always been easy. My life has been filled with many trials and tribulations, ups and downs. As I journey through life I often pause to thank the most inspirational woman I know. My Aunt Siretha Ann Dunbar has had a lasting impact on my future. From the moment I was born, she cradled and nurtured me as my mother, and father worked to take care of our family. My mother has taught me the values of life, but my Aunt has always been the one to give me the extra shove I needed to advance and reach my full potential. I have always wanted to be a successful, African American woman just like my Aunt. She works hard and is full committed to the Lord. I believe that God sent me and angel when he sent my Aunt to Earth.
Through high school she helped me increase my potential and find a part time job while keeping a perfect 4.0 GPA. As my high school career ended, I graduated Magna Cum Laude and looked forward to a life of success. Through the course of Gods work, my father passed away and my life went spiraling out of control. Quickly my Aunt grabbed me and brought me back to the home I love_the church. My Aunt helped me fill out numerous college applications though I thought I would never be strong enough to endure college. Thinking back, she kept me involved in the church and made sure I was ready for choir rehearsal each and every weekend, I thank her. Though I saw no point in her actions at the time, I greatly appreciate all of her unconditional love and support now. I was accepted to many colleges and universities and I chose the college that was close to home, South Carolina State University. My Aunt encouraged me to choose my major wisely in a field that would bring definite job opportunities. Though I did not follow her nursing footstep, I did make a wise major choice, business management. I have endured my freshman first semester in college and obtained a 3.8 GPA. I am eager to learn more of the business world and become a successful, African American business leader. I want to help aid the economy and produce more innovative thinkers such as myself. I would love to inspire people as my Aunt has inspired and helped me.
Without my aunt I do not think I would be the responsible, respectable, and well rounded student of South Carolina State University that I am today. Because of my Aunt, I view myself as innovative, creative, and positive thinker. I stand paying homage and giving honor to my Aunt Siretha for her words of wisdom, teachings, and moments of encouragement. Now that I am a freshman in college and doing very well, my Aunt is by my side more than ever. Each and every weekend my Aunt sends a care package to my dormitory along with a small letter of prayer. I thank her. I want to become as my Aunt is: blessed. I want to be able to be financially secure, hopeful of a non-promised tomorrow, and full of joy. She inspires many people in our church, community, and family. She is an awesome prayer warrior and steward of good faith. I cherish our bond and everlasting relationship. My Aunt Siretha corrects me when Im wrong and advises me when Im on the right track. My Aunt is an angel on Earth from the Lord for whom I am ever most grateful.
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What are your hopes and dream?
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enjoying college
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South Carolina State University class of 2011
Undergrad Major: Business Administration
Claim To Fame:
I plan to dedicate my career towards becomming an outstanding leader in America. i believe that it is very important for ALL African American men and women to succeed in life, reach goals, and accomplish destinys. During college i plan to plant seeds of success. After college i will be the first college graduate in my household, i will have reached my full potential and begin to set new goals in life.
High School: Silver Bluff High in Aiken, SC class of 2008
Activities & Accomplishments:
I was in everything from band, to ROTC, guitar class, french club, acedemic team, beta club, and more. I love to be involved!!
Best Memories:
Senior cookout. we all wore our little shorts and senior t shirts. it was sooooo hot and we hard watergun fights and te good food, and then we went to the club that night!!
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Dirty South HBCU
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