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Mary smith
Location: Williamsburg, VA United States
Joined: May 27th, 2004
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Current Whereabouts:
At my home by the sea
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Sociology
Claim To Fame:
I want to maintain a 3.7GPA during my freshman year of Hampton. I have a 3.8 GPA until my grades come in.......
Most Memorable Moment:
I attend Pre-College this summer and it was crazy but fun! I met a lot of people from all over. From east to west from north to south. It truly is a small world! I met my cousin at pre-college. Her name is Ynette and she is one of a kind. Hey GIRL!! I also met Jani, Trina and Whitney on my way to one of the dances. Hey YA!!! I stayed in Dubois 2nd floor. Hey Akia (I hope that how you spell your name) she was my RA. Big up to all the girls in Dubois, cause we had it rough. Hampton is no joke on the curfew. All I ask to our freshman class is to respect yourselves and others, because what you do will effect others. Well OFF THAT!!!!!!! Wednesday meetings were mad crazy. I thought it was kind of funny that it always rain when we got there. ( The Chicks with the garbage bag outfits, that was funny) Study Hall was ok. BIG UP to all of those in Summer Bridge. My tutor was hilarious and he gave me the ups and downs at HU. The Caf, the pasta was on point!!! Pre-College was fun and it was a good experience. I will be in one of the hottest dorm around Kelsey rm#320. Hey Jani, Leah, Milton, Ynette, Trina, Katrina, Robert, Krystal, Whitney, Eddy, Calvin, Tracy and everyone. If I missed Ya name, Im sorry. Oh, and thanks to the wonderful people that leave me notes!! @#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#!@#@#@#@#@@#@#@##@#@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!More to the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm here at Kelsey. Kelsey Knockouts were in the building at the BLUE AND WHITE JAM!!!! I HAD A bad time. They ended the party very very very very early. Yes the Freshman have 1:OO curfew, but to end the party at 11:45pm. OK. Big up to all the Student leaders!!! You guys did a GREAT job with Freshman WEEK. Hey to MY WOnderful RA!!!!! HI BiG Brother J-Cox and Hey BiG sister Lauren Hill!!!!! The REp your hood was greAt. The "HOUSE is ON FIRE" play was very good. Thanks to all the SL for taking out the time and energy for making my 1st week at hampton GOOD!!!!! I have a shout out Hey Ynette who turned 18 on the 5th of sep.. Latina, Robyn,CHA, Jordan and the people i shouted out earlier. Hampton University is an ok school. I just got finish with my 1st semester at Hampton. I was one of the luck people that got out on SAT!!!!!!! Homecoming was ok. I never seen so many black people come together. It was nice (since I came to an white schoo). BUT.... BBC had a good band!!!! AND.... HU was good. Off that I'm off curfew, no more running to the dorm or leaving the party early or... Whatever. Football Team: I enjoyed watching you guys, I really wanted ya to go all the way!!! I very sorry :( My classes were a trip. One of my teacher told the class is whole life story. His life was crazy. Never take a 8:00 class!!!! (personal Defense) Hampton is not having a freshman Step Show, because of the fight !! ( last year!!!) My Dorm won it last year KKO KKO KKO KKO KKO KKO KKO KKO KKO KKO KKO!!!!! I went to a party, and there was a 100 dude fight. Thats so crazy!!!!! All i could think about is Chris Rock. Sure it's safe in the club, but what about outside.... (Somthing like that) Well Happy Holiday to everyone. I hope you enjoy your break and be safe!!! Hey Ya!!! Whats good? HU is good. I just finished my 1st sem of collge. That GPA is not what i want it to be, but i not that far from it. Everything is good. I hope we get vists from the opp sex.Yeah right. To the guys that did the underwear raid. You guys are a trip. Well I dont Have much to say this time. Happy Val DAy. ****************************************************** Life is a determination of experiences and choices, only your knowledge for life will allow you to accepts the actions that take place. MLS2 God Bless!!!!!
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Guestbook Comments
Hey whats up, just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 06/23/2005  
Hey Hey...this is your 309...hahahahahah...KKO
Tagged by Candyce Wilkerson on 09/02/2004  
hey girl it was good 2 c u 2day, c u around sumtime cuz u gonna need 2 be saved from ynette she crazy !!!!
Tagged by JESSI LO on 08/30/2004  
whats up again girl...come check me out in 210
Tagged by Sonya on 08/29/2004  
Wazz up, just passin through showin you some VI LUV...
Tagged by Marcel L. Thomas on 08/26/2004  
Hey Miss Mary I hope you havin fun in the 'burg and I hope to see you in a couple days and that's whatsup
Tagged by Tyrone Dixson on 08/21/2004  
hey mary!! YAAAYY anotha KNOCKOUT!! ima be in rm 214 ill see u next week gyrl!!! KKO!!! :o) -Jessica
Tagged by on 08/19/2004  
Wassup Mary just passin through showin some ATL/HU love hit me back...F.I.L.A.
Tagged by Reggie Davis on 08/19/2004  
hey girl! Im Ashleigh. just stoppin by to say hello and that i look forward to seein ya around campus.
Tagged by Ashleigh Lyons on 08/17/2004  
Hey i remember u from Ms. Pigfords math class, hey how ya doin?
Tagged by Shannen Ebony Leonora on 08/16/2004  
What dorm u reppin. Gotta show some love to HU. If you have a question or anything, holla at me anytime.
Tagged by T Pickens on 08/15/2004  
See you soon!!!
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 08/14/2004  
Hi, I am Milton Bell from Orlando, Florida representing the Fantastic Freshmen Class. I am Busi. Mgmt. and Poli Sci Major. Just wanted to say wassup to the next generation of Hamptonians and let u know I am runnin 4 Class President
Tagged by Milton Bell on 08/13/2004  
whats up ma, my folk was right you do have a top 10 smile. good luck at hu and hit me up sometime
Tagged by Chris on 08/06/2004  
Don't take this the worng way.....but ya picture make a bruh just wanna pinch ya cheeks, lol. YOu gotta cute smile for real, hope to see it around campus sometime.
Tagged by Devin (Decatur) Franklin on 07/23/2004  
i haven't seen u in a minute!pre-college is almost over, see u in August
Tagged by JESSI LO on 07/21/2004  
wassup, good to see u got goals keep up the hard work
Tagged by Tony Davis on 05/30/2004  
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