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Jacqueline Okoh
Academic Advisor/Instructor, Florida A&M University

Location: Tallahassee, FL United States
Birthday: Nov 22nd
Joined: Oct 20th, 2008
About   (request update)
I have overcome a lot of adversities in my life that have made me more knowledgeable as well as stronger. I tend to view a person for how they represent themselves without taking on a judgemental disposition to them. I like all people that are real and do not have to put on a fascade for any reason. I have compassion for people who are disabled or have physical or psychological issues. I enjoy listening to people and helping to provide a solution to the issues that they have. I am special because I am loved by God and I know it.
My Interview Question
What are some of your personal interests?
Current Whereabouts:
Aiming to be admitted into a doctoral program in the very near future. Currently working as and advisor and teaching freshmen students, gaining experience. Working diligently in my sorority-being heavily involved in my community.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I aspire to become someone that will make a profound difference. I would like to establish my own community based organization and work especially with the HIV/AIDS population helping them to acquire medical care and resources. Additionally, I would like to begin a group home for children, while helping them gain independent living skills that will prepare them for the world. There are many more things that I would like to engage in, just too many to name.
Education   (request update)
Florida A&M University class of 2005
Undergrad Major: Psychology
Campus Organization:
Delta Sigma Theta
High School: Athens Drive High in Raleigh, NC class of 1997
I currently work with Florida A&M University as Academic Advisor/Instructor
I have 2 years of experience working in the Counseling industry.
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