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Candidate profiles for todays city election

Candidate profiles for todays city election
Posted By: HBCU Connect Sports on September 05, 2011

TALLADEGA These are the profiles of the candidates in todays elections for mayor and City Council. They are presented here in alphabetical order, first the mayoral candidates and then the council candidates by ward number.
Larry Barton, mayor

Former mayor Larry Barton is touting the accomplishments of his previous 11 years in office in his latest bid to be reelected. He and his wife, who is running for City Council Ward 5, have gone door to door asking for your vote. The main thing we heard is Talladega is becoming a ghost town and there is no chance for survival. I dont subscribe to this belief. When I became mayor in 1979, the Barton administration faced some of the same problems facing us now. High unemployment, high interest rates, high inflation. The Barton administration went to work and in a short time, we saw things change.

His accomplishments, he said, include the purchase of the Ritz Theater, the municipal golf course, the B.N. Mabra Center, Amanda Bingham Park, a third lane on Battle Street, talking cross walks. The city acquired Duncan Pinkston Park, the western Bypass was built and 100 businesses located or expanded in Talladega, he said. The Barton administration worked within its income. We worked to help business and industry, not run them off.

Barton has studied at Gadsden State Junior College, L.S.U. School of Banking, Jefferson State Junior College, Jacksonville State University, Talladega College, Birmingham School of Law, University of Alabama and North American University, where he earned a PhD. Barton was mayor from 1979 to 1987 and from 1991 to 1994. He trained as a barber while incarcerated in federal prison.

He was in the National Guard from 1959 to 1962 and the Army from 1962 to 1965.

He has also worked with a number of financial institutions and in auto sales.

Harvey Bowlin, mayor

Bowlin said, I am willing to give my services and help and I believe my knowledge over the years of supervising, while working in previous cities will help me give back to the city of Talladega in full. I am certified with water and waste water treatment and experienced for over 12 years.

I am willing to use this experience to help the city of Talladega, he added. I am a person that looks forward and not backward. With the proper leadership, the future looks good for Talladega.

Saundra Bellamy, mayor

Bellamy arrived in Talladega in 1987 and began working for the state of Alabama Department of Human as a social worker. Later Bellamy was appointed to the office of Division Chief for the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. Bellamy has worked as the Director of Headstart, a division of Community Action and she is a business owner involved in various civic and social groups, such as: Phi Beta Lambda, R.S.V.P., Easter Seals, Isaiahs House, Panel of American Women, and Tubmans Women Federation, where she served as president.

I plan to emphasize maintaining the core values that have made the culture of this community what it is today, while also implementing new ideas. I plan to serve with honesty, character, and integrity. I will make you proud that you voted for me.

Bellamy received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Miles College. She is a candidate for a MPA at Auburn University in Montgomery and MBA at Alabama A&M University. She is also a member of Peace Missionary Baptist Church, and is currently enrolled in the Rushing Springs District Congress of Christian Education.

I would like to see Talladega move forward with more business and business opportunities throughout this great city. Talladega can be better and you can help.

Bobbye Trammell, mayor

As a lifetime resident of Talladega, I am honored to be a candidate for mayor. I hope youll strongly consider me as your candidate on Aug. 23. There is much work to be done and I look forward to visiting with you during the campaign and hearing about your hopes for our City.

My priorities as Mayor will be creating jobs for our citizens, improving education for our children, and bettering the quality of life for all of Talladega. Working together, the best days of Talladega are ahead of us, and together we can build a bright future for all our Citizens.

I believe strongly that we can achieve so much more for Talladega if we simply demand more. If I am elected Mayor, I will not accept more of the same. The people of Talladega deserve better, and working together we will have better.

Dr. Jacqueline Paddio

Declined to participate in this article.

Dr. Horace Patterson, Ward 1 incumbent

My platform is my record of public service, Patterson said. I am humbled to have served this great city. I spent 10 years as a member of the Talladega City Board of Education. I have been honored to have received the trust from the Ward 1 community, to have served 20 year (five terms) as a city councilman representing Ward 1. I have, coincidentally, been humbled by seeing the trust of fellow council to have been elected to serve eight years as president of the City Council.

I believe in the people and the future of the city of Talladega, he continued. Our greatest asset is the creativity, integrity and work ethic of the people of this amazing city. I want to be a part of the solution that will result in better schools and a better society.

Patterson is the director of Senior Services for the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind and pastor of Mount Canaan Baptist Church, where he led the congregation to build Canaan Estates I and II, which comprise a 22 unit complex worth $1.8 million. He served as a board member on the state Department of Senior Services and is past president of the Alabama Gerntological Society. He is also the author of eight books and has been inducted in the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Hall of Fame for the Southeastern region in 2002. His wife is, Dr. Dolia Patterson, coordinator of curriculum and instruction for the Talladega City Schools. They have three children, who are also educators.

