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Posted By: Elynor Moss on April 15, 2013

By Elynor Moss

There is nothing better than first hand advice from someone who has traveled the same road as you. Jeffrey Coulter a Central State University graduate would like to give you insight on what his college experience was like. Learn from his challenges and successes!

HC: What was your major and why did you select it?
JC: My major was manufacturing engineering. Originally, I wanted to major in architecture, but the school did not have that major available and the next best thing relating to it was engineering. I started to like engineering in my second year, I started learning cool stuff and what applications you can adapt to it.

HC: What was the toughest part about college? If you could go back, what would you do differently?
JC: The most challenging part about college is time management, especially when you advance to higher, upperclassman status. If I could go back to that time I don't know if I could conquer time management but I would put more concentration into my major. One of the biggest mistakes I made was my lack of concentration and dedication toward my senior design project during my senior year. Unfortunately, the lack of time management prolonged the completion of my senior project and I had to come back and spend half of a school year and a couple of months to finalize the senior design project!

HC: Did you find love with a college sweetheart? What is the secret to your relationship success?
JC: Yes, I did find love with a college sweetheart and we are still together after graduation. The secret is no secret. Our success relies heavily on communication, trust, and understanding. I think it is important to set rules what you can do and what you cannot do, what you expect, within reason, and your future goals (a plan).


What organizations did you join at Central State University and what tips can you share with those interested in joining extracurricular organizations?
JC: The organizations I joined at Central State University were Sigma Gamma Psi Christian Fraternity Inc. and Toastmasters International. My tips for joining social organizations are to research the organizations you are interested in. If you are a freshman, that is the perfect time to research what you are interested in. To join an organization as a freshman, I would advise looking for those groups that will make you more desirable when applying for internships or employment, such as Toastmasters International. These types of organizations can help develop and improve your public speaking and other skills that may be related to your major or minor that can give you an edge when the employers are reviewing your resume.

Fraternities and Sororities are a different thing. The subject is too long to discuss however be sure you have a strong desire to join these organizations and that it lines up with your character, moral standards, and your goals.

HC: Where did get your best studying done on campus at Central State University?
JC: Believe it or not, I got my best studying done in the building where students in my major resided with other students in the same major, students that are serious and as upper classmen, understand the material better than you.

HC: Where do you currently work and are you using the things you learned from College?
JC: Currently I work at Nextech Materials Ltd. in Lewis Center, Ohio. Unfortunately around 2009, companies were laying off a massive amount of employees. Not only were college students in competition with each other, we also had to compete with people that had 5 to 15 years of experience. Statistics show that roughly, only 20% of all college graduates in 2009 got jobs. Where I work at right now I am not using all my knowledge to its potential, however, the experience has made my knowledge more diverse in other areas such as chemistry.

Connect with Jeffrey Coulter:
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