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Damien Emilien
Location: New Orleans, LA United States
Joined: Jan 11th, 2005
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
DREW HALL MY NIGGAZ!!! 4-POUND!!! Contact Info : AIM-HUScreamer Yahoo-MCMtrumpet holla at ya boy
Education   (request update)
Howard University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Music
Claim To Fame:
Be a big time Musician, like Wynton Marsalis, and direct the best marching band in the world!
Most Memorable Moment:
When HU trumpets battled NSU trumpets in tha street.
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Guestbook Comments
Just stopping by to show some C-Town love. Best of Wishes.
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 03/03/2006  
Hey boy, i NEVER get on this thing... but since ur on here i guess i will. hope to see u soon.
Tagged by Alexis Kimbrough on 02/01/2006  
jus stoppin by to show some Bulldog love
Tagged by Angela Whetstone on 07/25/2005  
i see ya holdin down hu marching band. just showin a lil love from the iios
Tagged by Courtney Moody on 06/29/2005  
wazzup yo this is chris u may not remember me but howard came to livingstone to do a concert and i was the boy wit the locs and then we played against yall in bermuda a month ago nice to meet u!!!!!
Tagged by chris jones on 06/27/2005  
Hey whats up,appreciate the returning love, I tried to hit u up on your instant messagers but you never replied back to me
Tagged by Charnetta mckenzie on 06/19/2005  
Hey whats up sexy, just decided to stop by and show you some of this Bama State luv, ya know,I hope that you come back by and show some luv to a sista,holla at me ASAP
Tagged by Charnetta mckenzie on 06/19/2005  
what up Damiem? i just stopped by to show you a little HU love! I from Louisiana also :) See you in the fall!
Tagged by Jess DeT on 05/27/2005  
Hey I'm just lookin up Howard students and tryin to make some connections because I will be an incoming freshman in the fall of the 2005 and I dont wanna be clueless and alone so just hit me back and maybe you could fill me in
Tagged by Ashten Fizer on 02/21/2005  
my my my aint u a cutie* lol havent hit u up in a minute* miss u lots tho* holla back*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 12/23/2004  
Just wanted to stop by and show some love, Baltimore love!
Tagged by Meghan Mason on 12/09/2004  
Just wanted to stop by and show some love, Baltimore love!
Tagged by Meghan Mason on 12/09/2004  
Thanks for signing my guestbook. If you see me around, holla. Baldwin 2 floors up
Tagged by Nicole G on 12/08/2004  
wassup damien
Tagged by Nicole Bowyer on 12/06/2004  
what tha deal* havent hit u up here in a long time* holla at u later tho*
Tagged by JESSI LO on 11/24/2004  
HEY Damien, thanks for signing my guestbook. Ya know it's said I have never seen ya around school, it's seems like everyone that goes to Howard is on this website but aren't actually @ Howard(if ya know what I mean?) See ya soon : )
Tagged by Debbie Origho on 11/18/2004  
Hey Damien...ima card u when i see u! lol...sike nah...have fun this year homie! *Buh Bye* It's SHOWTIME!
Tagged by India Bell on 10/20/2004  
Hey Damien! Thanks for signing my guest book...Are you going to the career fair thos thursday and friday, if so I wil see ya there if not I"ll see ya on the yard!see ya on the yard!
Tagged by Debbie Origho on 10/18/2004  
hey what;s good8 just sending tha luv back ya way* thanx 4 tha compliment* it comes in handy but yeah i'm a hit u up on AIM* plus u workin ya sexy 2* get at me* OK
Tagged by JESSI LO on 10/11/2004  
hey damien, thanx for signing my gbook. i think i've seen u around but i'm not sure. holla atcha gurl next time.
Tagged by Danyelle Hadaway on 09/30/2004  
Hey Damien. Thanks for signing my guest book. I think I've seen you around but I'm not sure. Hope to see you soon
Tagged by Yvette Longonje on 09/29/2004  
What up... yea i think i have seen you around campus, just returning the same HU love that you left on my page. Much Luv Holla!
Tagged by Courtney Hudson on 09/28/2004  
Ey wassup i think i have seen u around iono next time u see me say wassup! but yeah thanks for he message see you around!!! Toni
Tagged by Toni H on 09/28/2004  
Hi Damien, thanks for signing my guestbook. I'm sure I will get a chance to see you on the yard. Just say hello!
Tagged by Jacqueline Brown on 09/27/2004  
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