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Posted By: margaret belton on February 21, 2017
Where Healthy Transformation Happens
OR a sample article ...

Help me lose this %$^&*middle Belly Fat
( Because it means I cannot fasten my jeans)

Sample article link below --------------------copy and paste

continue reading here--------------------- (not as many pix tho)

Help me lose this %$^&*middle Belly Fat
( Because it means I cannot fasten my jeans)

If you are going to get your act together and get your clothes to fit Lets Be Honest.
The days that you no longer cannot fasten your jeans are NOT connected to your period- that’s water and bloating. We can blame water retention and bloating but if you really had to fit into your jeans I suggest you put them on wet and go sit in the sun till they dry…


Seriously. Did you have a baby?
Are you about to be pre menopausal?
Snacking a lot? Especially after sundown?

If you can see your situation in any combination of the three scenarios above, there is hope for you.
Baggy middles are not fun. Some of its skin, some of its fat. Lets transform it week by week. Give it a month!!

Week One
Without going broke or crazy Please buy or eat Breakfast before 11 am if it’s the last thing you do! Pizza for breakfast is better than no breakfast at all. Then if you did eat something that rich(Pizza averages 550-650 calories) Can’t you follow it with something Fresh like Fruit???? Crunchy or juicy fruits Not super sweet fruits like bananas!!! And lots of water until your **** runs clear? Yeah it’s a diet- try to keep your food intake low just for this one week!! Need to kickstart the system. Your week one daily intake is your present body weight with an extra zero. So if you weigh 120, eat 1200 calories. You will be hungry. Drink tea, liquids NO alcohol NO Kidding. It is going to be the roughest week of your life!! To keep yourself on track input everything you eat into an online app like foodtracker by the usda When you use an app you can put the bad calories (pizza in before noon and use them by nightfall)

Week One Main Goal Big Breakfast @ 650 calories!!!, no more calories than your present weight + 0 in a 24 hour period .NO Midnight snacking!!
If you weigh 120 + 0 means you intake 1200 calories in a 24 hour period Not a day. This gives you some flexibility if you work midnights for example

Week Two
Where your fat lives is in an area that’s hard to stimulate. But there is no such thing as spot reducing unless you are willing to look relatively tight artificially. A Corset, plus not eating or drinking all day after being treated to a dehydration sea salt body wrap results in your temporarily 4 inches tighter waist for that fancy dress. More on that desperate move later…
A more effective transformation is started in week two if you are willing to embrace the smarter fats and the spices. It is all about timing and planning. How?
· Adding a smart fat like Trader Joes Wild Salmon **** pills with your meals, especially Breakfast.
· Fight late evening cravings by planning on the 4pm snack. Calories not exceeding 400
· Very Important to start traditionally eating a small protein based /CLA based snack by eating either sardines and some crackers or adding CLA pills with your fruit at 4pm !

What is CLA?
Sundown Naturals® Maximum Strength CLA softgels can give you the support you're
looking for?
When it comes to finding support for your body-shaping goals,.* Conjugated Linoleic
Acid can help support
your dieting goals and a healthy body composition.* Sundown Naturals® Maximum
Strength CLA is sourced
from safflower ****, and these softgels are best when taken with meals.
˙Helps support your dieting goals.*
˙Helps support a healthy body composition.*
˙*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

click here
online ordering

Lets summarize weeks one and two
1. If you did an egg for breakfast- you cooked it in Olive **** spray. Olive **** is a smarter fat than butter. You really want that waistline down? Add some salmon, to that breakfast. No bread.Yes to Fruit, Coffee or tea (but sugar/cream allowed). 650 calories max
2. Lunch ? Your lunch is smaller than your breakfast. Salad and an half sandwich Lots of fresh food/fruit. Eat pretty.
550 Calories max

3. Snack 4 pm Calories not exceeding 400 CLA pill, plus fruit and/ or sardines with crackers. Think Moroccan; its hot and you need a little something with your tea.(more on how the Moroccans do it later!)
4. Dinner The smallest meal of all. Big salad. Avocado (a good fat) Olive **** or some other **** for the dressing. Nothing too rich or creamy. A glass of white or red wine. Its allowed also you can have One Beer under 6% alcohol.
5. Craving still? Crunchy fruit for you chip loving types. Yogurt for you ice cream lovers. Dark Chocolate with very low sugar for anyone . Throw in the B vitamin complex pill here.
6. Still craving.!?? Either walk or go do something creative. TV makes you hungry. Sitting makes you hungry. Use that gym membership- its less crowded after 8 pm. BUT no more meals!!!

Week Three
You should by now have eliminated some bloat. But if you haven’t seen any improvement, there is hope. Tweak the carbs by having alternate heavy calorie/light calorie days.
1. GYM Day Your low calorie day all day.

