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(interview me)
LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson
Location: Tampa, FL United States
Birthday: Jun 13th
Joined: May 3rd, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
I am located in Tampa Florida right now for the summer.

Education   (request update)
Bethune Cookman University class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Nursing
Claim To Fame:
My "claim to fame" would be that I will succeed at my goals at Cookman and maintain a positive attitude while in school, and this itself will further motivate me to become a very success black woman in this world today.
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable moment was this year at BCR when I had the chance to hang out and chill with Nate Dogg, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Ghostface Killa, Eric Sermon, Jadakiss and Twista.This year was the best BCR I attended.
Its almost PARTY TIME Its almost PARTY TIME
What dey do everybody? For all yall that dont know that dirty dirty souf talk that means Whats up? lol Well My birthday is next month and I will be da big DUECE DUECE. Yeah Im grown and loving it. I w ...more
Posted by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on May 18th, 2005 • 371 Views
Keep it real Keep it real
Ok its 2005 why is it that people cant keep it real? Why is it that when you meet someone they always vlaim the are signle ,but when its comes down to the truth they have somebody? Why is it that when ...more
Posted by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on May 8th, 2005 • 376 Views
Dirty Souf Representers Dirty Souf Representers
I want everybody from da dirty dirty to represent where they are from. Im on here reppin Tampa Bay, Flawda. ...more
Posted by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on April 27th, 2005 • 584 Views
Why do people cheat? Why do people cheat?
I could never understand why people cheat. I see it like this why be with someone if your going to cheat? Whats the point in cheating.? So can you ladies and gentlemen tell me why you think people ...more
Posted by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on April 26th, 2005 • 402 Views
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Aggie Pride!
Bisons c/o '09
HBCUConnect 'Creative Juices'
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Guestbook Comments
Tagged by saikou saho on 05/30/2008  
Just wanted to stop by and show some love, from JSU. Have a wonderful weekend.
Tagged by bob Brown on 05/16/2007  
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Tagged by Jake Daniel on 06/30/2006  
Whats the deal, just stoped through to show some luv
Tagged by Brian White on 05/24/2006  
Hello, Leaving a well-meaning note wishing the best 4 All those Hopes, Dreams & Goals U have. Deuteronomy 1:11. Blessings, sincerely Rattla Alum. Honor 2 b the Billioneth 2 sign Yer GBook! Lol! My brother grad BCC & Tampa stomp grounds
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 04/14/2006  
wuz up girl i likes the guess book you did here, i'm just stoppin by showin some love for that pretty smile of yours
Tagged by Jeroy Williams on 12/13/2005  
Just Keep Bangin young one!
Tagged by Cornelius Sistrunk Sr. on 11/28/2005  
what up sweetie jus showin some love
Tagged by LaRon Moore on 11/20/2005  
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Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 11/20/2005  
whatz up with ya sexy
Tagged by terance williams on 10/07/2005  
showin ya sum luv sexy
Tagged by terance williams on 09/23/2005  
absouletly stunning!
Tagged by DARRELL SWEET on 08/10/2005  
stay true to u.... lickss .... keep in touch
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 08/04/2005  
Wuz up cutie? I just drop by to leave some ATL-iean love on your page, B E-Z and Holla Back
Tagged by Edward ( Chad ) on 08/03/2005  
Hey There Ms. Tree :-) Had to shoot you a line! Love the pics and the page. Take Care & God Bless ~Nathan
Tagged by Nathan Pierce on 07/28/2005  
just saying hi and showing my love hit me back
Tagged by Timothy E. Fowler on 07/27/2005  
wassup shawty jus hittin yo spot 2 show u some SSU love get at me & c u in da fall
Tagged by Kyle Brown on 07/23/2005  
my summer is going ok what about yours?
Tagged by *Tia* S. on 07/21/2005  
girl your guess book is crazy, thats whats up anyways so me some love to cutie. ct's finest
Tagged by Nathaniel Wilson on 07/17/2005  
I see ya doing it big, grown woman style.. lol! stay focused, cause the sky's the limit. HOLLA
Tagged by D.Scott on 07/15/2005  
hey girl im lovin ur graphics
Tagged by Stoyan Francis on 07/13/2005  
hey girl im lovin ur graphics
Tagged by Stoyan Francis on 07/13/2005  
hey girl im lovin ur graphics
Tagged by Stoyan Francis on 07/13/2005  
wuz up shawtee, jus stop by to show you some luv, do ya thang gul. Holla back at ya boi
Tagged by Shervoski Moreland on 07/12/2005  
What'z good ma, just comin' through to show you some luv from Queens. Good luck to you in whatever u choose to do. Holla at tha kid
Tagged by Wayne Foster on 07/08/2005  
Hey gurl! I wuz jus stoppin' thru 2 sho' ya sum dirty souf luv.
Tagged by Rosina Ezell on 07/05/2005  
Hey girl just showin some love from the south side of Chicago and Alcorn State University....May God Bless U...Peace
Tagged by Ashlee Neal on 07/04/2005  
Whats up babygirl? thanks for the love, how do you like BCC
Tagged by Edward ( Chad ) on 06/28/2005  
Yeah chic im coming back...n nawh i aint in da ATL no more it got to hot out there for But i'll c ya when i get back...stay trill...YA HEARD??!! One Lyfe...One Cherokee
Tagged by Da 1st Lady Mz. Cherokee on 06/28/2005  
Whats Real Good!! I was jus stoppin by to sho u sum durty south Luv from Da SIp (mississippi) Holla Back !!
Tagged by Jasmine Spratt on 06/24/2005  
What's good? Thanks for hitting my guestbook. You know I had to return the favor so you would have a little "Aggie Pride" on it! Holla
Tagged by Antoine Wilson on 06/22/2005  
thanx girl for showin me some love so im returin the favor!
Tagged by Mercedes Bryant on 06/22/2005  
Just stopping through to spread some Rattler love.
Tagged by Whitney Graves on 06/21/2005  
Wuddup. jus stop by to show u sum Chitown luv. Holla at me
Tagged by Kevin Smith on 06/21/2005  
What up sexy? Just stoppin by to show some love. HOLLA AT YA BOY
Tagged by Thomas Woods on 06/18/2005  
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