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Johnna Pierce
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
Joined: Dec 18th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Atlanta, GA
Education   (request update)
Spelman College class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Bioengineering
Claim To Fame:
While in college, I hope to enjoy myself and have a great and memorable time while still respecting myself and presenting myself in a positive light. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I want to do my best in my classes and get work experience during the summers. I am a memeber of DDEP (Dual Degree Engineering Program) for the AUC and I plan on attending Ga Tech after studying two more years at Spelman. Graduate school is a must which I also hope to do at Ga Tech. I want the research that I do as a biomedical engineer to help those who are disabled live a happier and more normal life.
Most Memorable Moment:
Meeting Nate Dogg at Lenox and spending the evening hanging out with him, JD, Bow Wow, and others at the So So Def studio. It was so much fun! We played basketball and pool, TRIED to write lyrics to a song, and tripped out. Oh! And, while on break, I met Hot Sauce from the AND1 tour! (He was also in the Chingy video "One Call Away") He is TOO cute! But, most important, no one that I've met, no place that I've been, and nothing that I've done could possibly be more valuable to me than the friends that I have made while in college. P.J. Crew, I love yall!
I currently work with NA as
I have 1 years of experience working in the Engineering industry.
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hey... hows ur semester goin? hope all is well, n get back at me when u can...
Tagged by Dwayne Williams II on 04/05/2006  
what to my auc folk, its ya favorite kuntry boi, its going down soon as i get off this t.i/nelly tour, im throwin second annual "bak 2 skool jam" so if ya gone be in the A, leave me ya email address so i can put ya on the email list, 1
Tagged by GUMBO . on 06/30/2005  
wassup wit ya? jus showin u some love. good luck wit school and life and wut not. get at me when u get a chance.
Tagged by Remi Oguntoye on 05/29/2005  
what up just showing some a-town love holla at me
Tagged by Tarrence Ransom on 05/18/2005  
Tagged by LaTeresa (Tree) Johnson on 05/10/2005  
What da DEal this DEPOE spreading that BAMA STATE pride return da favor and sign my guestbook DURTY SOUF FO LIFE YEAN HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tagged by Depoe jackson on 05/08/2005  
I justed wanted to let you know that you are without a doubt one of the most gorgeous ladies i have ever seen
Tagged by Donald Montgomery on 05/04/2005  
Just showin some hampton love. 1
Tagged by Zachary Mitchell on 02/28/2005  
wutts good, just passing through to sohw some of that HU love, holla back BrAnDoN aka B-NEL
Tagged by Brandon Nelson on 01/31/2005  
prais eht e Lord my sister how are you Im here at ewc and I will hopefully be transfering to Morehouse
Tagged by Brandon T Smith on 01/18/2005  
Hey life long soul sister. You are one of my favorite females who went to middle school with me and now attends Spelman College (You and Jasmine are tied for that one) Stay Beautiful!
Tagged by Gregory A. Davis on 01/18/2005  
it's your Brazeal hall brother, just sayin' hello
Tagged by Nicholas Gowens on 01/18/2005  
Tagged by Daniel Lang on 01/16/2005  
hey how r u? jus showin some luv, hit me back when u can. u have yahoo messenger?
Tagged by Cedric Moore on 01/13/2005  
Hey Hey suga! I thought I would come by to show some AUC love. You look extremely beautiful. take care!
Tagged by Darnell Blocker on 01/11/2005  
hey... I just wanted to let you know that I really admire your reasoning for a being a biomedical engineer...most people (like me) dont even know what they wanna do yet.. but you already have a plan... well anyways.. holla at you lata!
Tagged by Jumoke Johnson on 01/03/2005  
hey what up gurl? my break is going well, and i hope yours is too. Im def ready to go back tho! You should keep working and making that money, lol and since Im encouraging you I should get a little cut! I'll collect when we get back!
Tagged by Jumoke Johnson on 01/03/2005  
yeh u tha 1st. hehe hope al is goin well at ya school, keep dat GPA up! this is it, we on that bridge between childhood and adulthood... and i aint ternin around. much kare hun. be easy.
Tagged by Aubrey Douglas on 01/02/2005  
Wassup my beautiful sister, i see that you have your hands full for nex semester(w/ Bioengineering). I'm a DDEP member also. Hope to see ya around. One love
Tagged by Bryant R. Ladson on 01/01/2005  
Whattup nigga, first semester was tight wasn't it. Don't worry we'll be back next semester for a lot more $hit to go down. I hope your break has been great and i'll see you when I get back to campus in a week & a half HOLLA ATCH BOI!
Tagged by Kelechi Kalu on 12/30/2004  
Hey!!! How are you? I see I'm the first male to write you. I like your pic, but I want to find ouot about the person behind the pretty face. My email address and screen name is holla at me.
Tagged by CJ Simmons on 12/22/2004  
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