Based on your present weight +Plus a zero Must Take a Nap After Gym Starting This Week!!
2. Non GYM Day Your high calorie day. Based on yourpresent weight +Pus a zero. Then add 300 calories more.
3. RESULT some weeks you make it to the gym on MWF SUnday and other weeks its T TH Saturday. By now,your eating and rest(nap ) fit into this pattern. This is how you are going to keep it off, so get used to being more of a planner.

If you have no Gym membership contact me
as to which YOUTUBEvideos and workouts can help you at home.

GYM or no gym, a bad week is only two workouts. Even on vacation I hit the gum for 2 days in a week. Otherwise I have to start all over again when I get back home. You would not miss brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom for two days in any week of your life!So why miss the gym??

Week Four
Final Exam and you are done:
Is it working? If not be honest with yourself. If you have done everything outlined here and you still have problems, keep reading.

1. Your skin will be the last frontier. The baggy skin takes @ 6 months to a year to completely change. Since the skin on your body is the largest organ you might want to pay special attention to it. Use a loofah on your waistline once a week. Go sit in a steam room or sauna as a weekly treat. Drink water! Your **** should be almost clear when you first go in the morning.

2. I added spices like cayenne pepper and sriracha sauce to all my meals. Vitamins in spicy food are good for the skin. I learned this in Morocco. Spicy speeds up the digestion. Which means you have a Bowel movement almost daily. If that is not the case, be Mediterranean and add fruit so you keep the pipes working. A slower GI tract tends to bloat. That being said if Milk Products or Beans make you bloat, use low lactose products and Beano. But do not eliminate these foods that make you flatulent or bloat completely. You need the calcium vitamin D1/D2/ D3 interactions these foods have incorporated. Vitamin Pills work best when you take them with foods Just be Moroccan and do not over do the milk products/gassy foods - add spices to counteract any milk or beans. You will eventually adjust your tolerance, especially If you Drink Water!

3. The North African Version of Mediterranean food /Lifestyle is not pasta based, so eating whole grain, almost stony bread or rice instead of macaroni and cheese may not be your choice , but it worked for me. I was gluten free as a very allergic child , and I still tend to watch anything baked from the wheat family. Therefore African Grains still appear in my salads and cereals. Unless you live in the boonies you should be able to find spelt, amaranth etc, or go onto the internet!

4. Develop a more sophisticated palate. If Halle Berry does not chow down, I don’t either. I like to imagine she is eating beautiful food, not take out from Popeyes. Junk food is not an option. WHY? Out of the 21 meals you eat a week, plus that 4am tea time snack. You can throw your belly fat out of whack real quick.

If you decide to make Friday Saturday and Sunday your fun days where you eat what you want, 9 meals have just added fat back onto your middle, not counting the snacks .
9 to 12 bad meals may not mathematically outnumber the remaining number of the good meals in your week. Yet your body reacts metabolically and mathematically adds fat in your belly first.

Bad meals 9 Good meals 12

Half your week down the drain in 3 days of junk (weekend)

Bad meals 9 Good meals 12 ... Only Men(your husband??/boyfriend) can get away with this binge weekend eating– they have more muscle which burns fat as you sleep. They do a hardcore weekend warrior workout and burn fat because they are sore…


Do not be afraid to feel your workout. 12 hours later you should feel like you did something, especially in the muscle group that did most of the work. But a muscle should never be sore to the touch or hurt almost immediately as in 2 hours after the workout. That means you over did it. To Understand the No Pain NO Gain Rule women must learn how their bodies feel. As a trainer, I plan this for my clients so I rotate the sore muscles and keep getting results even when the client is tired. I have even sent clients home if they have a more sore reaction than expected. The best results are slow and steady. In about 6 months you should see a change, but never stop doing what is suggested here- it keeps you younger. This article Helps You Fight The Fat That Causes Problems Later Since Belly Fat is Near Important Organs.

No express or implied warranty (whether of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise) or other guaranty is made as to the accuracy or completeness of any of the information or content contained in any of the pages in this website or otherwise provided by personal training on the internet, the writer of this article , or on the training site. No responsibility is accepted and all responsibility is hereby disclaimed for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use or misuse of any information or content or any reliance thereon. It is the responsibility of all users of this website to satisfy themselves as to the medical and physical condition of themselves and their clients in determining whether or not to use or adapt the information or content provided in each circumstance. Notwithstanding the medical or physical condition of each user, no responsibility or liability is accepted and all responsibility and liability is hereby disclaimed for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information or content in this website, and any and all liability for incidental and consequential damages is hereby expressly excluded.
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