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Location: Washington, DC United States
Joined: Aug 9th, 2004
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I'll be an upcoming freshman this fall of 2004 at North Carolina Central University. From Dat good ohh UpTown in Dodge City you hear me
Education   (request update)
North Carolina Central University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Criminal Justice
Claim To Fame:
Most Memorable Moment:
I dont have one at this present time.
High School: School Without Walls Senior High School in , class of 2004
Activities & Accomplishments:
Football Soccer
Best Memories:
first day of highschool...eating lunch with the seniors and cracking jokes on the freshmans when at the time I was one myself. I had my nerve haha.
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Showin luv from the tweetest school I know
Tagged by Shari Williams on 05/22/2005  
I thought you were supposed to get me that TCB cd?? I didn't know you had hair? Very cute!!!
Tagged by Sha'Niece Simmons on 04/09/2005  
Wassup Just wanted to show some love to a fellow eagle. Never seen yah before but maybe one day I will U.S. Marshall. E FUNK
Tagged by Adrienne S. Floyd on 02/14/2005  
What good just dropping b to show u some NCCU love holla
Tagged by Latoya Holiday AKA Pook on 01/19/2005  
Just spreadin some Aggie love, holla at me
Tagged by Shelonda Odom on 12/08/2004  
what's tha deal* wanted 2 come thru and say hey* holla at tha girl sumtime* ok
Tagged by JESSI LO on 11/24/2004  
so how u enjoying Central?
Tagged by Ana Waterman on 08/23/2004  
Whatzup son.....Its time to do the do....Early hahaha, just thought I type myself some inspirational words
Tagged by Ace on 08/18/2004  
Hey thanks for the love, im showin you that Southern hospitality, Houston Texas love halla
Tagged by Lana H. on 08/17/2004  
Hey Ace I hope you enjoy your first year at NCCU. The first semester is always hard especially if you don't have a car. Just stay cool and out of trouble. I'll be a sophmore next year but if you hear my name you can say hello.
Tagged by Tina Young on 08/16/2004  
Hey Ace.
Tagged by Tina Young on 08/16/2004  
Thanx for showing me some Eagle lovin, it's always appreciated. I don't want to seem greedy so I'm going to return some Spelman lovin to you. I know you will enjoy your Freshman year, just remember to work hard and have fun.
Tagged by JoAnna Ross on 08/12/2004  
Hey cutie! Thanx for showing me some luv!! Good luck at NCCU! Holla at me!
Tagged by Valine Castillo on 08/12/2004  
hey, thank you very much for the compliments...hope you have a good year in school! bye bye
Tagged by Tanya Simpson on 08/12/2004  
Hello Ace, thanks for signing my spot...I am sure that you will have so many things to say about your freshman year...enjoy it darling and I wish you a successful year...Always (smiling) Mecca
Tagged by Mecca Moore on 08/11/2004  
whats good ace.... you my son even though we had our differences at one time. i hope you have fun at NCCU. i hope you do your thing and keep your mind on books not a$$!!!!!!!!hollla at me i'll be at A&T!!!!!!!!
Tagged by keturah busey on 08/11/2004  
Just givin you some HU luv! Thanks for hittin up my page. Good luck at NCCU.
Tagged by Danielle Saunders on 08/10/2004  
ATON!!! I aint know you was on here...nor did I know you was going to CENTRAL! I think my friend, Corey is going there, But I'm not sure..Anyways...Awww I'm so happy for you! Good Luck With Everything!
Tagged by Akia Carter on 08/10/2004  
Wassup. Just sending som Aggie love your way even though u go to central. I will see you at that good ole' Aggie-Eagle Classics. Be prepared, Aggies are coming your way!
Tagged by LaTisha Durham on 08/10/2004  
hey baby!!! i know you are not going to need to call me when you get this message cause i gotta ask you some questions!!!!my friend is going to central! hit me up should still have my number,if not let me know!!
Tagged by Phylicia Jones on 08/10/2004  
Yo whats good, Just wanted to say what up cause I will be attending North Carolina Central this fall as a freshman so maybe i'll see around sometime aight check out my page im going to put some pics up as soon as i get them scanned.
Tagged by Ana Waterman on 08/09/2004  
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