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What's your political mission statement as it relates to economics
"My political mission as it relates to economics is to help raise public awareness within black and brown communities of the continuing effort by the world's elite to globalize poverty. This agenda, also known as the New World Order, has resulted in the most blatant transfer of wealth out of our communities during our lifetime. Do you know anyone of color who leveraged a college education in order to climb the socio-economic ladder, only to recently find themselves out of a job, their homes, and with a severly depleted retirement fund? In addition, the current financial crises has allowed many companies to terminate or lay off workers of color, who may find it difficult to make claims of discrimination in hiring and housing due to rampant unemployment. The economic meltdown was not by accident; instead it was a concerted effort to destroy America's middle class as part of a political strategy of genocide, gentrification, and gerrymandering."

Interviewed by V Felicia 06/14/10

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Juan Davis
Location: Louisville, KY United States
Birthday: Jul 26th
Joined: Nov 29th, 2007
About   (request update)
I have survived (so far) a harassment and neutralization campaign by the shadow government that I'm convinced thousands have succumbed to.
My Interview Question
Are you aware of the New World Order agenda?
Current Whereabouts:
Editing my book describing the history of CIA and NSA human rights abuses of American citizens and my experiences as a non-consensual victim of U.S. developed electromagnetic weapons and neuro-experimentation. Educating the public about the New World Order agenda, particulary the effect on the Black middle class.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I expect to publish my book and generate enough income to participate as an investor in the recovery of the U.S. housing market.
Education   (request update)
University of Louisville class of 1984
Undergrad Major: Business Administration
Claim To Fame:
Self-employed within an economic system geared to globalizing poverty
Most Memorable Moment:
Hanging out with the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.
High School: Waggener High school in Louisville, KY class of 1980
Activities & Accomplishments:
National Black Achievement Semi-finalist
The Weponization Of Neuroscience The Weponization Of Neuroscience
DARPA, European Human Brain Project, and Pentagon advisor Dr. James Giordano describes neuronanorobotic Brain to computer interface mind control weapons for remote monitoring and manipulation of brain ...more
Posted by Juan Davis on September 9th, 2019 • 2,092 Views
Why NSA Reform Is So Important? Why NSA Reform Is So Important?
Posted by Juan Davis on May 20th, 2015 • 429 Views
Do You Understand The Symbology Of My First Profile Pic And Why I Changed The Old One? Do You Understand The Symbology Of My First Profile Pic And Why I Changed The Old One?
Many of you on may remember my old profile pic of a cellular tower. I used to mask my identity due to the nature of my life as a human rights activist. Then Edward Snowden came fowar ...more
Posted by Juan Davis on April 28th, 2014 • 723 Views
Will President Obama Ban Weapons In Space If Re-elected? Will President Obama Ban Weapons In Space If Re-elected?
One of the least talked about issues I'd like to put in the awareness of the voting population during this election cycle is to familiarize yourselves with the failed HR 2977 or 2001 Space Preservatio ...more
Posted by Juan Davis on April 13th, 2012 • 368 Views
My Groups
Blacks in Politics
Black Empowerment Club
A.F.R.O Afro-Americans Fighting Racial Opprsession
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Have a Happy New Year!
Tagged by Marta Fernandez on 12/27/2011  
Hello to you too. Thank you for the compliment. All the best with your book and your career goals. God Bless.
Tagged by Kennette Burgess on 06/30/2010  
Hey Brother, just dropping by to thank you for adding me as a site friend. Love & Peace From New Orleans, Siebra
Tagged by Siebra Muhammad on 06/14/2010  
Hi, I actually read the post on your site on "The New World Order". There are a few errors, but for the most part it read well and truthfully. Most African Americans are not going to read it, because it is long, obtuse, historically punctuated with information that the average person is not familiar with as it relates to European history. I then read about the cochlear ear implants, Mr. Mazza and his fight etc. May I just share, that despite his inventions it appears that he is not in full healthy control of his faculties? In particular as it applies to understanding how to form arguments, cause and fight with the all powerful federal agencies? I certainly don't know the whole story and never will, but when I have read other grievances from persons who are fighting the government , there is a protocol, and if you don't follow it, your argument falls on deaf ears, and if they get aggravated enough (feds) they will punish you with any variety of methods that they employ . America is no different than any other country when the feds feel they are threatened. They will respond, and respond swiftly and negatively .
Tagged by Marta Fernandez on 03/12/2010  
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