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Q&A With Arron Lucas

(interview me)
Arron Lucas
Location: Chicago, IL United States
Birthday: Aug 3rd
Joined: Aug 2nd, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
At Morehouse chillin, cooking, studing, or at a party.
Education   (request update)
Morehouse College class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Aerospace Engineering
Claim To Fame:
I am smart, confident, funny. I also love to dance! With God's help, I will become a millioniare before I graduate. I will own my own aerospace company after my Ph.D. I want to be an astronaut and lawyer as well. I am well rounded beacause I'm intellegent but at the same time have a wild mysterious side too. I enjoy long walks along the beach......
Most Memorable Moment:
Going to parties and experencing collge life to the fullest.
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Guestbook Comments
just wanna stop by and say hello to you and wish you a good scholastic year, holla!
Tagged by Keianna White on 08/24/2005  
Hi, just stopping through to give ya some good luvin; FAMU LUVIN!
Tagged by Joyia Smith on 08/01/2005  
hey there... my summer's going pretty well, thanks for asking. enjoy the rest of your summer, and i'll see u soon
Tagged by Normandi Pitts on 07/16/2005  
Hey just stoppin by to say wassup. i'll be joining u in the fall. enjoy ur summer!
Tagged by Ieshaah Murphy on 07/14/2005  
Thanks for signing my guestbook
Tagged by Brittney Sears on 07/14/2005  
Hey what's up thanks for spreading the luv to my page. I just wanted to return the favor! Holla back
Tagged by Jessica Sawyer on 07/09/2005  
just stopping by to say hello. My summer has been real chill. i am going to come out there to morehouse when school starts because my friend is a incoming freshman. so have fun and take care. God bless. Matthew 6:33
Tagged by Keianna White on 07/04/2005  
My summer had been quite a up and down roller coaster ride! But I can't wait to get back to the AUC!
Tagged by Tanganica Turner on 07/02/2005  
SHaw U whats good C/o 2005
Tagged by Autumn Bailey on 06/30/2005  
My summer is going along just fine. I'm excited about moving to ATL and attending CAU.....I hope your summer is blessed as well thank you for asking...God Bless ~ProVerbs~
Tagged by Whitney Davis on 06/06/2005  
hey just returning the luv my summer has been good what about you...and cya in august!!
Tagged by Danielle Phillips on 06/05/2005  
What's good? I am an incoming freshman and I want to major in engineering. I was wondering could you hit me up with any useful info. Thanks.
Tagged by Cory Bailey on 06/04/2005  
My summers is going crapy. Everything is coming at me like one big wave and im trying to stick in there, but im just ready for the summer to be completely over
Tagged by Laci Simmons on 06/02/2005  
Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/23/2005  
Hi Arron, I just wanted to say hello and to tell you to keep admirations high and never let them fall. Good luck at 'Da House' from your Spelman sister
Tagged by Brittany Nash on 01/24/2005  
where have I been?? what do u mean??
Tagged by courtney on 12/11/2004  
thanks for stopping by my page. Sorry but there is no third angel!! Much luv to ya, keep in touch.
Tagged by Phylicia McLendon on 12/08/2004  
Tagged by Nieka Jackson on 12/06/2004  
Thanks. Good luck in college.
Tagged by Judith Charles on 12/06/2004  
Tagged by Nieka Jackson on 12/03/2004  
I bet, but you have to do what you have to do.
Tagged by Nieka Jackson on 12/02/2004  
Arron...PLEASE! I have friends from the Chi so I am not hating. Don't play HARLEM especially if you have never been there. Show luv!
Tagged by Trevene Walsh on 12/02/2004  
Hey Arron! Sending you some AUC luv from CAU! Harlem holdin' it down!
Tagged by Trevene Walsh on 12/01/2004  
Life after Spelman is great, but I miss my friends a lot. Have a great time at Da' House!
Tagged by Stacy Elaine Carraway on 11/30/2004  
I've been here...where have you been?
Tagged by Nieka Jackson on 11/28/2004  
Awww thanks, really...that is really sweet of you
Tagged by Akia Carter on 11/28/2004  
Millionaire before graduation--Thats what I'm talkin bout! And u will be too, b/cuz u claim it now! I hurr you sweetie! Much Luv from CAU to u!
Tagged by Joyce A. Bridges on 11/27/2004  
* one was home to take my i had to take matters into my own hands
Tagged by Nicole Butler on 11/26/2004  
Lol...awww thanx....does it really tho?
Tagged by Akia Carter on 11/26/2004  
what up playa! I was just rollin through to show u a lil HU/ Philly luv. Philly Stand Up! holla @ me!
Tagged by Danielle Carroll on 11/14/2004  
a little of this, a little of that...lasagna is my specialty!
Tagged by Angela Geordai Braxton on 10/25/2004  
cooking, shopping, listening to music, hanging with the girls
Tagged by Angela Geordai Braxton on 10/22/2004  
nothing much...thanks for the note. Hope this year is going good for you...don't forget to have fun! Angie
Tagged by Angela Geordai Braxton on 10/14/2004  
fah real? how tall?
Tagged by La Keisha Lee on 08/10/2004  
Hello Arron. thanx 4 leaving a note on my page. just doin the same here. Ill be at Clark next week on the 18th to stay!! see u around the AUC !!
Tagged by courtney on 08/09/2004  
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