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denise fletcher jackson
Location: Cleveland, OH United States
Birthday: May 12th
Joined: Feb 12th, 2008
About   (request update)
Godd evening to all powerful sisters who have taken the time to visit my personal page. I am 29 yrs old, current the caregiver of my loving mother Diane Fletcher. She is my pride and joy. My mother is a cancer patient who shows me daily what fighting the good fight of faith can do for you... It can only make you stronger.... My mother has been battling this for almost 19yrs now, with out kimo, ... Go ahead and give God a round of applause... Go ahead and give him a bow...I have been blessed the doctors gave up long ago but each time she makes her visits they just shack there heads as if they counted her dead years ago.. But I hold my head very high. we may not have alot of money but she sure show me plenty of love.... I am also blessed to have a loving father whom lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He is none other than Floyd L. Fletcher, he is 57 yrs young, and I tell you God blessed me to have him as well. He has survived 3 back surgeries and almost being in a wheelchair. Faith and Grace has brought my family through alot of hard, difficult times... Even facing with death nothing could keep us away from Jehovah Nisi "my soul provider". Do you hear what I said If it had not been for the blood of Jesus I could not say I made it...... I myself have been fighting for peace of mind, I was diagnosed with RA six years ago, it is by grace I myself have not been committed to that same wheel chair they tryed to sentence my Father with... I refused to be bound like that I was also diagnoised with bipolar depression 4yrs ago... but I am still here the devil wants me but the devil can not have me I belong to the Lord.... So if you think you can not go another day then fall to your knees and call on Jesus..... I am sorry but I had to testify to how good he has been to me.
My Interview Question
What are you willing to give up to accomplish your dreams?
Current Whereabouts:
I am currently perusing my dream of furthering my education. I will be the first FLETCHER in my family to graduate college, I will be the first to truly become what she has always dreamed of becoming a residential interior designer, correction the first Black American woman from Bessemer Alabama to go into this field... I have a lot of shoes to fill lol.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I thank God to see her live to be 55yrs young, see my mother has always been by my side no matter what I have gone through. She continues to carry me at times
Education   (request update)
High School: Jess Lanier High School in Bessemer, AL class of 1998
Activities & Accomplishments:
I was one of the lead journalists, and the top poetry writer.
Best Memories:
My best high school memories are first graduating, and second standing up to the biggest bully in the school... lol
I currently work with FULL TIME STUDENT as
I have 1 years of experience working in the Architectural Services industry.
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