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Are you open to diverse cultures?
"Being a non-American in America, I am absolutely open to diverse cultures. One of my majors in college was Sociology, the study of human behaviour and human interactions. I love people in general, regardless of their differences. I think of people as colours - one crayon - many shades!"

Interviewed by Dorinda Nusum 10/10/08

What is the most important mission in life you would like to accomplish?
"My mission in life is to introduce as many people as I can to my Lord and Saviour. Because I can articulate a lot better through the written word than spoken, I use the books I write to testify to the goodness of God and to show everyone that although at times we fall, with dedication and faithfulness, we can get back up again! The world is not getting any better. The devil is claiming even the babes amongst us now. Because I am so dedicated to showing Christ through my daily walk in hopes that my life will inspire others, I have,over the past seven years, changed from teaching in a public school setting to teaching in a juvenile correctional facility. It is there that I am able to connect with children who have fallen prey to the devil and to renew their spirits to some degree. My fear is that after struggling to make lasting impacts on their lives, that the devil will confuse them and steal them once more. The only children I can guarantee protection (to some degree) are my biological children. I'm starting at home with them. I am working on ensuring they will join me and become warriors in this never-ending battle of good and evil. My mission, therefore, in brief, is to save today's children from destruction and to protect them from the ills of this world!"

Interviewed by Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D. 10/09/08

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Dorinda Nusum
English Instructor, Christian Fiction Author, and , Montgomery County Juvenile Court

Location: Dayton, OH Bermuda
Birthday: Apr 26th
Joined: Feb 7th, 2008
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Are you open to diverse cultures?
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Jacksonville St Univ class of 1994
Undergrad Major: Education
I currently work with Montgomery County Juvenile Court as English Instructor, Christian Fiction Author, and
I have 14 years of experience working in the Teaching / K-12 Education industry.
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