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Omaha Born LA Raised Rapper SK8 Pernounced Skate Drops Hot New Single "Private Party" Feat. 24Hrs..
Posted By: LaMarr Blackmon on April 30, 2019

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Energy funnels into music and bounces back out to the world. As such, artists transmit what
they put in. Omaha
born and Los Angeles
“rap singer”
SK8 Pronounced Skate pulls
vivid and vibrant vibes
from countless hours spent perfecting his craft and an intriguing story that saw him go from
Midwest pro basketball hopeful to gold
selling homegrown phenomenon. Merging hypnotic
hop and otherworldly R&B crooning over smoked
out soundscapes, he emanat
es an
undeniable and uncontainable energy on a series of 2019 releases for
Alignment/Art@War/Atlantic Records.
“Everything you put out to the world will be reciprocated,” he exclaims. “My message is,
your life like today could be your last, because l
ife is short’
. Be around good people and spread
good vibes. That’s the movement. For me, it starts with music that’s easy on the ears. You
might smoke to it, party to it, vibe to it, or **** to it. I’m doing everything to become
at this
. I wan
t to continue learning and growing.”
He started this process of learning and growing during his childhood. Born to a Lebanese father
who loved Bob Marley, SK8’s childhood
weekly services at Greek Orthodox
Church, listening to classic reggae wit
h pops, and playing basketball.
e became fascinated with
music, spinning records by 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Nelly, and more
on the regular
Attending Wiz Khalifa’s
Waken Baken
tour in 2011 proved to be a turning point.
“Watching my idol showed me this was so
mething I wanted to do,” he recalls. “Everybody
was high and having a
. I realized you could be on stage and change lives.”
With his
life changed, he started to rap over beats on YouTube and share his recordings
for him


In between basketball practice, he
sequestered himself in his room, developing a sharp, slick, and soulful signature style.
played college
ball for a year at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska
in addition to
local shows.
Soon after, music became the primary focus.
“My dad grew up playing ball, so it was hard on him when I quit,” he admits. “When my parents
saw how serious I was, they were all about it
He built a devout following by releasing several
mixtapes independently and
joining forces
fellow hometown sensation Jack & Jack for the gold
certified single “Like That.” Along the way,
for everyone from Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and Rae
remmurd to T. Mills and 3LAU.
Following his successful
Tour, he relocated to Los Angeles in 2015.
Amassing millions of streams on his solo material, he built an impressive independent catalog.
Along the way, he developed a creative rapport with Taylor Gang rapper Chevy Woods,
collaborating regularly and meeting the rest of the crew

including producer Ricky P.
While in a
2017 studio session with Taylor Gang producer Ricky P, he met Wiz and immedi
ately hit
By 2018, SK8 locked down management with Taylor Gang Management, cofounded his own
entertainment executive
James McMillan, and signed to Atlantic
via McMillan’s
joint venture.
Now, he makes his form
al introduction on the 2019 single “Pr
te P
rty” [feat. 24hrs].
beats, claps, and a thick haze
entwine with his silky delivery before an i
hook. 24hrs lends his unmistakable falsetto track, adding another dimension to this nocturnal
“Lyrically, it’s just about having your own private party,” he goes on. “This could be kicking
back, smoking, and watching NETFLIX with your girl or throwing
rager. I want to be able to
capture everybody’s idea of a private party
. Musical
ly, it dictates the sound for the
whole project. It makes you feel warm and represents the sound and
I want everything to
That extends to Alignment. The imprint upholds his vision and emits the same energy.
“Alignment means getting your body align
ed, getting your team aligned, getting your love
aligned, getting aligned with God, and getting everything aligned, so you can go exactly where
you need to go and fulfill what’s planned for you,” he states.
“That’s what
I’m really going for
In the end, SK8’s
music provides precisely what he puts in
“I want listeners to really feel this,” he leaves off. “I’ve got a platform to speak, and I’m
choosing to have a positive mindset and art. That’s my deal. It’s ultimately about spreading
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