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Q&A With James McTyre Jr.

What would you like people to say about you at your Eulogy?
"What a truly thought-provoking question, Raymond! These words from an anonymous writer would say it all, "One hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, how big my house was, or what kind of car I drove; But the world may be a little better, because I was important in the life of a child". Peace "

Interviewed by Raymond Lucas 07/21/08

If time and money were not an issue what would do? Where would Go?
"I would better discover this planet through travel. I truly imagine myself doing missionary work, probably somewhere in Africa. Great question!"

Interviewed by Esther Pinkston 07/20/08

If you had 30 sec. to speak to JESUS in person what would you say?
"Dear Jesus, Where do I begin other than to say Thank YOU. Thank You for Your mercy, Your grace. I render myself to Thee for Your Will. Thank YOU alright Savior for Your Patience and Tolerance and for having Mercy on my poor dying soul. Amen!"

Interviewed by Kefla Hare 07/07/08

Hey Where are you from
"Often I am puzzled by this question (smile), but seriously....I am residing in Georgia."

Interviewed by Dr. Lee Brown 06/13/08

If you were someone else, would you want to be friends with you?
"Daphnee, this question is quite interesting. If I was someone else, I would very much want to be a friend of mine for a number of reasons. First, I would enjoy having a friend who has the ability to listen deeply and who can be very empathic. Secondly, I would like a friend who is tactfully honest. Moreover, it would be nice to have a friend who is striving "TO BE" good and not simply "behave" good resultant of religion."

Interviewed by Daphnee N 06/04/08

Do you know the Master?
"Yes, I know Him, but realize the futility in becoming too complacent or self-assured with such a reality. Therefore, a better answer perhaps is "everyday a little bit better!" God is so surreal and awesone, and each day I am amazed by His mercy and grace. Keep the Faith."

Interviewed by John McNeill 05/31/08

Whats important to you?
"The environment; good health and affordab le health care opportunites for all; and peace on earth and goodwill to all. Although these are a few of the issues that are very important to me, I have a real pause and concern regarding the education of all children, especially African American boys. As a longtime educator / counselor / social worker, I have seen a decline in this area over time. Moreover, I have seen the decline become greater for African American boys. Therefore, seeing an embrace of this concern and these children by all (whether as educators, mentors, parents, or friends) is of particular importance to me. I will continue to work on behalf of our youth, and pray that many other concerned citizens will advocate for them. We must be better stewards of one of God's most precious gifts to mankind. Jessica, this is indeed a very good question."

Interviewed by Jessica Brooks 05/31/08

So when did you fall in love with R&B?
"I love most genres of music. However, I have a special affinity for R&B, which originated around the time I was about 12 years old. I vividly remember living in A'Burg Germany and my parents playing and singing to the music of R&B artists, such as Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Wilson Pickett, etc."

Interviewed by Michael Douglas 05/29/08

What is the #1 thing you like about
"It's mostly about HBCUs. Navigation is great (real smooth). Thank you for all that you do. I am looking forward to becoming more adept with the site."

