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Location: Hampton, VA United States
Birthday: Nov 18th
Joined: Aug 19th, 2004
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chillin down here in Hampton, VA at tha REAL HU stayn in Moorings HALL Onyx VII!!!! my contacts...... AIM: preshus7346, YIM: preshus7346, e-mail: or holla atcha gyrl!!

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North Carolina A&T State University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Interior Design
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Greetings, I pray all is well for You and I wish You the best in all Your Hopes, Dreams and Goals. Blessings, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 12/29/2005  
Just wanted stop by and show you some love from Phiily. When you get a chance check me out at or . Let me know what you think about the music. Peace & Blessings -Z
Tagged by Aziz Collins on 05/11/2005  
Showing luv...hey how do you get ya name to be blue and how did you get ya background up there and stuff?
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 05/08/2005  
Sorry it took me so long...I went to Meadowbrook High. Where did you go? Are you an MBA major?
Tagged by Greg Smith on 03/29/2005  
Hey Jessica, I see you holdin it down at HU much success to you and you future endeavors just showin you some KY love get back @ me iight...
Tagged by Classic on 03/10/2005  
Hey lady! Im from Richmond, VA (More like Chesterfield/Chester) and Im a Business Admin. major......get back @ me =)
Tagged by Greg Smith on 03/01/2005  
Jus passin thru spredin that Pirate love hit me up
Tagged by B Steel on 02/25/2005  
I'm here to give you the respect that you deserve.You're looking dead right. I hope you accomplish ya goals. Stop by when you find this.
Tagged by Gettin My Sh!t Togetha on 02/04/2005  
Wut's Good??? Just dropping some love from Hampton University. Holla at me.
Tagged by Lawrence C. Souffrant on 01/22/2005  
what up Jessica, I'm rollin through to chunk you some love, so be cool and maybe I'll see you around
Tagged by Snook Johnson on 01/12/2005  
how u up here and need somebody fly to talk with is that u
Tagged by R. L. B. on 01/11/2005  
What's up. Just returning the luv. I hope you survive your freshman year.
Tagged by Brian Proctor on 12/28/2004  
yo wuts good i dont see you around and i havent got the chance to chill wit u yet but call me i dont have your number so we can so that 1
Tagged by Jarrett Payne on 12/20/2004  
Hello i think i have seen you around before but not so sure but any how just showing Hu Love
Tagged by lovelady on 12/08/2004  
wasup wit u? i think i seen u b4
Tagged by Brandon Clayton on 12/01/2004  
Hey girl...just showin u some KKO luv...(I hope u know this is an RA so it is all about Quintessence 6)
Tagged by Candyce Wilkerson on 11/30/2004  
what up miss...just wanted to show a beautiful Hamptonian some luv...get at me pretty lady
Tagged by Michael Glover on 11/24/2004  
Wassup Jessica, just stoppin by to show you some HU love, hope to see you around campus, holla
Tagged by Mike Lane on 11/09/2004  
This is Tj Your picture looks good
Tagged by HOTT on 11/02/2004  
Hey Sleepy head, thats your name: JESSICA!! just wanted to holla and drop u a note and see waz good. but anyway stay outta trouble and JAMES HALL OPEN HOUSE IS THURSDAY@730 Holla at ya boy
Tagged by Ian D. on 10/26/2004  
Thanks for signing my guestbook just returning the favor. I'm in the drumline of the Blue & Gold Marching Machine and I play cymbals.
Tagged by Antoine Wilson on 10/24/2004  
Never...seen u around, its wild. Hasta
Tagged by AJ Council on 10/17/2004  
how are you princess? Are you on aol or aim?
Tagged by Glenn Edwards on 10/16/2004  
Hey welcome to Hampton! hope to see u around campus!
Tagged by Luke on 10/13/2004  
Hey... I know I don't say much but had to show you some Modern Dance love
Tagged by Adric Kennedy on 10/09/2004  
Hey...hope to see you at the HU?
Tagged by Linwood Creekmore, III on 10/09/2004  
wassup jus stoppin through to show you some Alabama A&M luv
Tagged by Charles Melton on 10/01/2004  
hey jessica, hows the new school year treating you? Holla back!
Tagged by Johnny Dye on 09/25/2004  
Okay my note wasn't good enough, but I guarantee when I originally wrote to you it was funny but I cant remember what I said and at the moment I have no new material, so ill add jokes when Im feeling feisty/funny ;)
Tagged by Alison Vance on 09/20/2004  
whats up?! Im trying to sign your guestbook AGAIN for the third time...anyways you know your page is off the hook Im still waiting for you to help my struggling page...Anyway I think your cool peoples and Im glad to know yah:)
Tagged by Alison Vance on 09/20/2004  
wassup girl, i realized i GOTTA say hey since the rest of php did. they got good taste so u must be on point right lol but for real, look for ya boy around campus
Tagged by kris wit a k on 09/13/2004  
Ay, on sum real stuff, i still haven't seen u around,
Tagged by AJ Council on 09/13/2004  
your in my CSC 120 class!! me and Abel realized that lol...i sit on the right side next to him so dont be shy to say HI
Tagged by Nicole Butler on 09/13/2004  
thanx fa showimg the luv? What'cha know about that Bayou Classic? But stay pretty and hit me up on the low!
Tagged by Xavier B. Sullivan on 09/11/2004  
i luv ya name.(lol) just saying hey and that i adore your page!!!! oh and that sparkle name thing is hot, where did u find it?????
Tagged by JESSI LO on 09/08/2004  
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