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Q&A With Tempora Fisher

(interview me)
Tempora Fisher
Location: Opelousas, LA United States
Birthday: May 19th
Joined: Jul 28th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Right now, I'm in Washington D.C. where I am interning as a USDA/1890 Scholar. My building is the Aerospace Building and I work for the Zoonotic Diseases and Residue Surveillance Division of the Food Safety Inspection Service.
Education   (request update)
Southern University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Animal Science
Claim To Fame:
Well, for one. I'd like to live up to my name and make a difference in the Yea, but um... I would like to graduate from graduate school with a bachelor's degree in animal science. I plan on either going to veterinary school or medical school to become a government veterinarian with the Food Safety and Inspection Service with the USDA or a pediatrician.
Most Memorable Moment:
Being an honor student **wearing blue blazers and what-not** Anything else? but most of THE one and only HUMAN JUKEBOX--Always imitated/NEVER duplicated. (lol) Bayou Classic (every year) I remember last year the Juke was playing some songs and we were getting bored and about to walk out....then I heard the tuba's intro note to my song NECK, and me and ALL the other bandheadz in the area was like :-O!!!
High School: Opelousas High School in , class of 2004
Activities & Accomplishments:
I played softball for 6 years with the park league and one in high school. I played every position but pitcher and catcher. Our team was always league champions or runner-ups. I arrived on the varsity
Best Memories:
I remember being the ONLY OTHER girl in my high school to make it onto the varsity cheerleading team as in incoming freshman. I remember my friends and I running like a crackhead to lunch to avoid the line... but I owe my most memorable events in high sch
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Guestbook Comments
hello temp...jus stoppin by shoin luv....hollaback
Tagged by Terance Williams on 11/05/2005  
Hey Tempy. Mi hermana (crab).LOL. I just felt like showin you some JagLuv. Hey, u ever get that shampoo from the apt.?
Tagged by Shelia Bowers on 09/25/2005  
showin ya sum luv
Tagged by terance williams on 09/21/2005  
hey...I was tryin to find another scholarship and I found you in da process.....see ya when school open up
Tagged by Trey Isaac on 09/03/2005  
She types! She really, really types! I know D.C. is way different than Green Acres... I mean Opelousas, huh pretty smile? What kinda work did u do out there?
Tagged by Geronimo Pratt on 08/09/2005  
Sup pretty smile? You're never gonna hit my G-book back r u? Oh well... poor me. That's cool, pretty smile. I'll c u around then, I guess.
Tagged by Geronimo Pratt on 08/05/2005  
... and u sound a lil' athletic. Maybe we can race sometime. I don't have my pix up yet, but don't worry I'm no let down. Just tryna be friendly anyway.
Tagged by Geronimo Pratt on 07/31/2005  
Ay, u got a PRETTY nice lil' smile... I mean, plan. U sound like u got a head on ya shoulders. i use to wanna b a vet but.. nah. U need to get in route with the boy some time this fall, 'cause u love the Jukebox bout as much as me!
Tagged by Geronimo Pratt on 07/31/2005  
What its ya boy Ryan aka Dope just showing some love see ya in AG/Econ
Tagged by Ryan Nicholas on 07/15/2005  
Wassup, just sending some J-State Luv, Keep up the good work and continue to strive for the best. May God Bless. Holla #2 Sex APEal APhiA
Tagged by Richard Johnson on 07/12/2005  
such a sorta jealous, my story is alot like yours except i never was in the band and i passed on southern despite being a fan...its good to see more people like you from back home.
Tagged by Brian Simpson on 07/08/2005  
Hello how you doing i been going to southern for four years and i never seen you before even though we pushing 9 thousand students you beaitiful so i should have notice you. Anyway you look nice. hope to talk with you someday
Tagged by Timothy Washington on 05/23/2005  
I just wanted to show some HBCU and say best of luck in all your future endeavors!
Tagged by Hodari Brown on 05/19/2005  
Hey Tempora, I see your holding it down for SU so i had to show you some KY Luv get back @ me- Much success
Tagged by Classic on 05/18/2005  
Did you ever get those pictures developed
Tagged by Orin Sampson on 05/03/2005  
Whutz up roomie? I'm going home tomorrow and I'll be in DC on the 15th of May. Can't wait to see ya. Much Love. and psssssss says the FAMU rattler
Tagged by Joyia Smith on 05/01/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 04/27/2005  
HEEEEEEY TEMP!!!!! How you IS??!! lol...ttyl!!
Tagged by Jalyn Vaughn on 03/20/2005  
Tagged by Joyia Smith on 03/20/2005  
Lol, u silly girl. W.E. in da houuuuze! lol. Okay, I'm done:)
Tagged by Shelia Bowers on 03/19/2005  
My eyes got tired reading your page girl! U may be able to add Outstandind WW later...I know I had your back! Much love CS!
Tagged by Shelia Bowers on 03/16/2005  
You need to come work for me. I'm serious give me a call.
Tagged by Arthur Monroe, Jr (Southwest Regional on 02/16/2005  
We are starting a club on your campus, that will give you access to scholarships at Fortune 500 companies and develop your leadership, service and social skills. Email me for more information.
Tagged by Arthur Monroe, Jr (Southwest Regional on 02/15/2005  
what up babygirl i just stop bye to say hello i havent seem u around
Tagged by Edward ( Chad ) on 12/15/2004  
Tagged by Jalyn Vaughn on 10/19/2004  
Chillin' just chillin'. Haven't seen you in a while. You missed a meeting.
Tagged by Orin Sampson on 10/15/2004  
Whats been up wit ya, Holla at me.
Tagged by Orin Sampson on 10/13/2004  
Hi there Tempora!!! This is Jalyn!! Nice page gurl,.. Im feeling the whole Animal Science thing, sounds way kewl!!! Aite,..ttyl!
Tagged by Jalyn Vaughn on 10/03/2004  
hey ma im here showin u some luv imma be a freshman 2 hope 2 c u saturday if u wanna chat sometime hit me up on AOL: southernjag2004 or YAHOO:downsouthsoulja20022002 HOLLA BACK at ya boi
Tagged by Brent Page on 08/17/2004  
It's tha takeover! Grambling Tigers, ya dig? Keep yaour dreams visible and everything will work out.
Tagged by Xavier B. Sullivan on 08/08/2004  
Wassup, I just wanted to say hey. I hope I get to see u aropund the campus. Hit me up!!!!
Tagged by Hope Coleman on 08/03/2004  
Hey baby gurl just stoping by to show some SU love and you are very beautiful by the way holla back at me
Tagged by Christopher Donaby on 08/03/2004  
Your are finally one of us homegirl! If you need anything when you get on campus give me a call, you can get my number from my dad or A.J.
Tagged by Lisa Ventress on 08/03/2004  
Hey Temp, it's your roomie
Tagged by Joyia Smith on 07/29/2004  
whats the deal fish, I just wanted to say hey
Tagged by Orin Sampson on 07/28/2004  
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