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Adam and Eve Revised

Adam and Eve Revised
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II on October 14, 2012

What I realize is that before you can cure the ills of our people, you have to first heal the relationships between Black men and Black women. The bulk of blogs and postings are on and about relationships. So that my response is understood, not necessarily accepted, I am posting this blog explaining the foundation of my philosophy.

Adam and Eve Revised

The parables in the Old and New Testaments, although they are meant to simplify God's messages are all left up to our own interpretations. Some choose to leave that up to their spiritual advisors. Others, like myself, have their own interpretations.

My interpretation on this topic is just my perception, it is not meant to give the impression that this is my understanding. My intention is not to sound blasphemous, but to have faith in someone else's interpretation is wishful thinking. I hope that the manner in which I live my life and how I practice my beliefs make me worthy of God's forgiveness.

In the beginning God created Life, and She create Lilith in Her image.

Yes! My God is a Woman. Man can neither birth nor nurse a baby. Men
are exactly what we have been created for to provide for and to
protect. The Amazon race of women was believed to be absent of
men. Today all of this is possible with artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and the cloning an egg from an egg. Man can only provide **** if the woman accepts it. The question has been asked, What came first, the chicken or the egg? One thing is for sure, Adam never laid an egg.

Giving a gender to God is questionable, but if God is All of All, then
God is both genders male and female. This point of view could definitely serve to support the bisexual person. I am not talking about the exhibitionist, nor the economic and social opportunist. What I feel is that God's feminine nurturing side is the Creator.

pg. 2 Adam and Eve...

There are a lot of different interpretations of Lilith, but not in the testaments. This is mine.

Lilith being alone in Eden, God then created Adam. Adam was to provide for and to protect Lilith, and in return Lilith was to be submissive to Adam. Lilith feeling that she was first and had been surviving alone, objected to submitting to Adam, and she left Adam. When Lilith refused to return to Adam, God cast her out of Eden. Now, Lilith was at odds with Adam.

In some interpretations, Lilith mated with Satan and became the Queen of Darkness, mother of Dracula.

God sees that Adam needs a mate to provide for and to protect in order to feel fulfilled, She created Eve. Eve (woman), possessing the same ego as Lilith, was created from AdamÕs rib so that she would be more submissive to Adam (man).

The problem was that unprotected (or neglected) by Adam, Eve was submissive to the Serpent (Satan), or one of Lilith's offspring. Eve, coming with the feeling of Understanding to Adam, thus persuaded him to disobey God's Command. They too were banished from Eden.

To me, the original sin that Christ died for was adultery, because God gave Eve to Adam. To make matters worse, Eve gave her first child to Adam as his. Adam and Eve's first child Cain was the son of the Serpent, or the offspring of Lilith.

Outside of Eden was chaos, and Adam and Eve had to adapt and to nurture their family. Sibling rivalry was the reason for Abel's death, Adam's son, by the hand of his brother Cain. Afterwards, the suggestion is that all of Adam's other children were with Eve.

pg. 3 Adam and Eve..


Following the timeline of events, the world became more evil lacking order and humanity, so God destroyed the world.

Today my intent is to focus specifically on the state of our Black families by using the symbolism of Adam / man and Eve / woman regarding their roles as parents.

Because of slavery, Black men were systematically deprived of being able to fulfill their purpose of providing for and protecting their families. Black women, surviving by any means necessary, matured not to have a need for their men. Too many of these women with this attitude, I consider to be the daughters of Lilith, who will not be submissive and with every opportunity, these women emasculate their men and sons.

Those whom I consider to be the daughters of Eve are those women willing to self-sacrifices for the betterment of their children and to be submissive to their men, who in turn are expected to provide for and to protect their families. But some of these women have to be reassured that their man is going to keep her and her children secure to remain supportive, or they too may be led astray like Eve.

Now the responsibility that all women must answer to is their choice to have or not to have children, and with whom. The suffering of child bearing and rearing is the penance for EveÕs sin. The umbilical cord is that connection that the man does not have as a bond. So regardless of what part the man plays in the life of a child, the woman is fully responsible for her pregnancy, unless she is forced against her will. For too long, too many daughters of Eve are become more like Lilith, acting selfishly and neglecting their responsibility to their children, especially the male child.

pg. 4 Adam and Eve...

I am not excusing the sons of Adam, but with so many things working against them, a lot of men are succumbing to the challenges: first there is the system; next you have the ante-man, who are loving each other; then the anti-man, the woman who wants to act like a man and hates men; also there are the daughters of Lilith, who will never submit to a man; and last there are the daughters of Eve, who have given up trying.

Too many Black women today do not seem to be willing to make the commitment to motherhood like the women of the past. The man can only be the head of the family when the woman allows him to be. Then she may be willing to be submissive to him, only if he is able to provide for and to protect his family.

Since I believe that the woman is in control of the relationship, the man has to be reassured that his sacrifice of providing for and protecting the family is honored and respected. If not, men will continue to walk away and mistreat women. If the man is out doing all that he can for his family, then the woman is the primary role model and teacher for the children; again the man is the support.

I remember at school one year, when we had a visiting guest artist from The Gambia speak to the students during an auditorium assembly, and one student asked, "What rights did kids have in your country?" His response was that the children of his country had but two rights: one, listen to the father and to do whatever the mother tells them to do.

We need to get our families back to the state where both mothers and fathers are fulfilling their role as caregivers of God's children.

Communication is essential, but one good thing about writing is that you have the opportunity to express your opinion without interruptions and defending your position.

Ivan Butcher II
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