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Jamaal Davis
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
Joined: May 17th, 2004
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Current Whereabouts:
Well my college undergrad career has come to an end, I finally GRADUATED! Now it's time to get my real grown man on and make a life for myself in the ATL Shawty!
Education   (request update)
Clark Atlanta University class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Finance
Claim To Fame:
Well after college I plan on going into the field of finance and have one of the nations largest financial analyst firms in Atlanta GA
Most Memorable Moment:
Most most memorable moment is playing my first collegiate game at Clark Atlanta University. We do so much at our campus one of the greatest events was the homecoming concert my freshman year.
Why people come into you life! Why people come into you life!
People come into your life for a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime. When you know which one it is for a person, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REA ...more
Posted by Jamaal Davis on August 28th, 2005 • 172 Views
For all the females For all the females
This is to the nice girls who are overlooked, who become friends and nothing more, who spend hours fixating upon their looks and their personalities and their actions because it must be they that are ...more
Posted by Jamaal Davis on July 20th, 2005 • 303 Views
To all incoming freshmen at CAU! To all incoming freshmen at CAU!
I know all of yall are ready for your orientations this month. The orientations are always off the chain, but the one that yall will all have together in August will be the best one yet. The one the ...more
Posted by Jamaal Davis on July 7th, 2005 • 123 Views
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Guestbook Comments
Hey! just stopped by to show sum luv to my fellow CAU brotha! hope u return da favor!!!!!!!!!!See u soon
Tagged by Alexandria Brasfield on 07/07/2006  
havent talked to you in a while.. just wanted to say hey
Tagged by Charlene Ball on 02/05/2006  
Whassup Sexxy Just had to stop through and leave something in your guestbook:)
Tagged by Kareena Shakoor on 12/31/2005  
Hey, i was just stoppin by to say whats up, be safe this new years(no more talkin about my Browns aiight) t2ul SAX
Tagged by Charlene Ball on 12/31/2005  
I applyed already. They're waiting for my ACT and SAT scores. Wish me luck!
Tagged by Octavia Wilder on 12/29/2005  
I was messin around when I called you that. It was funny wasn't it... I know. Have happy New Year!
Tagged by Octavia Wilder on 12/29/2005  
Hey Lil' Blacky! Came to holla atchu 'gain. Hit me back....XOXO
Tagged by Octavia Wilder on 12/24/2005  
Hey Jamaal... I just wanted to say whats up... halla!
Tagged by Chammie aka Carmel on 12/23/2005  
Hey Jamaal, Just going through my friend list and checking up on some people. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Senior Year. Take Care
Tagged by Alexandria Jackson on 12/22/2005  
Wassup! I just stopped by to sign your Gbook and show some love.... I want to go to CAU!
Tagged by Octavia Wilder on 12/15/2005  
well man im a senior and i want to know is Clark kool so just hit me down some info if u can
Tagged by Samuel Bland on 08/27/2005  
hey i just read you blog and was very impressed thought i should show you some bama love
Tagged by Alexandria Jackson on 08/05/2005  
hey there sweetheart... thank you for stopping by... so here I am returning the love... maybe I will see you around campus!
Tagged by Amanda Clark on 08/03/2005  
Hey! Thanks for showing me some luv!! Just returning the favor. holla back
Tagged by Amber DuBose on 08/01/2005  
Hi Jamaal, thanks for the luv...and I wish you well during your senior year ;)
Tagged by Chante EtnahC on 08/01/2005  
yes i guess. r u
Tagged by Melissa Knight on 08/01/2005  
just returin the luv
Tagged by Dennielle Howes on 08/01/2005  
Class of 06 we are on our way out man. Let's get that morehouse game .
Tagged by William Syms on 07/31/2005  
what up J.D.? just stopp'n thru to show some luv...CAU STYLE of course...hope u have a good senior year, congradulations....from tha c/o:00000999999, YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
Tagged by Junita Byrd on 07/29/2005  
hey...jst showin sm luv...c/o 05/09
Tagged by SHAUNA (laura) Washington on 07/28/2005  
Hey Jamaal! This is ya girl Ebony aka Tyson from B-Psi aka Beckwith Hall. Thank you for the CAU love. Can't wait to see you this fall and act a fool. Holla back anytime.
Tagged by Ebony Capshaw on 07/28/2005  
School starts on the 22nd.
Tagged by Jourdan Fleming on 07/26/2005  
Hey, just showin u tha same luv u showed me. Thanz! I'll holla!!!
Tagged by Khanesia Hill on 07/26/2005  
Whats going on Jamaal, thank you for hitting me up. Hope to see u on campus, keep an eye out for me.
Tagged by Ashley Hodge on 07/20/2005  
thanks for the love. i definitely look forward 2 seeing u next month. i am a little nervous so look out for me
Tagged by Kiahari Pringle on 07/20/2005  
So tell me where ya got that lovely blog entry from and what made you post it?
Tagged by Jourdan Fleming on 07/20/2005  
I read your blog and you've peaked my intrest. I want to know more.
Tagged by Jourdan Fleming on 07/20/2005  
Hey jus hittin up yo is Clark a real good school?
Tagged by Sharita Thompson on 07/19/2005  
whatz up just slidin thru showin u so CAU luv... *~Portia~*
Tagged by Portia Gunn on 07/12/2005  
hey maal! i had u on my friend list twice so i deleted the last one of em... so dont be thinkin im droppin you playa! bye!
Tagged by Darretta Whitfield on 07/11/2005  
What happenin?! Thanx for stoppin by my page and showin me a little bit of luv...AND I WILL GLADLY accept ur offer to help me with my math, I guess ill get atcha in the fall.
Tagged by Sydney Smith on 07/07/2005  
*hOwS iT gOiNg? I sEe yOu aDDed me To YouR FrIeNd LisT bUt didnt SIGN mY guEsTbOok =( ... tHatS CoOL wE gOt The same major, your going to have to tell me about the classes and stuff SOo JuSt ChaT wItH mE oN aIm at BoBoTaRiAcHeErZ
Tagged by Botaria Taylor on 07/06/2005  
... big boss pimpin....! u coming back the sunday before camp or the first day?
Tagged by Darretta Whitfield on 07/05/2005  
Hey Jamaal... saw that you had the same major as me... great minds think alike... anyway, jus thought I'd send you some love.. holla
Tagged by Erica Bassett on 06/28/2005  
. . . ur goofy ass! holla at yah girls sometime so we can make sure youstill alive and stuff
Tagged by Darretta Whitfield on 06/27/2005  
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