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4 Big Things to Not Forget When You are Planning a Large School Event
Posted By: Meghan Belnap on November 13, 2017

You are planning a sizeable event at your school, and it's going to be huge. At least, it will be if everything gets executed smoothly. This year, you are banking on the turn out being much larger than last year's dismal outcome.

Wanting to make sure all your ducks are in a row, you begin to develop a check-off list to help you ensure everything that you need to do will get done in a timely manner. Here are four things that need to rank at the top of that list.

Monetization Ideas for a School Fund Raising Event

The point of your school event is to raise money, but you must be aware of the minimum amount of money you need to raise to make the event worth having. Once you have an idea of how much money you need to generate, then you must start deriving ways to actually reach, and hopefully exceed, this goal.

According to Mobile Cause, the type of fundraising event you put on will tend to attract a specific demographic of people. In general, you will want to attract a demographic of people who will help to ensure that you meet your fundraising goal. Seating for a Theatrical Production

The drama department at your school is thinking of doing their own rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber's, “Phantom of the Opera”. They have spent weeks making sure their performance is going to be a hit with the audience. Before they can perform their play in front of a live audience, you need to make sure that there will be enough seating available to fill the gym.

Normally, you would have people sit in the bleacher seats, but this will not give everyone a clear shot of the stage. This means you will have to rent or buy a bunch of metal folding chairs for this event to ensure that there will be ample seating for everyone.

Outdoor Events

Whether you will be hosting an outdoor sports event or a fair on the grounds, it is going to be important to provide participants with a way to use the restroom. Often the way to do this right is to rent portable restrooms from somewhere like A B C Drain & Plumbing. This will make clean up easy without overrunning your indoor facilities. It can also help to avoid any major plumbing problems from high-capacity restroom use.


The key to drawing a large crowd to your next school event will depend mostly on how you choose to market your event. Whether it is a radio announcement or a mailing campaign, some thought must go into the question of how you plan to get the word out that you are throwing this event at your school.

Saving money by using email might be a viable marketing strategy, provided most of the people you are contacting actually read their email on a regular basis. When it comes to large events, you will need to consider that multiple marketing avenues will be necessary to reach enough participants in time to attend the event.


It is the day of the big school event. Because you did everything you set out to do, people are showing up in droves to participate. There are no major catastrophes or emergencies. You can now pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Most importantly, you should mingle with those visiting your event and have a little fun yourself.


Meghan Belnap
From Broken Arrow, OK
Oklahoma St Univ class of 2010
Member Since January 2017
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