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Q&A With Lisa McClendon

If you died today, do you have enough life/burial insurance to keep your family from struggling?
"Thank God yes."

Interviewed by Jerry Hill 10/22/10

What is your life mission?
"My life's mission truly is to convince the world that love is the most important thing in the world, beyond religion, politics, and success. Without love none of it really matters."

Interviewed by Sharon Hughes 01/24/09

Favorite past time? Favorite hang out in J-Ville?
"Being with my famly. In my creative room where I create paintings and music!!"

Interviewed by Lisa McClendon 01/14/09

(interview me)
Lisa McClendon
Co-Owner, BluSoul Entertainment

Location: Charlotte, NC United States
Birthday: Oct 17th
Joined: Jul 6th, 2008
About   (request update)
With 3 projects under her belt, Lisa McClendon’s name has become synonymous with soulful music and cutting edge, heart penetrating lyrics. Now, this Stellar and Dove award nominee has returned with the 4th installation in her musical legacy, REALITY (BluSoul Entertainment).

Defined as “The state of being true,” REALITY is just what Lisa McClendon is focusing on as the CD goes in and out of songs that reflect the day to day lives of listeners. “There are a lot of things I have to own up to today because of decisions that I made yesterday,” McClendon states. “So, I really wanted to create an album that talks about things that we deal with on a regular basis and shine that flashlight called ‘reality’ on it.” And that she did as songs touch on subjects ranging from learning from those decisions made to being overwhelmed by responsibilities of life.

Having written and co-produced the majority of the CD, REALITY captures the essence of who Lisa McClendon truly is personally and musically. “I have grown a lot…I have more experience with life. REALITY is me unfiltered. Anyone can buy this album and be connected…it leaves no one out. The unique thing about Christ was that He ministered and knew how to relate to EVERYONE,” says McClendon.

In her desire to reach the total man, McClendon penned songs such as “Let Go” which provide therapeutic melodies for those who feel overwhelmed with the cares of life and encourages them to give their problems to God, while the song “Make Over” puts a spin on what is often seen on TV and suggests, instead, an inward make over. “I envisioned those makeover shows when I was writing the song. They bring in the hair and clothes experts and they go into all of the details about [what they did] but no one ever touches the person’s soul. They are going to leave there beautiful but they are still messed up on the inside.”

Also included on the CD is a remake of Brenda Russell’s “Too Beautiful For Words” from the hit Broadway play The Color Purple. This rendition of the song is also being used as the anthem for the “You Are Beautiful” and the “Love My Body” awareness campaigns sponsored by to promote and ‘inspire young men and women to invest in their dignity.’ “I am humbled to be working with these two campaigns. I have the opportunity to encourage people to nurture and appreciate the masterpiece called "the body" that God has given to us. Our bodies need to be appreciated, admired, and cared for…this opportunity is priceless!" McClendon exclaims. As part of this campaign, Lisa McClendon has upcoming appearances on Good Morning America as well as other high profile media outlets.