Interviewed by Will Moss 05/26/08

(interview me)
James McTyre Jr.
Location: Columbus, GA United States
Birthday: Mar 12th
Joined: Oct 29th, 2007
About   (request update)
I am working on it.
My Interview Question
Are you well-educated or highly educated or both? Is there a difference?
Current Whereabouts:
Residing in a Northern Columbus Georgia subdivision; Middle School Counselor; Adjunct instructor at two universities
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Private Counseling and Consulting Agency; College Professorship; closer walk and "understanding" in my relationship with my savior Jesus.
Education   (request update)
Alabama State University class of 2004
Undergrad Major: Education
Campus Organization:
Alpha Phi Alpha
Claim To Fame:
As a National Certified Counselor, I strive to possess world-class interpersonal helping skills and to be the best person possible. I AM BECOMING.
Most Memorable Moment:
Arriving on the campus of Eckerd College in the idyllic St. Petersbury, Florida and meeting a national and somewhat international student body (very advanced and sophisticated environment); adjusting to a suitemate from British Cameroon in Africa, who prior had never been in the United States; then transfering to the more southern genteel environment of Mercer University in Macon Georgia; pledging A Phi A (Iota Eta chapter) at Mercer, where fraternal bonds were created and have existed irrespective of "time and space"; graduating with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Mercer; receiving two graduate degrees (M.S. & Ed.S.) respectively in Community Psychology and Counseling from Troy University; and receiving a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Law from Alabama State University. Alabama State was my first collegiate experience at an HBCU and it was phenomenal. While at Alabama State I was inducted into Phi Delta Kappa, and established cherished friendships with fellow doctoral cohort members, especially Dr. Floretta James Dortch (Dean of Enrollment Mgt - Talledega College) and Dr. Brencleveton Donta Truss (Director of Trio Programs - Andrew College).
High School: Spencer High School in Columbus, GA class of
Activities & Accomplishments:
Who's Who; National Honor Society; Science Club; Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA); Green & Gold Ambassadors; Top 10; Speak up for Young Americans.
Best Memories:
Socializing with friends (going to movies, skating, and Duncan Donuts); Mrs. Cofield's Geometry Class with friend, Gladys Williams. Gladys, Ada Johnson, and I represented the African American students and we indeed held our own quite well (this teacher was really an experience). Friends other than Gladys and Ada included Jessie Thompson, Kenneth Willis (RIP), Doris Hill, Louis Hill, Valerie Perry, Gwen Owens, Andre Hinton, Colette Brooks (RIP), Henry McTyre (cousin). Football / basketball games and dances (including the Prom).
My Groups
Black Unity Inc.
Alpha Phi Alpha
100 black men of america
Heirs to the Kingdom of the Lord
Guestbook Comments
Sorry about the "j".
Tagged by Marilyn Dailey on 02/09/2009  
Hello James, how is your year taking off? I would love to hear fromj you.
Tagged by Marilyn Dailey on 02/09/2009  
hey bro, how u doing? thanks for checking out my profile
Tagged by Hugo Caicedo on 11/26/2008  
Thank you for the encouragement James! Go TRiO!
Tagged by Dr. DESEAN E. COLEMAN on 10/06/2008  
No prob my brother. Pleased to meet a fellow educator. Peace.
Tagged by Christopher Matthews on 08/30/2008  
What it do my brother? Enjoy your weekend. Peace.
Tagged by Christopher Matthews on 08/29/2008  
Tagged by Wanda Haynes on 08/25/2008  
Thanks James. We had a lovely brunch at H20 Restaurant and lounge. If you are ever in DC, check it out on Sunday mornings from 11am-3pm.
Tagged by Wanda Haynes on 08/25/2008  
Thanks for the Kind words about the picture from our Alumni Cook-out!
Tagged by Shach Stennett on 08/25/2008  
Thank you, James. I especially appreciate your comment and support. Looking forward to a lasting friendship.
Tagged by agnes levine on 08/25/2008  
Tagged by Will T on 08/24/2008  
Wow! Thank you my brother. Peace unto you as well and many blessings! LaTonya
Tagged by LaTonya Kirksey on 08/22/2008  
Yes. Bless you Brother.. I really appreciate your comments. You are right. Christ Is our Chief cornerstone. I am well-educated. Yes I believe there is a difference. There is such thing as mal-educated having bad info. LaTonya
Tagged by LaTonya Kirksey on 08/22/2008  
Thank for your comments, however, your outstanding accomplishments are outstanding. That's the Alpha motto. Take care.
Tagged by Beverly Sligh on 08/20/2008  
During your time at Mercer perhaps you heard my voice over the airwaves on Macon's WLCG 1280 am - The Light of Central Georgia. It may have been 102.5 fm when you were in the area. At one time, it was Middle Georgia's #1 Gospel Station
Tagged by Leslie Harriell-Turner on 08/15/2008  
Thanks James. Wow, congrats on all your accomplishments. Since you say I should not consider retirement, any ideas for a new start? I am NO spring chicken.
Tagged by Leslie Harriell-Turner on 08/15/2008  
Tagged by ERICA ... on 08/09/2008  
thank you very much...its really positive that you take edu. so seriously
Tagged by Johnetra Trotter on 08/09/2008  
Frat, I have a FREE gift for you.
Tagged by Morris Mays on 08/08/2008  
Very interesting profile and I gather you take Education seriously and I commend you, hope you continue. By the way I have relatives in Columbus Georgia, their last name will either be, Gause or Smith or both. Peace
Tagged by phil marlow on 08/08/2008  
Thank you, and remember the phrase " Reach one, Teach one.
Tagged by Beverly Brookes on 08/03/2008  
Hey wassup James. I & give credit where due about the Documentary "Black in America". Hey a major network was willing to try & PPL. @ least discussed, ultimately its individual choice. Also n my opinion connecting to God. Take care.
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 07/27/2008  
I am very proud to be on your guestbook. Keep pushing from your end bra...
Tagged by Dr. Ahmad Glover on 07/26/2008  
Hope not overloading u, I have a whole lot 2 say, relate & disagree about this year long documentary & some of the people interviewed... Man I just realized even more the importance of being self... Self responsiblity is part of whole.
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 07/25/2008  
Hope not overloading u, I have a whole lot to say, relate & disagree about this year long documentary & some of the people interviewed... Man I just realized even moreso the importance of being self...
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 07/25/2008  
Greetings Bro, I just noticed we operate n some of the same circles, but have never spoken. I grew up n Bradenton, live n Ga, Counseling, Spiritual, etc. I wish u well n your continual Aspirations & Endeavors. Take care -William
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 07/24/2008  
for the university. I am getting a bit of rest and taking a break but next week I will be travelling to Ontario to speak at a conference on community emotional health.
Tagged by Dr. Lee Brown on 07/21/2008  
Hey James, thanks for the supportive comment. I just returned from being honoured for community service by the Daybreak Star Centre in Seattle Wa. I attended the U of Wash. from 67-71, then worked for the City for four years and then
Tagged by Dr. Lee Brown on 07/21/2008  
I hear you. You look like you can sing a good tenor, what is your voice? I First Alto and Soloist
Tagged by Esther Pinkston on 07/20/2008  
summer's still goin real's back in effect on aug 13 so i'm going to R&R it til then. monterrey, ca, eh? i hear it's nice out there.
Tagged by Andre Patterson on 07/20/2008  
Hey, I'm a Musician also, Black Gospel. What is your instrument?
Tagged by Esther Pinkston on 07/20/2008  
I am having a very blessed summer, James. Thanks for asking. Is yours as blessed?
Tagged by Marilyn Dailey on 07/20/2008  
Just stopped by to say hello from the SWAC!!! We got yall for Homecoming 2008!!!
Tagged by Lamon Dubose on 07/19/2008  
sup man. how the summer treatin' you?
Tagged by Andre Patterson on 07/18/2008  
Thanks Bro, hope all is well with you! Keep marching onward and upward! Also, saw your field was counseling, I would like to connect with you on this, thanks!
Tagged by Robert Johnson III on 07/12/2008  
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