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Justin McRimmon
Location: montclair, NJ United States
Birthday: May 29th
Joined: Jul 24th, 2004
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whats ur favorite fashion
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music and fashion
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Virginia Union University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Mass Communication
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make this money
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Guestbook Comments
wassup baby!!!! imma need u 2 change that pic after we take our pics!!!lmao....sike...yall look cute....i miss u boo....can wait to c u lookin all sexy and good 4 me on may 5.........muah!!!!!!!
Tagged by wendy simmons on 03/29/2006  
hey justin what's up, just wanted to send you some of that union love.....
Tagged by kenyonta woolfolk on 09/19/2005  
j if u really wanted 2 go 2 bcr u should of hit me bac...see ya lata
Tagged by Jamila Millette on 03/29/2005  
Hey J i don't kno if u check this but u don't keep in touch....anyway im comin home the dau after Christmas...ttul
Tagged by Jamila Millette on 11/28/2004  
wassup...just stoppin by to spread my Hampton University luv...hold it down at VUU and holla back
Tagged by Nicole Butler on 11/08/2004  
Hey Jus, did you hear about what the football team did. I heard it was some seniors. I think we need to go back and whoop some ass. We are not a white school. (talking about montclair)
Tagged by Bernadette Holcomb on 10/14/2004  
Hey Just 1, its Shavonne. Just seein ghow you were doing. How is School? Hope tp see you at the Thanksgiving good
Tagged by Shavonne Beasley on 10/11/2004  
Just One, I am so happy to hear from you. Shavonne is sitting right next to me and she says hey puddin'. Okay, Luv ya, speak to you soon bye sweetie.
Tagged by Bernadette Holcomb on 10/10/2004  
Hey boo, what's up
Tagged by Bernadette Holcomb on 10/05/2004  
Hey yo, Just One what you been up to son. You need go get shavonne and party with her.
Tagged by Bernadette Holcomb on 09/20/2004  
My neighbor said that she knows you. her name is Suzan. I told Aniya that you said Hi. And I will be waiting to see at homecoming. We are having guest performers such as Jay-z or Mase or R. Kelly. It's gonna be 2 of those. Peace Luv U
Tagged by Bernadette Holcomb on 08/19/2004  
Just 1! Hey boo! I miss you. Hope in virginia have all types off fun. I'ma holla at you lata boo! Peace!
Tagged by Bernadette Holcomb on 08/14/2004  
Hey Just 1, jsut shown you shome VSU luv. Keep ur head up and I'll see you soon. Holla Back!...........Ms. Beasley
Tagged by Shavonne Beasley on 08/02/2004  
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