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Posted By: PAT BARROW on February 07, 2020

Yes...we have the money but not the mind set. Retraining the brain that has been manipulated so that it is generational. Its so sad but most of my associates and members aka clients are none Black. The whole purpose for my business is to protect those with equality, opportunity and justice. Doing anything while a national fun game for many. Hit on every side. For example just closing ones mouth when encountering cops. And for young Black male teens, parents don't seem to be teaching how to handle themselves with these encounters. What can a youth do if a cop approaches him for example, with obvious ill intentions? Your under age for identity so what can you show thne.
Cannot call Mama or the Pastor. What are you going to do.? This is where we come in. Having ID that states...

Notice: If it is your intention to question, detain or arrest me, please allow me to call my attorney immediately. and or tap an app and have an attorney on your phone in less then 40 seconds to address the cop (s) directly. They don;t mess with you when you have an attorney.

No...we cannot stop a bullet but its possible to avoid one.....

It does not matter who you are, in business or not. If your living while Black you are an endangered human being in America.

The Black community will invest, spend on perishables before they invest in themselves, their children or community.

Anyway, for those of you who GET IT....ARE WOKE... .Feel free to contact us for more info.

Stay Alive... Men...

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