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Yasmin Howell
cashier, Office Depot

Location: Tacoma, WA United States
Birthday: Oct 25th
Joined: Jan 31st, 2008
About   (request update)
I'm Independent
At 18 I moved to Atlanta, Ga by myself got my job and my apartment within 2 weeks
I'm woring full-time and yaking four classes(full load) at the college up here in Tacoma,Wa
I may be young but I want to be in a meaningful realtionship where my man and I can work together and actually have a future together.
I love helping people and workin wih those less fortnate
I plan to open my own business mixing social work and nursing so that I do not have to agree with what those systems are right now with the gov't
I love to dance and travel
My favorite color is purple and I am a quiet person who listens
I work hard and expect nothing from no one
My Interview Question
What do you do when the woman that you want to be with is the true defintion of independent? do you let her go or work with each other?
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Become a light on the importance of bring selfless Inspire the famous and the poor to be more open-minded of the world and do not judge or think before you ask questions... Live and Love your life and stop worrying about what everyone thinks you only have one life and that means only one chance to leave your mark or do all the things you've always dreamed of. People told me woman shouldn't travel by themselves and I rode the greyhound from Tacoma,Wa to Atlanta,Ga 3,000 miles apart and stopped in Chicago,Il with no coat or money and I'm still alive to speak on it I'm happy I wasn't trying to live by everyone else's standards because that was the best time i've had by myself, meeting new people....
Education   (request update)
Chicago State University class of 2012
Undergrad Major: Public Administration
Claim To Fame:
"I don't care what people think of me anymore because if I don't live my life they way that I want then I will not be HAPPY!"
Most Memorable Moment:
working with the football team...I love sports and to be working with them and on the field just made school more enjoyble because everyone looked forward to the games...
High School: Clover Park in Lakewood, WA class of 2008
Activities & Accomplishments:
Imentor, graduated a year early ( i did my junior/senior year and high school and my frst year in college all in the same year while working)
Best Memories:
Imentor- helping the freshman who were coming in get adjusted and just getting to no more about them on a personal level outside of the school. Going to the college while in high school I used to just go home or drive an hour away and go visit my ex at his school...had alot of free time...
I currently work with Office Depot as cashier
I have 4 years of experience working in the Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations industry.
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