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Q&A With C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon

What book have you read that changed your life?
"It may sound like a cliche, but I would say undoubtedly it is the Bible. I don't know of any other book that contains, history, mystery, adventure, prophecy and advice on how others haved lived and on how to live a fulfilling life. The Word enables me to go into dangerous places and come out unscathed. It empowers me to accomplish my dreams and live a victorious life free of depression and pain. It imparts in me a love for mankind and a desire to see others self-actualize. For more inspirational thoughts and to preview books I have authored check out Stay Blessed! Joyce "

Interviewed by Pam Perry 08/24/08

How can you manifest your destiny?
"Jermaine, Merriam-Webster defines “destiny as follows”: 1) something to which a person or thing is destined; 2) a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency. I like the second definition and that is the one that guides my life. As I reflect on different roads I have traveled in life, I look at the turns that I have taken that seemed to be inevitable or providential. I’ll give you one example. As a child, I liked to read and thought about one day writing a book. Lo and behold, I’m now planning on writing a 3rd book. You see it consumes me, as I lay in bed the words come to me and I have to get up and write the words down. I don’t worry about having writer’s block, because there’s a force that compels me to write. There’s no sense in trying to sleep, because the words come almost as if I’m being channeled by an unseen force (that I know is God). How can you manifest your destiny Jermaine? By listening to your heart, your gut. What is it that you would do if you were independently wealthy? What gnaws at you, sort of like an addiction, and once you satisfy it you feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose, even if no one else compliments you? What do you desire to do, but often feel incapable of accomplishing because of funds, no one in your family has done it or you think people won’t embrace it? That’s the seed in you trying to come forth through the weeds and adversities of life. I believe everyone has a seed in them, whether it’s plant life or human life that is bursting to come forth into fruition. Listen to your heart and your visions of the night (dreams). Your dreams are attempting to guide you to your destiny, like Joseph of the Bible was guided to his. Enjoy the journey Jermaine and keep your eyes on the prize and never give up! Joyce"

Interviewed by JERMAINE CARR 08/21/08

(interview me)
C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon
Author, Motivational Speaker, Women's Empowerment Seminars

Location: Atlanta, GA United States
Joined: Jul 7th, 2008
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Although many women have moved from the backroom to the boardroom, there are still inequities when it comes to their relationships. Along with the employment gains women have made, there are still remarkably high numbers of women, rich or poor who choose to remain in relationships where domestic violence is prevalent.

I was asked basically the same question by Geraldo Rivera. He posed it in relation to how I would counsel Rihana, a high-profile victim of domestic abuse inflicted upon her by her celebrity boyfriend, Chris Brown. Before I answer the question, let me share some statistics from my recently published book, “How To Get To The Palace From Your Prison: Joseph’s 14-Step Program to Overcome Loneliness, Depression, Discrimination, Barrenness, & Abuse”

Estimates range from 960,000 incidents of violence against a current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend per year, to three million women who are physically abused by their husband or boyfriend per year. Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex ,or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Nearly one-third of American women (31 percent) report being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives, according to a 1998 Commonwealth Fund survey. Women are seven to 14 times more likely than men to report suffering severe physical assaults from an intimate partner. The health-related costs of rape, physical assault, stalking, and homicide by intimate partners exceed five point eight billion dollars each year (CDC study). On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in this country every day. In 2000, 1,247 women were killed by an intimate partner. The same year, 440 men were killed by an intimate partner.

In a nutshell, from my experience women, rich or poor, remain in abusive situations typically because of low self-esteem, fear, conditioning, exposure as a child to domestic or child abuse in the home, poverty or the inability to financially provide for themselves and their offspring.

The key to solving the problem of domestic abuse is multifaceted. Providing housing, employment, and food will not make the problem go away. This is clearly evident in the fact that domestic abuse does not discriminate and is found all over the world regardless of income, race or class. Please note that domestic violence is also found among lesbian and gay couples.

The approach to solving domestic violence will take the cooperative effort of first of all the couple, who must acknowledge that there is a problem and they must be willing to seek help. If they chose to stay together, not only does the victim need help, but also the abuser, who often suffered abuse at the hands of a parent or someone in authority over them at some point in their life.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a family. To end domestic violence we will need all the resources that a village can offer to come together and work side by side- family, relatives, friends, police, school, counseling agencies, the church, government and legislation to end this dysfunctional behavior that is eroding the fabric and stability of families and relationships all over the world.

Let's put and end to domestic violence against men, women and children today! Any ideas on how we can get started? Let me hear from you.
© C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon 2009
You Can Be A Winner At Life!

C. JOYCE FARRAR-ROSEMON, BA, SM, never envisioned as she sat on the inner city housing projects steps in Boston that she would become a successful businesswoman who would one day earn a six-figure income and go on to become a highly acclaimed Motivational Speaker. In 1992, Joyce married, opened a real estate company with her husband’s help in her 7th month of pregnancy, with only $10.00 in the operating account. Today, that firm, Rainbow Realty Services, Inc., located in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, continues to impact lives, not only of customers and clients, but also of individuals striving to become successful entrepreneurs. Farrar-Rosemon speaks frequently to non-profit groups, schools, colleges and churches. She has appeared in several newspapers, magazines, on radio and television. Farrar-Rosemon holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and elementary education and a master’s in psychiatric social work from Simmons College. She and her husband, Tillmon H. Rosemon Jr., live in Stockbridge, Georgia. They have one son, David.

