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Aubrey Smith
Location: Nashville, TN United States
Joined: Jun 26th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Currently in Nashville working
Education   (request update)
Clark Atlanta University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: English
Claim To Fame:
I plan on finishing my undergrad education at CAU. Afterwards, going to law school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville to become an entertainment attorney.
Most Memorable Moment:
The most memorable event would have to be getting harrassed my a taxi driver when trying to come back from the Usher concert.
High School: Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School in , class of 2004
Activities & Accomplishments:
I work part-time, so I wasn't able to participate in sports
Best Memories:
The most memorable events all occurred while I was active in dance at my school
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Guestbook Comments
Hey! just stopped by to show sum luv to my fellow CAU sista! hope u return da favor!!!!!!!!!!See u soon
Tagged by Alexandria Brasfield on 07/07/2006  
Greetings Sis, pleasure 2 meet acquaintance, I wish U the best n All Your positive Aspirations, Dreams, Prayers & Goals. God Bless, sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 07/05/2006  
Whats up babygirl? I just stop by to show some BLUE & GOLD LOVE from ATL,dont be a stranger holla back
Tagged by Edward ( Chad ) on 06/27/2005  
Hey! Just stoppin through to show u some HBCU love. So how do u like CAU. I'm planning on moving to ATL some point of time in my life. Maybe I Can go to school there if I decide on moving there while im in college.
Tagged by Latoya Holiday AKA Pook on 02/28/2005  
Prasie the lORD i pray that god will work you all accrediation thing out be bless
Tagged by Brandon T Smith on 02/23/2005  
Aubrey Camielle Smith....... You are a square! I hate your stenkin guts. You make me vomit. Love Solange
Tagged by Solange A. Johnson on 12/24/2004  
Save Money Next Semester on your Textbooks, Electronic, and school supplies by buying, selling, and trading these items directly to other students on will launch in 2005 to begin the spring semester.
Tagged by Chris Johnson on 12/17/2004  
Hey Aubrey Just Showing my fellow Merner Queen some Love. Holla Atcha Gurl!!! ~Shay
Tagged by Cache't Johnson on 12/03/2004  
Ummm Aub...I need you to stop making yourself look weird on hbcu and leaving me "lil girl syndrome" messages. Thanx...Luv RaRa! (hehe)
Tagged by Sharonda Johnson on 12/01/2004  
Hey Aubrey just returning to you that Merner Queen Love well I wish you the best with your goals and just make sure you keep God #1 so that you can excel in life and I promise you, you will do just that EXCEL!
Tagged by Mikeshona LaTrease Edwards on 11/29/2004  
Aub...stop trying to be like me!! Sigma Tri Phi forever!! Lov ya gurl...
Tagged by Sharonda Johnson on 11/29/2004  
Whats good? Thanks for hittin me up, hope I see you around, get at me when you get a chance...
Tagged by Broderick Allison on 11/29/2004  
Y yes i do have a sister from Merner, are you one of the ones who didn't get brotha or yo brotha is so-lame you don't talk to him?
Tagged by Bryant R. Ladson on 11/24/2004  
whats good Aubrey...just showing the love back to my sisters....hope to see ya lata.. holla at yo boy
Tagged by Bryant R. Ladson on 11/19/2004  
Hello, Aubrey. I dont know if you remembered me but, I just met you on the bus to Nashbille not to long along. Its funny because I already signed ur book a while ago. But nice to see you again. Ash
Tagged by Ashley Jackson on 11/15/2004  
just wanted to say hello and welcome u to the my spelman sister...if u got any questions or just wanna talk...holla at me..peace...
Tagged by Spencer A. Burton-Webb on 08/03/2004  
Tagged by GUMBO . on 08/02/2004  
My summer has been going real good too! we move in on the 14th, and we have our orientation then. i cant believe its almost time to go, u ready to head to the A-T-L?
Tagged by Ashley Woods on 07/28/2004  
Hi, Aubrey I noticed that you will be attending CAU in the fall. So welcome to CAU and God bless.
Tagged by Ashley Jackson on 07/27/2004  
Hey Aubrey! i just stopped by to how your summer going. when did u leave for clark? holla back at ur gurl!
Tagged by Ashley Woods on 07/26/2004  
what hall are you in
Tagged by Carla on 07/25/2004  
good luck and see you on the 18th :-)
Tagged by Carla on 07/25/2004  
yehhh, we're on the same floor then. what room are u in. im in 309.
Tagged by Sharonda Johnson on 07/23/2004  
ooo we def are gonna be seeing each other. Merner Hall Queens 4eva. I saw the rooms...all i gotta say is i hope they clean it reallly good, but its still nice. What floor are u on?
Tagged by Sharonda Johnson on 07/22/2004  
thanx for signing my guestbook.......I hope to see you too
Tagged by Jared Oates on 07/21/2004  
Hey gurl wuts good, yeh its almost time to make that move and im soooo ready, i heard Clark is the place to be so we are at the rite place! Hope to see you, so lets keep in touch.
Tagged by Sharonda Johnson on 07/20/2004  
we are glad that we made your orientation great..see you at CAU experience......
Tagged by Paul (Skyllz) Williams on 07/18/2004  
Level 3 is a club in downtown atlanta and yes its a back to school party
Tagged by Naija Mottley on 07/09/2004  
Hey I read your note to my homegirl Sheena and you asked about Clark. Yes, it is pretty much CRUNK all the time. You'll have funny its a party going down August 23 at Level 3 transportation will be provided
Tagged by Naija Mottley on 07/09/2004  
What up gurl! now you know im gon see u down in the AUC! r u excited? I cant wait to get down there! See ya soon!
Tagged by Ashley Woods on 07/08/2004  
did you really wear all of the stuff they told to bring on orientation
Tagged by crystal monteiro on 07/02/2004  
my orientation is the 7th 8th and 9th
Tagged by Justina Blocker on 07/02/2004  
im in the holmes hall me and courtney are roomates
Tagged by Justina Blocker on 07/02/2004  
hey im going to be freshman this year and i was just tryin to meet some classmates
Tagged by Justina Blocker on 07/01/2004  
were the people pretty nice down there?... I hope so
Tagged by crystal monteiro on 06/30/2004  
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