Patterson earned a bachelor of theology degree from Selma University, a bachelors degree in clinical psychology from Talladega College, and a masters degree in counseling from Jacksonville State. He earned his doctorate of divinity at Selma University and his doctor of philosophy at Rushing Springs School of Theology.

Katie Reynolds, city council, Ward 1

Katie M. Arnold Reynolds was born, raised and educated in Talladega. Ive lived here all my life. I feel your pain. Im a part of it. Im a graduate of Westside Senior High, home of the Panthers. I am a graduate of Talladega College, where I pledged AKA, performed in the Little Theater, was runner up for Miss Talladega College in 1973, the Alpha Laura Vega of them all. Her daughter is a 2006 graduate of Talladega College, and her late mother retired from the dining hall there. I am family, and families stick together, she said.

Reynolds has been an educator with the Talladega City School System for 38 years. There, she has worked to educate and develop our children, to the fullest of their potential, to become life long learners who are successful, responsible and productive members of a global and diverse society. Id like to take it to another level. I want to work with you and for you as the city council representative of Ward 1Im not in it for personal gain. Im in it because Talladega is my home. Ive gone through the same things youve gone through, too.

She has a masters degree and an administrative degree from the University of Alabama and is a member of Jacobs Chapel CME. Rev. Fredrick L. Braddock is her pastor and elder of the Anniston district. She serves on the usher board, missionary society, recording steward and church secretary. I love my family, my church, my community and Talladega as a whole. She said she hopes to create a better Talladega through economic growth, industrial recruitment, family values and community involvement by supporting present businesses and promoting new businesses, improving the looks of our town, and creating more jobs to employ and hire more individuals, making them feel good about themselves, because they are afforded the opportunity to take better care of their families.

Jarvis B. Elston, city council, Ward 2

Elston is a native of Talladega and born resident of Ward 2. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leamon Elston. Elston is a 1987 graduate of Talladega High, a 1991 graduate from Talladega College with a mathematics degree, and a 2004 graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a masters degree in electrical engineering.

He works in the information technology profession where he has been employed for over 19 years. Elston had previously been an adjunct instructor at a community college for over 10 years.

My campaign is based on being committed to the community and dedicated to progress. I will serve the residents of Ward 2 with supporting family values, education empowerment and most importantly - I strongly feel I am the right person, at the right time, for the right reason.

John Kidd could not be reached for this article.

Eddie Tucker, city council, Ward 2 incumbent

Tucker is seeking a fourth term on the council representing Ward 2.

He holds bachelor degrees in political science and history education from Norfolk State University, where he also worked as a second shift supervisor of custodians. He received advanced degrees in school administration from Jacksonville State University. He served in the U.S. Army from 1975 to 1986, then was the owner and operator of a transportation company until 1990. He worked in the Talladega City School System from 1988 to 2003, and has also owned a car business and a day care.

He lists a total of 15 years experience as a public school administrator, eight years as a teacher and four years as a central office coordinator.

Tucker also touts his technological savvy, beginning with his military training in 1977 to an emerging technologies in education course he took in 2009.

Larry Haywood could not be reached for comment.

Robert D. (Donnie) Miller, city council, Ward 3 incumbent

Miller was born in Nashville, Tenn. in July 1959, and moved to Talladega when he was six months old. He went through the Talladega school system from first grade to 12th grade. Miller has lived in Talladega 48 years.

Miller began working for the late Raymond Perkins at Perkins Grocery at the age of 13. He worked at the Talladega Foundry from 1986-1992, and at Millers Dinner Bell from 1993-2002. He opened Millers BBQ in March 2005. He was also involved in youth sports from 1986-2006, where he served as coach, official and president.

Miller has been married to Michelle Birdsall of Munford for 29 years. He has two children, Trey and Cason. Trey is employed at Talladega Pattern and his daughter, Cason, is a student at Southern Union in Opelika.

If I didnt believe in Talladega, I would not have opened two separate businesses here. I love Talladega and will continue to support to help revise it to the town we remember.

Stephanie Milstead Robinson, city council, Ward 3

Robinson was born Oct. 6, 1975, in Talladega. She attended Talladega City Schools from kindergarten at Graham to graduation from THS. She was a two-year member of the National Honor Society at THS. She was also a charter member and president of Phi Theta Kappa while earning a degree in Applied Technology. Robinson worked several years for small loan companies in Talladega. She is married, and has a seven-year-old that attends Talladega city schools.

