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7 Easy Ways Students Can Make a Fortune While Living at Home with Parents
Posted By: Shauntae Jordan on April 30, 2012

On yesterday while shopping at a local store, I noticed the cashier looking frustrated and tired. I immediately knew she wasn’t happy with being at work. I began to relate to the young girl because I myself have held a position that I hated to go to. I made the decision not to be an old granny by saying to the young woman, “You should be happy that you have a job.” Instead I took the time to ask the young girl about herself. I asked, “How she was doing and was she a student at the local college.” The cashier’s expression immediately changed. She look at me said, “Yes, I attend college here.” I then went to ask, “What are you studying?” As she began to answer the frustration slightly lifted from her face. She immediately shared that she was studying to become a medical office assistant and that she would be graduating after the summer semester. Because the cashier was sharing her future with me, I further asked, “Had she began planning for her career after college.” She gave me one of the most dreaded answers a student can give, “Hopefully, when I finish I will get a job in my field.” I immediately handed her my business card and shared that I was a life coach to students and young professionals. I shared the importance of her setting goals, discovering her purpose, and developing an action plan for her success right now. She responded, “That is great! I don’t really have any plans or responsibilities because I still live at home with my parents.” I believe the response I shared with the cashier is very powerful and every student needs to receive the answer. You must realize you are never are too young to gain responsibility. Listed below are 7 Tips that will help you make a fortune while living with your parents.

1. Start planning your future- Many students think that the moment is all they have. Living for the moment is great, but creating a future is even better. Begin thinking about what you want to do when you grow up. If you are still in high school do you want to attend college? If you are in college do you want an internship, travel, or etc. Living at home is the best time for you to visualize your future. There are no pressures to pay household bills or worry about much of anything. Don’t wait until adulthood to figure out what you want to do. Spend your time enjoying the freedom to plan your future without bills, children, or major responsibilities stopping you.

2. Get a job – The best time to explore different careers or jobs is by obtaining one. Even if your parents tell you that you don’t have to pay any bills. For example, I began working at the age of 15, at an amusement park. At that time I was making $12/hr. as a high school student. The entire summer I gained experience in the admissions department. I was able to meet all kinds of people. I also received discounts on food, free tickets, and just had tons of fun. This summer position lasted through high school and college. Eventually, I became a marketing intern and made over $600 plus a week. I loved not asking my mom for a new shirt and opening my first checking account.

3. Save money – While staying at home, I would always ask my mom could I borrow her car, if she would take me to the mall or friends house. This became annoying especially the days I stayed after school to play sports. My mom was one of those parents who took forever to pick me up. I saved over $1500 from working at the amusement park and purchased my first car. I was growing up and didn’t even realize it.

4. Pay for the extras- I hope that you are following my learning lessons pretty well. There came a time when I realized that we didn’t have cable at my home. My mother prepared me for responsibility by allowing me to have cable, but I had to pay for it. I also had to pay for my pager bill (yeah I am older than you). This form of responsibility to some may not be normal to you, but I learned very quickly that the best thing in life comes with a ticket price. I found myself enjoying these luxuries even more because I paid for them.

5. Talk to your parents- There is no better time to understand what responsibilities your parents have. Yes, they have the responsibility of caring for you, but what does that look like. Schedule some time to speak with your parents or guardians about household bills, car expenses, grocery bills, and saving plans they may have. Don’t be afraid to ask your parents. Your parents may look at you strange, but they will truly impress with your interest.

6. Start a business – The economy is tough, but what better way to live out your passion while at home with your parents. Are you crafty, do you have an idea for an invention, do you love fashion, are you a computer whiz, or have the entrepreneur spirit? After graduating college I decided to design handbags. The idea was profitable, but I tuned in a little too late to truly focus on my passion. I had already moved away from home. Therefore, I had adult responsibilities and I could not focus on my talent. I encourage you to take risk while you live at home.

7. Be a volunteer – Build your resume’ while at home. Make sure you volunteer at the local YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, or at your school. Volunteering affords you the opportunity to meet people and develop your skills that will allow you to be more marketable. You should never scream or complain about being “bored.” If you desire to have success it is encouraged that you drive success and not drive your parents crazy.

Remember just because you stay at home doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibilities. Your parents are responsible for caring for you, but you are responsible for your future. I can’t wait to hear how you making a fortune while staying at home with your parents.

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