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(interview me)
AJ Council
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States
Birthday: Feb 10th
Joined: Mar 29th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Inglewood california In the fall i'll be in Pierce hall!
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Business Administration
Claim To Fame:
1st and foremost, I am not Muslim. No offense to them, thats just not who i am. Being at hampton with all of mt wonderful black people. Living it up in the MBA program that hampton has...and to all those in the program with me...lets do big things! Get at me Aim:IM16334ever Yahoo:aj_duce2
Most Memorable Moment:
I juss up here livin it up in pierce hall. I love my giant ass frat house. Rm.208 yall
High School: Bishop Montgomery High school in , class of 2008
Activities & Accomplishments:
Best Memories:
Winning my homecoming football game freshman year.
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Guestbook Comments
Hey cutie...whats up, just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up and hit me up on AIM sometime
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 06/05/2005  
What up JERSEY in da building. Hit Me Up ------->
Tagged by La'Kia Brandon on 06/03/2005  
Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/22/2005  
Hey! Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself: Alyse (aka Blondie). Hope to make some find someone who can assist me around campus...know anyone? See ya next year =0)
Tagged by M. Alyse Dorsey on 05/17/2005  
sup AJ? jus hittin u up to show ya some luv..i'll be there in da fall so hope ta see ya..hit me up on flidiva05 on aol...besos!
Tagged by Candis Ames-Morton on 03/18/2005  
sup AJ? jus hittin u up to show ya some luv..i'll be there in da fall so hope ta see ya..hit me up on flidiva05 on aol...besos!
Tagged by Candis Ames-Morton on 03/18/2005  
*~Hey AJ! I'm just showin you some love:) I'll be up at Hampton this fall; holla @ ya girl~*
Tagged by Ashley Armstead on 03/10/2005  
Fuck you light skin nigga!!! Ima shit on you in speaker's roundtable!
Tagged by Greg Smith on 02/28/2005  
Hey I am just showing you some love-MWAH!
Tagged by Maya Rose on 02/20/2005  
Hey AJ just stoppin by to show you some love. Holla
Tagged by NaTasha Boyd on 02/17/2005  
Hey Dork
Tagged by Brittany Davis on 02/08/2005  
hey u look diff in this pic* i fixed it!!!!so about this whole- v-day thing* i say we should have a party!!!i hate valentine's day wit a passion* ugh i so need 2 become a female QUICK!!!!!!!
Tagged by JESSI LO on 02/03/2005  
Thanx for the Cali love! We truly need to stick together with all the westcoast haters out here! Itz good 2 c a brotha from CALI doin' big things! Holla.
Tagged by Ashley Baker on 02/02/2005  
im up 2 NO good n u need 2 help me B4 my Philly girl get s my french vanilla dunkachino ass in serious trouble*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 01/31/2005  
what's going on AJ just showin you some love from DSU!
Tagged by Sherrell Widgeon on 01/22/2005  
YaJay! Im im'ing you right now so theres really no purpose in writing but i'm bored....see you later on!
Tagged by ~BrItTaNy BaRrEtT~ on 01/12/2005  
Wes! What it do cuz? Just wanted to show you some love and give you some knowledge...ain't nuthin like the Town!
Tagged by OaklandHamptonian on 01/07/2005  
Just wanted to stop by and show some Hamptonian and Onyx 7 love! I hope youre enjoying the holiday season and I might see you around next semester! Holla at ya girl
Tagged by Seneca Mitchell on 12/29/2004  
Hey! How are you? I hope you're enjoying your winter break and that you did well in your first semester of college. Let's make the most of this HBCU experience! Just showin some love. Dueces!
Tagged by Johnna Pierce on 12/23/2004  
i miss u 2 babe* miss ya oodles big bro*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 12/08/2004  
Hi Favorite Person!! jus droppin by to say hello..... luv ya!
Tagged by Ashleigh Lyons on 12/01/2004  
its so sad ur in pierce, but i still show luv to my boys those pierce hall playa's step your game up, i know you wish you had the privelige of being a James Hall man, just showing some luv, its ok the pistons ran shaq out of town.....
Tagged by Brian Albritton on 11/22/2004  
what up nig...we takin over...but remember sometimes u gotta CHILL!!! get at me
Tagged by Michael Glover on 11/21/2004  
Hey AJ, you know i'm reppin your dorm too, na but who r u tryna impress in this picture. LOL just jokes.
Tagged by Amanda Mobley on 11/19/2004  
wow you live really close i'm off crenshaw and century by the forum what school did u go to??
Tagged by *shawnie dockery* on 11/18/2004  
What part of inglewood are u from?
Tagged by *shawnie dockery* on 11/17/2004  
aj trynna be all sexy in his picture* oooooohhhhh go head boi* i'm so proud of u* luv ya oodles*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 11/15/2004  
Tagged by Jay on 11/15/2004  
hey AJ i saw that you signed my book so I just wanted to give u some of that good ol moton love.
Tagged by Krystal McCray-Brown on 11/11/2004  
brother bear* long time no talk 2* u gotta make sure we chill whenever i;m here* i miss ya oodles* Mwah*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 11/09/2004  
Hey AJ, just stoppin by to show some luv...see u later
Tagged by Melanie White on 11/07/2004  
Whats' up yeah I remember you, you get hittin the table by accident. Thanks though.
Tagged by Kari Jackson on 11/01/2004  
HEY hey HEY WHATITDO?! showin sum of that CALI LUV to ya babe. by the way...NiCe PiC! dont u look sophisticated lol...neways keep holdin it down for that "310" n WEST COAST. We takin ova HU this yr! xoxo
Tagged by MyLin Stokes on 10/28/2004  
and i got u on tha extra special, but yeah go 2 that website and they send u FREE ones* holla
Tagged by JESSI LO on 10/23/2004  
1/2 omg did i actually spend time wit 2day* wowzers* yeah but i missed u so much, i'll try 2 be around more often* from now i gotta spend @ least 1 day a wk@ Pierce* i luv ya my other half* my fam.* mWah*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 10/23/2004  
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