I have lived in Talladega all of my life, and have a young daughter in the city school system. I want Talladega to have a bright future. We need to keep shoppers and diners in Talladega instead of sending them to Pell City and Oxford. Talladega will always be my home and I want to see it reach greatness.

Dr. Jim Davis, city council, Ward 4 incumbent

During his second term, Davis would continue to focus on some of the vital issues hes addressed for the past four years.

Infrastructure, and long-term planning to improve it, will still be important, he said. Education will also be a priority, he said. The council doesnt directly control the school board, of course, but if they take the lead, we will facilitate. Also, the citys financial base is important. We have made it a priority to keep an eight percent reserve, which is about a months funding on hand.

Davis is a native of Winfield, and attended the University of Alabama. He has been practicing internal medicine at Baptist Health Centers for more than 30 years. He served 10 years on the Talladega City Board of Education, is an active member of the Kiwanis Club and has worked with the City Schools Foundation as well. He has attended the same Presbyterian Church since arriving in Talladega, and was on the board that helped build Presbyterian Oaks.

Ricky Simpson, Ward 4

I have lived in Talladega all my life and raised a family here, Simpson said. Ive been married to Angela Sides Simpson for 32 years this December. I have one daughter, Kristy Simpson Dean, son-in- law Eric Dean, and two granddaughters, Lexie and Kiahley. He added, I am currently serving on the Talladega Civil Service Board and am vice president of Sunrise Village Association Board in Gulf Shores. I have owned and successfully operated my own business, Ricks Electric Company, for more than 28 years. If allowed to serve as your next councilman-Ward 4, I would like to start listening to the people and take corrective actions to move our city forward by:

-Making it easier for people to open a business here.

-Working to draw new business to our square and vitalize the by-pass for the good of our city.

-Increase our revenue by obtaining new industries and business, not by raising our taxes again.

-Exploring benefit options for our city employees.

-Being accessible to anyone that has a problem or complaint, not matter how small or big.

Joe Ballow, city council. Ward 5

I am Joe Ballow and have been married to Pat Ballow for 39 years. We have a grandson who is a junior at Talladega High School this year. I want to assist the teachers and citizens of Talladega to improve our school image. The teachers do a great job with the resources available to them. I am dedicated to education and athletics for our youth, he said

I want to help our existing businesses and work to bring more businesses and industry that will provide jobs for the citizens of Talladega. I feel it is important for me to work with the council and the mayor to establish trust and confidence for the citizens of Talladega and to provide a positive image throughout the state. I pledge my hard work, honesty and accessibility. Anyone who knows Joe Ballow knows I believe in work, not talk.

Mary Barton, city council, Ward 5

Barton is successful in marriage and wants to be a part of helping bring Talladega back to where it can be and should be. She is against more taxes. She has to live within her income, the city needs to live within its income. As a council member, she will require Charter Cable to bring the poor quality of service up to par or will vote to void the franchise. She will work to remove tax off food (and improve) numerous roads in Ward 5 that have been neglected.

She wants to see these roads paved. She will work to up-grade the water system infrastructure and will work with the council members to help change the image of Talladega.

Her parents were Carl and Nell Fowler Chandler. She has been married to Larry Barton for 55 years. They have one son, Delane Barton and one granddaughter,Jessica Barton.

A life long resident of Talladega, Barton attended Northside, Dixon Jr. High, and graduated from Talladega High in 1956 with honors. She was a member of band. Honor Society and numerous other clubs.

She was employed with Bauchman Uxbridge, Weave Room Clerk at Crown Textile, administrative assistant at Alabama Power in 1968, senior accounting representative, completed numerous courses at APO and was one of five chosen to work on problem accounts when the new system was implemented. She retired in 2009 with 40 years of service.

Is a member of The Pioneer Quarter for more than 25 years recording 15 long playing albums, an active member of the Alabama Power Energizers, appeared in STROKER ACE movie , filmed at Alabama International Motor Speedway.

Keela Brown, city council, Ward 5

Brown was born in 1963 to Jo and I.D. Young. She worked at Youngs Florist and Gays Florist. Brown bought Gays Florist six years ago and moved it to the square. She has worked as a florist for 34 years. She has been married for 29 years to Greg Brown. She has three children and eight grandchildren, with a ninth on the way.

As a business owner and co-founder of the Talladega Merchants Association and former Chamber Board member I know how hard it is for businesses in Talladega. I also know that people are concerned about jobs, crime, and education in our city. The Brown plan will address those issues in a tangible way and give citizens hope for a better Talladega. I have worked hard for a better Talladega and will continue to do so long after Aug. 23.

For full article click here.

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