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Erica Bradley
Location: Tallahassee, FL United States
Birthday: Mar 30th
Joined: Jun 12th, 2008
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Current Whereabouts:
Right now I live in Tallahassee, FL, but I will be relocating to Miami, FL to pursue my Master's Degree in Sport Administration from University of Miami. Hopefully and prayerfully I'll have a job prior to moving.
Education   (request update)
Florida A&M University class of 2004
Undergrad Major: Accounting
Claim To Fame:
I think my "claim to fame" will be after I receive my Master's degree from University of Miami. I want to major in Sport Administration. I know, it's nowhere near the field of Accounting, but I love sports and I love people. I also feel that my personality will be better represented through a field where I can work with people as opposed to working with numbers. So, hopefully within the next two years, I'll be able to claim my fame!
Most Memorable Moment:
I have a most memorable year, and that's my sophomore year in college. I lived at an apartment complex, and my roommates, neighbors, and I had so much fun. We had water fights, stayed up late, shared food, blasted our music, laughed when someone was drunk, etc. I loved my sophomore year and to this day I still communicate with some of my friends from that year.
I currently work with Dept. of Community Affairs as
I have 2 years of experience working in the Accounting/Auditing industry.
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