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(interview me)
Tiffany Lowder
Location: Anywhere, FL United States
Birthday: Jun 30th
Joined: Jan 11th, 2005
About   (request update)
My Interview Question
What do you think is my best charater trait?
Current Whereabouts:
Helping my brother apply for colleges and make highlight tapes and find scholarships
Education   (request update)
Tuskegee University class of 2010
Undergrad Major: Pre-Medicine
Claim To Fame:
Well I guess my claim to fame would during college is always being the 1st person in line at every home football game. (My Freshman Year) I plan on continuing this while I remain an undergrad
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable moment would have to be when my friends and I pulled a prank on 2 security guards. The prank went off smoothly without a hitch.
High School: Ramstein American High School in Ramstein AFB, class of 2004
Activities & Accomplishments:
Varsity Football Manager and Sport Med. Manager Baksetball Manager and Sport Med. Manager AFJROTC Unarmed (Fancy Foot) Drill Team Commander My Senior Year. Step Team Member
Best Memories:
Being Accepted to the HBCU. Senior Homecoming Week and the Dance even though we lost our Homecoming game we dominated got it Krunk @ the Homecoming Dance. Tearing Jordan Jones up @ Homecoming on Get Low and some other songs. My schools Step and Dance Te
Congrats & Welcome! Congrats & Welcome!
I know its kinda late first I would like to Congratulate the Class of 2006 on successfully completing High School. I would also like to Welcome them to the Wonderful World of College. I would like ...more
Posted by Tiffany Lowder on July 14th, 2006 • 247 Views
I started school last week and so far I like it here. I was at the school two weeks before so I was hit by a lovely heatwave. I just wish that I had a car so that I could get the important things that ...more
Posted by Tiffany Lowder on August 31st, 2005 • 280 Views
Just my luck! Just my luck!
Okay I haven't done a blog in awhile so bare with me. I was so ready to leave and go to school and I thought nutthan could put a damper on my mood. Well I was wrong.I thought this week would go by smo ...more
Posted by Tiffany Lowder on August 9th, 2005 • 239 Views
I Apologize I Apologize
I just want to apologize to errbody who is normally in the chat when I am in there. My family just moved houses and we have to wait 2wks. to have our internet reconnected so I will be M.I.A. for a lil ...more
Posted by Tiffany Lowder on July 2nd, 2005 • 280 Views
My Groups
Dance Fever 101
Cause I'm From New York!
TU Club
Tuskegee. STAND UP!
HBCU Models
Dirty South HBCU
I attend/will be attending the Best HBCU!!!
Guestbook Comments
Germany?! shoot hope u tell me bout it when i get there
Tagged by Camille Riley on 08/02/2007  
thanks for the advice on my blog... i will definitely use the football and the california club advice.. are u from california?
Tagged by Camille Riley on 07/28/2007  
You know I'm always good....most of the time at least. Just working a lot. What's up with you?
Tagged by Jimmie Lee Gibson Jr. on 06/05/2007  
hey.. thanks for the luv...just returning it back
Tagged by Marcus Twine on 05/26/2007  
wadup? how u like tuskegee? i got accepted and im thinkin bout enrollin, juss wanted some insight on da school first.
Tagged by Ozella {2007} on 02/24/2007  
Just stopping by to see what's up. holla back.
Tagged by Jazzmine Whitt on 10/05/2006  
hi, came by to wish u the best this upcoming school year. take care & dont be a stranger!!!
Tagged by Chuichi Lee on 07/25/2006  
Hows your summer...
Tagged by Khalid Brown on 06/20/2006  
Hey we might end up bein roommates lol.
Tagged by Jazzmine Whitt on 06/11/2006  
I dnt even know if im goin 2 Skegee anymore...i might end up at VSU! my link is
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 06/06/2006  
Tagged by Jazzmine Whitt on 05/24/2006  
yea...i know! dag find me on face book N myspace name iz lil Skegee mama!
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 05/24/2006  
hey...its been a good minute since i talked 2 you...i cant wait 4 da fall!!!!! So we'll both be trying out for the flags right?
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 05/22/2006  
how r u doin lil momma
Tagged by terance williams on 04/06/2006  
Just stopped by to say "hello", return the favor
Tagged by Megan Merriweather on 04/01/2006  
Beautiful pictures. Southern Luv for ya.
Tagged by Noah Crockett on 03/07/2006  
Hey I just wanted to show some Tuskegee luv. hope 2 see u in da fall. Holla!!!
Tagged by ashley davis on 02/24/2006  
Happy Valentine's Day
Tagged by Kimberly Springer on 02/14/2006  
just sayin hey
Tagged by Charlene Ball on 02/05/2006  
That's not true. I send you messages all the time, but I never hear anything back. But you know I don't have any less love for you. It's the fam....remember?
Tagged by Jimmie Lee Gibson Jr. on 01/24/2006  
Tagged by JUSTIN INGRAM on 01/22/2006  
Just saying Hello how are you doing I think you are cute keep the hard work work going and don't forget to keep god first stay cute
Tagged by Jerry Terrell on 01/19/2006  
sup lil mama
Tagged by Brandon Middleton on 01/18/2006  
Greetings Sis, I hope all is well 4 U and I wish You the best n All Your Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Endeavors. "God" Bless, Sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 12/17/2005  
yo waht it iz? i offically get to go to TU in the fall now!! so we will be tryin out in the fall 2gether!! how many people do they take? n all that you know what i mean?
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 12/03/2005  
hey just returnin the luv i hope i still get to ho 2 skegee my mom might make me go to gram u spim? is it hard to get on the flag line?
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 12/02/2005  
hey tiffany just stopin to sho u some luv hope you do the same. Ill be at skegee in the fall
Tagged by De Anna Jackson on 11/20/2005  
3 Virginians & 1 New Yorker, all NSU/HBCU students, all musicologists. Thanks for showing a sincere sense of support. I, as well as J-Rod, Tone, & Bran, encourage you to spread the word and to "experience life on the level of 14." Jynx
Tagged by LOT14 newERAnewSOUNDnewSCHOOL on 11/18/2005  
sup girll...jus shoin luv in da gbook..hollaback
Tagged by Terance Williams on 10/31/2005  
yo, i hit you back on the message boards... you need to hit me back... and besides... you should get on facebook... it's a lot more efficient.. ;)
Tagged by Dwayne Dunham Jr. on 10/21/2005  
'preciate the b-day love miss. Officially part of the grown and sexy, eh? I got the grown part down, I'm still working on my sexy. I'm getting there though....
Tagged by Jimmie Lee Gibson Jr. on 10/13/2005  
Hello Sis, just wanted to express my best wishes in your goals and dreams, "God" Bless, sincerely Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 10/13/2005  
Tagged by Jacob Wilson on 10/12/2005  
Hey Tiff, just comin through and showin my love... hope you're havin fun at TU... holla at me... -Dwayne
Tagged by Dwayne Dunham Jr. on 10/12/2005  
Hey ma' hit ya' boi up sometime. 1
Tagged by Rashid Johnson on 10/11/2005  
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