Already being dubbed as Lisa McClendon’s best work to date, she is moving forward with a new look, new self-owned label, momentum and vision. “I want to be able to look back 10 years from now and see the music I did 10 years prior still affecting people.” McClendon has teamed up with Grammy nominated, super producer Herb “Big Herb” Middleton (Mary J. Blige, Usher, SWV) to help bring that vision to pass. “This time around I can really do what I believe I am gifted to do. People don’t want to deal with reality, but it’s time to be real.”
My Interview Question
If you could have one dream job, what would it be?
Current Whereabouts:
Preparing to release my fourth album "Reality" REALITY tour 2009 Painting Poetry
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Make an impact in the jazz community. Write a best selling novel. Complete an art collection. Go on a real vacation.
Education   (request update)
IFAC class of
Grad Major:
High School: Palatka High in Palatka, FL class of 1993
Activities & Accomplishments:
Student Council Freshmen and Varsity Cheerleading team Tennis team
Best Memories:
Cheerleading/ Pep rallies
I currently work with BluSoul Entertainment as Co-Owner
I have 15 years of experience working in the Arts, Entertainment, and Media industry.
Do I wanna hear FRED HAMMOND when I'm making love to my husband? Do I wanna hear FRED HAMMOND when I'm making love to my husband?
Some of you may answer yes to that question. But my answer is, NO WAY, HOSEA!! Although I love Fred Hammond's music, intimate moments is not the time I want to sing to his tunes. So as some of you ...more
Posted by Lisa McClendon on October 22nd, 2010 • 241 Views
GUARD DOWN by Sean Scales GUARD DOWN by Sean Scales
This song is a beautiful song about the pursuit of love. ...more
Posted by Lisa McClendon on October 22nd, 2010 • 1,175 Views
All Access Granted Lisa McClendon NEw video All Access Granted Lisa McClendon NEw video "Pause" behind the scence
Lisa McClendon NEW video ...more
Posted by Lisa McClendon on April 4th, 2009 • 1,528 Views
Thank you to ALL my HBCU friends!! Thank you to ALL my HBCU friends!!
Thanks to all you have accepted my friend request. I love connecting with people. My love for the people is why I do what I do!! ...more
Posted by Lisa McClendon on January 14th, 2009 • 431 Views
My Groups
Real Talk
Grown N SEXY/ Money Makers/Business People
Entrepreneurial Think Tank
The Lyricist's Lounge: Poetry In Motion
Guestbook Comments
Yes I been reading lots about you and Beverly Crawford,both of you are doing very well. my artist just done interview and on the front cover of a new magazine. TBN supporting her ministry and plan to air her international.
Tagged by Min Sammy Jackson on 01/06/2011  
Thank you for sharing information. If you are into poetry, read my poem and if you like my poem add me as a friend.
Tagged by Herb McC on 07/02/2009  
Hi Lisa, WOW... Thank you so much for letting a brutha know about the great news. I liked the video, the song is deep and tight and I can vibe with that. You deinetly have talent and I have to give you credit where it is due and it is certainly a pleasure knowing about you. Keep up the great work Sis, I am proud and elated for you. God Bless Take care Sincerest, William (^;^) p.s. I see you grew up in Florida or have your residence in FL. I grew up in Manatee County, FL
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 06/30/2009  
Peace Lisa, It's nice to meet you. One love! Kamal
Tagged by Kamal Imani on 02/13/2009  
Hello Lisa...Pastor Leonard in Philadelphia, PA. Need you to come back to Philly. Would like to arrange radio interview after your album drops. God bless and I love your spirit. Leonard Robinson (Facebook) Let's connect. Be blessed!!
Tagged by Leonard Robinson on 02/03/2009  
Lisa, it was 35ish this morning here in Jackson, MS. I have family that was hit by the ice storm in TN. take care
Tagged by Rhonda Teague on 01/30/2009  
Thank you for adding me and congratulations on all of your success!! Extremely impressive!!
Tagged by Jonathan "The Casanova Kid" Hill on 01/27/2009  
Hi Lisa, just wanted to say God bless and I hope all goes well during your artistic journey. You have a beautiful voice and I see you rising to the top. I'll be on the lookout for some of your work! God bless...Always Ang!
Tagged by Angela Norris on 01/24/2009  
Lisa, I just listened to your song on myspace, and you have a most beautiful and compelling voice. Continue on...
Tagged by Randy Harris on 01/16/2009  
Hi Sis, welcome to HBCU. I hope you enjoy this site asmuch as I have. I wish you the best in all your continued hopes, dreams and goals meant just for you. God Bless, sincerest Rattla Alum
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 01/15/2009  
You can achieve your vision as a successful writer. Just keep it front and center.
Tagged by Patricia Churchill on 01/15/2009  
Jeremy Hasan Ziglar, the name of a star!! My career is going well. I have been in the business for 15 years. I am releasing my fourth album this April 28th, "Reality". This album I am extending my reach. Looking forward to seeing who I will touch along the way!! Peace and Pause Lisa McClendon
Tagged by Lisa McClendon on 01/14/2009  
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