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KeKe Rogers
Location: South Orange, NJ United States
Joined: Jul 30th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
in the gump at school....or chillin on the yard...or in the B.A. im all ova the place at school
Education   (request update)
Alabama State University class of 2006
Undergrad Major: Social Work
Claim To Fame:
starting up a phi 04!!!!! (its a secret thing w/ me and my friends) gettin my masters when i finish and going back home to work in hospitals....just being from jerzee is my claim to faim....everyone calls me jerzee at school
Most Memorable Moment:
there are so many memorable moments in college good and bad but the best one was magic city classic 2004 when we came back and beat alabama a&m.....and watching the ALABAMA STATE HORNETS beat SOUTHERN for the SWAC championship....A.S.U.!!!! of the worst moments was the pregnant whore of a roomate that i had this semester...she was a bitch.....
internship/job hunting! internship/job hunting!
so getting my internship has been pretty hard everytime i get a scheduled interview it turns around and gets canceled this has happened now three different times but today i did get called for a job i ...more
Posted by KeKe Rogers on April 28th, 2006 • 744 Views
so my sister finally had her baby....a baby girl named T'anaja Audra Gail....yeah i know itz a long ass name i just call her T' Audra but itz so funny being an aunt a little mad cuz i can ...more
Posted by KeKe Rogers on April 28th, 2006 • 465 Views
i know we r good friends i know we r good friends
i must say that this year has been the most stranious time with my best friend and roomate i mean it was just completely weird from knowing someone for two whole years then they come back with a boyfr ...more
Posted by KeKe Rogers on April 28th, 2006 • 841 Views
starting over starting over
so yesterday im chillin in the room and out of the blue someone who i used to call one of my best friends calls and begins to tell me that we (all of the old friends) should get together and talk and ...more
Posted by KeKe Rogers on April 28th, 2006 • 757 Views
My Groups
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
Guestbook Comments
So i'm going to school this year for social sevices. Is there anything you can tell me to be prepared more for this?
Tagged by frankie jones on 01/31/2010  
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 08/25/2008  
Dag Ke smiling so hard can't no clouds form!
Tagged by B. Dwight Foster, B.A., MS-MANAGEMENT on 06/24/2008  
Just wanted to stop by and show you some JSU Luv. Have a wonderful week. Get back with me...
Tagged by bob Brown on 06/19/2007  
hi keonia, i haven't forgotten about you things have really been busy this summer. The wedding date has been sat to june 23
Tagged by rhon rhon on 06/16/2006  
hi keonia, i haven't forgotten about you things have really been busy this summer. The wedding date has been sat to june 23
Tagged by rhon rhon on 06/16/2006  
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/08/2006  
Damn Keke...What's up with ol dude? LoL
Tagged by Stephen C. Walker on 05/05/2006  
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 05/03/2006  
Thanks so much for the love and an open door for questions. I am looking forward to becoming a hornet. AS-AS-AS-AS...U!
Tagged by A. Johnson on 04/13/2006  
I don't like Alicia like but you seem to think we got something going on when there really isn't anything
Tagged by Hodari Brown on 03/01/2006  
On Feb. 27, 2006 we performed in Harlem on ShowTIme AT The APOLLO, we WON! The actual air date will be sometime this summer. Check our website for details. Much luv to HBCU for their support. LOT 14
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 03/01/2006  
I want to wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and I am glad that you are who you are but I still don't know about Alicia and I.
Tagged by Hodari Brown on 02/28/2006  
Thank you so much for being so open to help me. one of my questions is what are some of the not so good things at ASU and what are some of the good things? THANKS ~NINI~
Tagged by Whitney Williams on 02/09/2006  
Wuz up, ASU BOOOOOOO Your still a cutie. HOLLA BACK
Tagged by Jonathan Wright on 02/04/2006  
somebody plz tell me y darrell campbell thinks he is my dude????
Tagged by KeKe Rogers on 01/24/2006  
hey ma how yu doin??
Tagged by Malik Powell on 01/24/2006  
just stoppin by to hit that spot the right way roderick hit me up
Tagged by Roderick Brown on 01/17/2006  
as you can see that doesn't matter, we still going to the ship.
Tagged by Rowland Zellars on 12/01/2005  
how r u doing sexy
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 11/21/2005  
Hey girl! Just thought I'd drop by and sign ur guestbook........even though we be talkin on Facebook all the time. I never really come on here that much. Well, just wanted to say wut's up. Holla atcha girl!
Tagged by Alicia Boswell on 11/20/2005  
hey girl just sitting some sisterly love your way
Tagged by rhon rhon on 11/17/2005  
just wanted 2 send u some Tiger luv. peace
Tagged by Jaamal Smith on 11/16/2005  
Hey. Sorry it took so long to write back but I was just signing your book. Holla back at me
Tagged by NIcholas Eden on 11/09/2005  
3 Virginians & 1 native New Yorker, all musicologists, all NSU/HBCU students. Sincere thanks from LOT 14 to the HBCU Family for their support. Wish all of you what you wished for us,the best!! [ WWW.4LOT14.COM/INTROPAGE.HTML
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 11/04/2005  
Whats up shawty just writing you back get back at me SAP
Tagged by Jowaune Williams on 10/25/2005  
hey was up....dis ya boi Wes showin love from the REAL ASU!! Ha ha, but yeah I be in the Gump during b-ball season...hit ya boi up...
Tagged by Wesley Sanders on 10/20/2005  
u know me....from bermuda--hang in there with life- u will do well, trust me....>>><<<
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 10/16/2005  
O.k I see yall boyz got thrashed very badd. But don't let the previus games full you we still getten in that butt
Tagged by Rowland Zellars on 10/13/2005  
Yo Keke!!! Wat's up!!!! Just signing the guestbook...and stay up...
Tagged by Darryl D. Smith on 10/12/2005  
I sure did! Did u?
Tagged by Marsha Carless on 10/11/2005  
Had to sign your guestbook do to the wild blogs u write. Good luck with your life. -LDOT
Tagged by Larry Carpenter on 10/06/2005  
HEY just wanted to show some NY love!
Tagged by Jacob Wilson on 10/06/2005  
Tagged by David Swinson on 10/05/2005  
i like ya pic sweetie. just showing u some cu luv
Tagged by David Swinson on 10/05/2005  
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