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Get Out of the Passenger Seat of Your LIfe & DRIVE SUCCESS!!!
Posted By: Shauntae Jordan on May 23, 2012

Do you ever feel as though you are going nowhere fast?

Are you constantly battling with what you want to do with your life?

Have you felt that you don't even know if what you thought was right is right or what you believe is wrong is wrong?

Have you ever gotten into the car with a person who believes they know it all? You tell them to go right and they go left! You try to change the radio station, but they scream, "You are the pilot driver, just let me drive." This madness of going where the driver wants to go becomes quite annoying and frustrating.

I remember when I was younger and I wanted my driver’s license soooooo bad. I would forever hop into the driver’s seat to be told to get out! My mom would never take me straight to a friend’s home or to the mall. Once I was old enough to get my driver’s license I confessed that I would never be in the passenger seat again. Who would have guessed that this would become national anthem for my life?

It all started when I was sitting in the principal’s office, my junior year of high school. I was very familiar with this place not because I was such a horrible student, but mainly because I didn't have a clue as to who I was (low self-esteem). I was constantly being bullied and fighting physically and with words to prove that I was black. The black girls at school said, "You act too white.” I don't know how a white person acts, but they didn't see me as white either. I just did not fit in! There I was in his office once again for running off at the mouth. This time my principle told me, “Shauntae at the rate you are going, you will be nothing!” No one will want you - no school, no college, and no job! Now I must be honest those words were more painful than the beat down I received from my mom after getting suspended for three days.

Why is it that PAIN - makes you get stuff together. Through my pain, I had what Oprah calls now an "Ah- hah" moment. Upon returning to school, I decided that I was somebody and I was going to find a job and go to college. I was getting out of the passenger seat of my life and I was going to be the Driver of my Success! For the remainder of my high school experience I discovered my skills, strengths and I was well on my way to college. If you want to know more about that experience you have to check out the book Learn How I Made a Fortune While in College: A Real-life Student Strategy Guide. For the sake of this blog I will tell you my principal was WRONG! In fact, I attended Winston-Salem State University, graduated Cum Laude (with honors) in 3 ˝ years, and earned over 60k in scholarships.

I must admit at times I felt inadequate, overwhelmed, smart, insecure, hopeless, and confident all mixed up in one big ball. There were a series of events that happened to me upon graduating college, which you will soon learn in future blogs. These events of people telling me that I wasn’t qualified, smart, or developed enough didn’t stop at my principles office. In fact, I experienced racism, back stabbing, criticism, and low self-esteem throughout my professional experience.

As I think back I question myself on what motivated me to stay in the driver’s seat? While in the driver’s seat of my life I have crashed, hit bumps, went up hills, swerved, stalled, slowed down, over heated, and of course I ran out of gas! What was it that keeps me in the driver's seat of my life? There are several reasons, but the most important is YOU! That is right everything that I have gone through has allowed me to gain experience on how to recover, regain, restart, reposition, realize that my fullest potential doesn't rely on the words or expectations of others, but the ability to know who I am! My mission is to serve others by helping them GET OUT THE PASSENGER SEAT OF THEIR LIFE AND DRIVE!

I hope that you find my series of blogs, tweets, and post fuel for your soul. I pray that I am able to rejuvenate your drive and help you get out the passenger seat of your life. You will soon discover tools, advice, and motivation to help you get money for college, launch a career, discover your passion or to gain personal strength. Listed below is what you must have in order to maintain D.R.I.V.E!

1. Determination - to keep going no matter what

2. Responsibility - you must realize your success depends on you and you are responsible for getting there

3. Influence - It is important to hang out with influential people and also be an influence yourself

4. Vision- Maintain a constant vision for your life and don't lose focus

5. Elevate- In order to go further it is important that you elevate and serve others

I am so excited and I can't wait for us to begin this journey together. Now remember you are the Driver and I am your GPS (guide). If for any reason you feel as though these post aren't taking you in the direction in which you need to go, give me a shout out on twitter @smjspeaks, facebook, or and I will be more than happy to give you more advice, tools, and motivation one-on-one! Also visit my website for updates on events, videos, and giveaways!

Remember to Always

"Ignite the Drive Within You"

Coach J
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