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Francesca Woods
Location: Grand Rapids, MI United States
Birthday: Jul 21st
Joined: Jul 10th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Chillen at my home by the sea! VC CUTIE!!! HOLLA BUT STILL HOLDIN IT DOWN FOR DA MI.
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Political Science
Claim To Fame:
My claim to fame will be getting my degree for law and becoming world renowned for my skillz in that field. I will be the name that pops into people's head when they need a great lawyer that can guarantee wins. Either that or Rappin will be my Claim to Fame!!! LOL
Most Memorable Moment:
lets see... since i've been here, one thing that sticks out is the open house at Harkness Hall. I don't know bout anyone else but i had so much fun. the boys there really did it up. falling asleep at opening convocation, then waking up to find that everyone else in my row was sleep too! HU V. HU GAME: i got to see my friend from back home; hi Nicole! Crackin jokes with Jessica and Kahlil (even though you are a kennedy Queen) about a certain football player who shall remain nameless! MORE TO COME
High School: Ottawa Hills in , class of 2004
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Guestbook Comments
Hi Sis, I pray all is well for You. I wanted to speak. I wish the best in All You Dreams, Aspirations and have Goals in life. Blessings, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 02/20/2006  
Came through to show some love
Tagged by Yazid Britt on 09/18/2005  
just sayin hey, hit me up, i'lll be at HU next week, stayin in VC
Tagged by Allison Simone on 08/16/2005  
Just want to stop by to show some HU and Poli Sci Love.
Tagged by Seneca Mitchell on 01/17/2005  
yo whats good? jus saw that u signed my guestbook so im returnin tha love. and ur from michigan too so u know i had to say whatsup
Tagged by Dominic Dinkins on 11/10/2004  
Hey Frankie wasup? How are ya??!?! Well you know I am not letting it get to me. I have too much other stuff to worry know so I don't need that. Lol. But hope all is well with you and I will see you around. Bye girl.
Tagged by Jia Herring on 10/19/2004  
hey chica just realized i never signed back your page.... i enjoy havin you on my hall keepin bein yourself...lata
Tagged by T'ana Johnson on 10/11/2004  
Sup? Just showin' some Michigan love.
Tagged by Trevis M. Cage on 10/10/2004  
Hey Francesca, thanks for hittin' up my page, congrats on your scholarship. Just thought I'd return the favor and shower you with some Chicago Love.
Tagged by Robert Byars on 09/29/2004  
Hey girl glad to see another Michagander LOL!
Tagged by Ashley Phillips on 09/22/2004  
hey girl! so you are from michigan and you go to hampton-u know i had to hit u up. i went to hs in detroit. holla at me! what dorm r u in?
Tagged by Smiley on 09/04/2004  
wassup? just showin you some love for being interested in law. Me too.
Tagged by rachel johnson on 08/14/2004  
Hi, I am Milton Bell from Orlando, Florida representing the Fantastic Freshmen Class. I am Busi. Mgmt. and Poli Sci Major. Just wanted to say wassup to the next generation of Hamptonians and let u know I am runnin 4 Class President
Tagged by Milton Bell on 08/13/2004  
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 08/09/2004  
FRAAANKK!!! You know you will miss me yelling your name like I used to do back in our high school days, anyway good luck at Hampton even though you should be at the real HU with me. Call me sometime Chump!!!
Tagged by Nicole Phillips on 08/05/2004  
21 MORE DAYS!! Stop by room N-8!!
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 08/04/2004  
Hey! I am staying in VC too. I am looking forward to meeting to you. What is your room number ? See you in august,
Tagged by Alicia Thomas on 08/02/2004  
hey girl YOU BETTER GET IN CONTACT WITH goin the pre-law way and i got that ROTC scholarship also...wait are you Navy or Army??? anyways get at me or AIM=darkcoco2315
Tagged by Nicole Butler on 08/02/2004  
What is up girl!! Thankx for comin thro and signing my g-book...just stoppin to sho u the same luv...oh yea I'll be in VC.
Tagged by Ashley K. Stevens on 07/29/2004  
Girl I'm staying in Virginia Cleveland hall too...
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 07/23/2004  
What's up I'm in D-9 see around the hall this fall
Tagged by Patrice L Parker on 07/14/2004  
Virginia Cleveland in the house! Just leavin you one see you in the fall keep in touch AOL: Hu08gurl Email:
Tagged by Patrice L Parker on 07/13/2004  
I heard dat, Cuz It's A MIDWEST THANG HA! I gotta rep da A-town tho! Hope to see u in da fall. HoLLa bak at yo '08 boi.Good luck in ROTC Hurrah!
Tagged by Julian Smart on 07/11/2004  
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