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Everything Is Not For Everybody! (1484 hits)

A valid and strong rationalization is now that it is made available, more people who may never have tried marijuana would suddenly become addicted, If that was the case why isn't cigarette smoking a major health issue here in our community?

Yes, there will be an increase of new users, and yes, some may become chronic users, but it will not have as bad of an impact as prescription drug addiction and alcoholism has had on an individual. Some of the same chronic aliments associated with alcoholism, marijuana is used to alleviate.

Studies show that marijuana is just as and even more effective when ingested, eliminating the smoking-related illnesses altogether. Knowing when enough is enough, with the edibles will be every new user's reality…, and especially with any alcohol drink.

I am an advocate for the total legalization of Marijuana, I have been asked if I would include other controlled intoxicating substances like mushrooms, crack, cocaine, etc. I personally have no objection to the use of organic stimulants, especially when not abused and have medicinal benefits.

Nor do I have a problem with an Adult, who chooses to use processed drugs like crack cocaine, LSD, amphetamines, depressants, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar and prescription drugs, etc., for the sole purpose of getting high, so long as they are not abusing the rights and safety of others, especially children.
My question, if you are not "Mentally Ill," with little or no medicinal benefits from the use of these drugs, why continue such a harmful practice?

"The Candy Pushers," sugar studies show that the side-effects associated with the over ingestion of Sugar and Caffeine, not only gives the user the same euphoric effect that Cocaine does, but it also creates the same negative side effects of addiction and withdrawal.
I would say, that most Candy Pushers are not aware, that their motivation is the same as that of the Drug Dealers, which is to make money, regardless of the detrimental impact their products has on their customers / victims.

Some of the biggest opponents to the legalization / decriminalization of marijuana are drunk on alcohol and intoxicated on prescription drugs for aliments attributed to their poor diets and their sedentary lifestyles. For these individuals to continue to deny others the right to their choice to use natural alternative herbs/medicines is the real crime.

The most horrifying reality is that we the taxpayers subsidize pharmaceutical/medical industry's research, and then THEY are allowed to charge the same taxpayers Disgraceful rates and prices.

Once the new laws are instituted, they should be strictly enforced. Violators will especially stand out. You will always have those who will overlook and ignore the sales laws, much like how they sell Puerto Rican and other lottery tickets here. They should be fined heavily until there is no profit for them to operate in the territory.

The same laws that apply to the use of alcohol and other prescription drugs for the driving of vehicles and the operation of heavy equipment, for the protection of the public, need strict enforcement. Business owners should reserve the right for a No Drug Use Policy in their operations.

If it can be proven that someone was under the influence at the time of an accident or during the commission of a crime of violence for an example, retribution should be a penalty condition and the serving of the maximum time for their offense.

Tourists and visitors should respect the community. It must be made perfectly clear to them that public intoxication, disturbance of the peace, ******, vulgarity, or lewd behavior will not be tolerated. We welcome you to come and to enjoy yourself but you must respect our home.

A business opportunity, shuttle services should be provided for visitors and elders to eliminate transportation needs from clubs, events and venues where marijuana is available, and a Uber kind of service for those who want or need door to door service.

"Maybe if the Native American had kept his pipe and put down the bottle, America's history would be a lot more different, today!"

ivan Butcher II
St. Croix
US Virgin Islands
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II
Tuesday, January 1st 2019 at 7:18AM
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