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Who Feels It, Knows It!

 Who Feels It, Knows It!
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II on January 05, 2015

A question has been posed, why hasn't there been more out-cry in the Virgin Islands, regarding the national state of condition for Black Americans, regarding police homicides and ****, ****, minimum wage, unemployment, etc... ? The general response has been, we have our own problems here.

To me, it goes deeper, Caribbean people generally do not identify themselves with the struggle of the African American. If you consider how the Black African/American is portrayed in the corporate media around the World, it is no wonder why we as a people, especially those of us speaking different languages, do not identify with each other, The Curse of Babel. Divide and Conquer!

Every other ethnic group, that migrated to the USA after slavery were give opportunity and privilege over Blacks in America; for one reason, they didn't hold past resentment for enslavement so they were less of a threat and these groups were willing to accept whatever they were offered, much like the **** issue with Mexican workers. In union terms, those other ethnic groups would be considered "Scabs".

Today, they have turned the Mexicans into the unemployment scape-goat, for the job storage, not that it is Corporate out-sourcing and technology that has eliminated millions of jobs; add in the fact that each of these groups, in a lot of cases were and are being supported by their governments with subsidies aiding in their sustainability, then each one brings one or the whole family and then the village. Look at what happens after an international disaster, these refugees are brought to the USA, and tax payers restore their lives. We have tax and insurance paying citizens still after Katrina, Sandy, etc., still waiting for Government intervention in their recovery.

This is not to ignore how other descendent groups from the Motherland and the Caribbean take full advantage of this condition, and I can speak to this fact having deep roots in the Caribbean. In fact, the same ill feelings exist between Caribbean people who have migrated to the Virgin Island in search of the American Dream, built on the backs of African Americans.

I grew up with a Trinidadian father and a southern Native/African mother in NYC, back in the 50's-60's as a teen, and as an adult, I taught and raised my children born on STX, so I am a city boy, but an island man. I can testify that it is all about keeping us divided. Money is at the root of the division.

Then there is the history of how so many different ethnic groups marry only for their papers, to often there are those men who abandoned their off-spring; I could go on with reasons for the distrust and sometimes animosity towards and between cultures, but that would be feeding into the separation.

Imagine and everyone who migrates to America wants a Skip in the line, and call US lazy!

Divide and Conquer! The Powers That Be, I am referring to those who have created the wedge, which happens to be the White Corporate America. Imagine the poor, ignorant and racist in America are supporting the wealthy and the Republicans, "Cutting off their nose to spite their face, solely because Obama is Black."

We are taught to accept the Holocaust, but we are encouraged to forget the atrocities and the injustices perpetrated on the millions of Native Americans, Africans, Asians and Mexicans on which this nation's prosperity was built.

How can today's White Christian ministers who profess to be the guiding spiritual light for their parishioners knowingly attack or remain silent to the truth of the horrendous legacy, in regard to the injustices of slavery in America's past history?

Christians who still hold on to the old prejudices of the past are making a mockery of the death of Christ and His sacrifice, a Dream Deferred.

A response I received, what about the innocent Bosnian man and others like him who have been murdered? Those are isolated incidences, in comparison to the current situation, which I do not condone. It is all wrong! Have you ever tried reasoning with Rage?

We as a People, some of us have been fighting, struggling, others are crying, and even begging for equity in the American Dream, you have to prove it.

First off, I support boycotting businesses guilty of discrimination, then start our own enterprising, supporting our own, in our own neighborhoods.

Our so called Black Elitist need to stop trying to Fitting-In, "What they don't realize that They are serious when They say that no matter which ethnic group referring, we all look alike to THEM?"

Black Achievers should return some of their blessings, whether it is wealth and or intellect, and reinvest in the neighborhoods that were abandoned after Affirmative Action.

"Charity begins at home" is not separatism nor selfishness. The neglecting of ourselves and relying on others to provide for us nurtures that negative perception other families have of our community. I feel the Black Family should be financing our own images, businesses, schools, health and senior citizen facilities, etc., but then there is the struggle to get out into Their controlled industry.

All of this out cry should be the catalyst to our realization that we have to start doing for ourselves again, this will be our real strength in backlash. When the proof of the discrimination, direct or subversive, is documented, then take your case to the media and the streets.

Rioting and destroying our own communities will accomplish nothing, but more Negativity. "Remember the World is Watching."

Ivan Butcher II
St. Croix, USVI
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