Attached is a preview of my latest book for followers who are having trouble with their finances? Click on the link below for a free preview of Who Stole My Blanket? 6 Easy Steps to Rebuild Your Life after an Income Loss. Let me know what you think.

My Interview Question
What is your passion in life?
Current Whereabouts:
Motivational Speaker- I travel across the country doing women's empowerment seminars.
Education   (request update)
Simmons College in Boston class of 1976
Undergrad Major: Psychology
Claim To Fame:
Motivational Speaker, Broker, Mom, Wife, Author of How to Be the Head and Not the Tail, A Christian Manifesto For Making Six Figures and How to Get to the Palace From Your Prison: Joseph's 14 step program to overcome loneliness, depression, discrimination, barrenness and abuse. Founder: Founder: Founder:
Most Memorable Moment:
Getting an "A" in Statistics and handling laboratory rats!
High School: Palfrey St School in Watertown, MA class of
I currently work with Women's Empowerment Seminars as Author, Motivational Speaker
I have 25 years of experience working in the Counseling industry.
Tune in to dicusss why The #1 Killer of Black women ages 15-34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former Tune in to dicusss why The #1 Killer of Black women ages 15-34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former
When Do You Say Goodbye To An Abuser You Love? Joyce discusses the Rihanna/Chris Brown domestic abuse incident and statistics on abuse with author/playwright Tresa Smith-Cullins. Ms. Smith-Cullins, ...more
Posted by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon on December 4th, 2009 • 7,666 Views
Are you a man or woman that has been abused? Are you a man or woman that has been abused?
If so, Joyce would like to share your story anonymously in her new book on hurting individuals that have been restored. Please respond at ...more
Posted by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon on November 25th, 2009 • 1,768 Views
Are you a man or woman that has been abused? Are you a man or woman that has been abused?
If so, Joyce would like to share your story anonymously in her new book on hurting individuals that have been restored. Please respond at ...more
Posted by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon on November 25th, 2009 • 5,168 Views
Laugh More And Live A Longer, Healthier Life Laugh More And Live A Longer, Healthier Life
I felt a good way to end this month would be on a light note. The Bible tells us that a “merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). My friends do ...more
Posted by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon on November 22nd, 2009 • 3,412 Views
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Tagged by gina arona on 04/25/2011  
Hi Joyce, Very impressive in the various things that you are doing for other people. I enjoyed watching the above viedos. Love the work that you are doing in ATL. May God continue to Bless Your Process. We need more Black Women like you as Role Models in today's world. God has a plan for you and he is not finished with you yet!
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 03/25/2011  
Thanks for replying you are an inspiration.
Tagged by Diahanna Fuller on 11/24/2009
Tagged by Tristan Curry on 10/31/2009  
Thanks for inviting me to inspirational voices. i just joined.
Tagged by Beverly Johnson on 09/13/2009  
Thank you C. Joyce for replying. Welcome. I look forward to knowing more. Please access the PRESS RELEASE at Have a Blessed day. In Christ. Eliza.
Tagged by Eliza Earsman on 09/12/2009  
Thank you. Likewise. Be sure to get a copy of our book for free scholarships specifically for Black students. Look for Gumbo For The Soul: The Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community. All my contact info is there.
Tagged by Beverly Johnson on 08/31/2009  
God bless you and thank you so much for dropping by my page. It is my prayer that you have a wonderful week in the Lord. Sincerely, Selena
Tagged by Selena Mosley on 08/23/2009  
Thank you for your friendship. I look forward to learning more about you. Glad to be here at HBCU. I feel like I am so behind... Don't forget to stop by and read my blogs on credit. If you get a moment, stop by and check out all my blogs. You can also read an Excerpt of INNOCENT VICTIMS of credit (MY BOOK) Regina-Take it one day at a time......
Tagged by Hardest Working Woman in Credit on 06/15/2009  
October 2009 is fine with me, I should be very busy by then as a matter of fact It will be very busy by then. Let's talk. I may not join those other sites as im on about 20 site and it crazy. if you know what I mean. Calvin
Tagged by Calvin Mann on 09/19/2008  
Joyce I'm sure your group has many business women in it. Please go to a network of successful entrepreneurs sharing information on how to become very successful in business. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
Tagged by Ernest Ruffin on 09/02/2008  
Thank you so much for the encouragement to join the sites! I am now a member of each and already enjoying it! You are a blessing to me and thank you
Tagged by agnes levine on 08/20/2008  
I will definitely do that but thanks for informing me of that!
Tagged by Hodari Brown on 08/18/2008  
Thank you for the encouraging words and I greatly appreciate them. Stay blessed and strong!
Tagged by Hodari Brown on 08/17/2008  
Thank You for adding me.//pg
Tagged by phillip gregory on 07/24/2008  
Back line me at this email address
Tagged by phillip gregory on 07/24/2008  
Joyce, thank you for replying. Bern Nadette's fee is best when see is booked while in your city for an event who has already booked her and paid the standard rate.
Tagged by phillip gregory on 07/24/2008  
During your next event, have Bern Nadette Stanis " Thelma from Good Times Tv show" as your guest speaker; feel free to read my blog for more info.//pg
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