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Joseph Alan Fears Live -Somethings Wrong
Posted By: Joseph Alan Fears on February 14, 2020

oseph Alan Fears Also Known As J.A Fears Is The Owner & CEO Of JAFF RECORDLABELS USA, And By Chioce He Has used A Few Different Ways To Present His Name, However, Anything That Has The JAFF RECORDS OR JAFF RECORD LABELS USA Tacked To It is A Owned Product Of Joseph Alan Fears. