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Q&A With Mark Johnson

What makes you different from anybody else?
"I take pride in being a gentleman to the fullest, and have more patience then most people"

Interviewed by LaTonya Gillespie 09/07/10

What are your plans after graduation?
"Find a superb job, marry a superb woman, have a superb family, and pass down a superb legacy. What about you?"

Interviewed by Sade Herron 09/07/10

why havent you been on ?
"I'm diggin the site"

Interviewed by MICHAEL SS 08/21/10

What are your aspects of Life? Interest? Goals?
"I would luv to tell you that over the phone or person. Thats a mouth full, would luv to know yours 2"

Interviewed by Ta'Keisha Martin 08/17/10

what is your name
"Mark, and how are you?"

Interviewed by Christina S 08/17/10

Would you rather be feared or loved by everyone?
"loved of course, what about you?"

Interviewed by Regina Daniels 08/17/10

What do people like most about you?
"That I stay a gentleman, and that you can always be yaself around me, know that you always get exactly wats on my mind."

Interviewed by Christine Edmond 08/17/10

If in a position would you hire your mother over a qualified prospect?
"No, gota keep family and business separate. "

Interviewed by Darian Doss 08/17/10

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Interviewed by Jennifer Green 08/17/10

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"I take pride in being a gentleman. I'm always willing to lend a hand to a stranger"

Interviewed by Chardae Wallace 08/17/10

"I can see that, I'm Blessed as well"

Interviewed by Jarnelle Jones 08/17/10

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"I'm a gentleman to the fullest, and am always willing to lend a stranger a hand"

Interviewed by Yolanda King 08/17/10

What are your goals?
"To together a portfolio to start my own Photography business. Buy a new car."

Interviewed by Alicia Taylor 04/28/09

(interview me)
Mark Johnson
Sheet metal Mech, Boaen mechanical

Location: savannah, GA United States
Birthday: Jun 2nd
Joined: Feb 13th, 2008
About   (request update)
I was raised a gentleman, and a well rounded business man, and that is a proud foundation
My Interview Question
What are your goals?
Current Whereabouts:
cooking, wine, photograpHY, music, traveling, commercial and residential improvements
Life & Professional Aspirations:
To own my own photography business, and real estate, construction business
Education   (request update)
Temple University class of
Grad Major:
High School: Norristown High in Norristown, PA class of 2000
Activities & Accomplishments:
Track team 96-00
Best Memories:
First time running in the Penn Relays
I currently work with Boaen mechanical as Sheet metal Mech
I have 6 years of experience working in the industry.
My Groups
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Guestbook Comments
Hello it is my pleasure to communicate with you if you will have interest in me to know each other for relationship and will be glad if you write to me via email so that i can send you my picture( ) thanks from Angel, angelsunny42 at
Tagged by ange sunny on 03/11/2012  
Haven't heard from you. What have you been up to?
Tagged by Viola Dunn-Thigpen on 01/28/2011  
I told you that I'm a Kappa magnet! This Silhouette wants to know what you've been up to?
Tagged by Viola Dunn-Thigpen on 11/18/2010  
I thought we just had to be friends?! What's new and exciting in your life?
Tagged by Viola Dunn-Thigpen on 09/20/2010  
Hey there :-)
Tagged by VonGretchen Strickland on 08/09/2009  
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