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Erica .
Location: aberdeen, MD United States
Joined: Dec 5th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
On Aug I will b @ DSU(Delaware State University).....holla!
Education   (request update)
Delaware State University class of 2009
Undergrad Major: Psychology
Claim To Fame:
I do not have a "claim to fame" considering that im not in college i dont really care for havin one, honestly just seems like fame is somthin that could blow a persons head up over somthin thats not even that big, n i dont wanna b distracted by nothin like that.....but if some how i do end havin some kinda "claim to fame" in college i will put that up here...
Most Memorable Moment:
I havent gone to college yet so i really dont have a most memorable event..
High School: Aberdeen High School in , class of 2005
Best Memories:
Playing volleyball and basketball
Should I handle it or let God take care of it? Should I handle it or let God take care of it?
Heres the deal...Theres this girl at my school who be hatin on me hard,she talks bout me and doesnt even know me like that,but the thing is she never says ne thing to my face..Its like some days i jus ...more
Posted by Erica . on March 10th, 2005 • 227 Views
To all my dancers To all my dancers
Im thinkin about trying out for the dance team next year when i go to college ive been dancing at my high school for a couple years and i love it!! i just dont know what kind of audition process there ...more
Posted by Erica . on February 18th, 2005 • 201 Views
Relationship dilema Relationship dilema
So im in this relationship(7months) and i love my man to death...In the beginging it was that whole i didnt know how good i had it and i lied to my man a couple times, so obviously he lost all trust i ...more
Posted by Erica . on February 14th, 2005 • 237 Views
Can Someone help me please:) Can Someone help me please:)
Im about to graduate this spring and im waitin for some of my acceptance letters but im scared to open them because i dont know how i will react if i do not get accepted does ne one have any advise??? ...more
Posted by Erica . on February 14th, 2005 • 202 Views
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have fun at de. this semester...but not too much fun
Tagged by Patrice Gibson on 08/31/2005  
yo, where ya pictures at?
Tagged by Dennis Worsley (Wit da on 08/24/2005  
Oh HI! Hmmm my first year was alright. I think you'll like it up there tho. What made you want to do 2 del state?
Tagged by Brianne Bellamy on 05/18/2005  
Tagged by Brianne Bellamy on 05/15/2005  
How you doing; I just wanted to return the love. Hope to see yu at DSU it's a good school.
Tagged by Shannon Booker on 05/09/2005  
Tagged by andre peart on 03/14/2005  
Hey boo. Just thought I say hey to a sexy lady. If U wanna thank me 4 the compliment, either sign my guestbook or save me as a friend. Holla @ me
Tagged by Austin Jones on 02/25/2005  
Just checking up on you. How are things going with you? Hope things are going well...
Tagged by Darryl D. Smith on 02/23/2005  
Thanx girl for your comment in my blog i made a couple of days back...i really appreciated...he passed last night and im ok...but itll take some time to get through it...good luck with the rest of your semester and may God bless you
Tagged by Kimberly O on 02/20/2005  
Hey...thanks for signing my guestbook... I really don't use this site like that so, I mean you can get at me on AOL Messenger or MSN: Aol- Da Devyne One ... MSN- at me cutie, aight? ~~Trell
Tagged by Dontrell Harris on 02/17/2005
Tagged by Kimberly O on 02/17/2005  
Hey is a site with the top ten states...and since u were concerned about your city i figured this would be of interest to you...
Tagged by Kimberly O on 02/17/2005  
hi, wanted to say you look cute and sexy. Write back and tell me what you think about me.
Tagged by Emmaus Ferdinand on 02/15/2005  
Hey Ma, Del State is ok, it has its moments. If u think u'r not gonna have a claim to fame at an HBCU u'r wrong. It could be something small that people remember u by or something u've done that u'r proud of. Holla at me if u come here
Tagged by NA'IMAH AKBAR on 02/15/2005  
Damn girl you are thick as hell!
Tagged by Brandon Moraven on 02/11/2005  
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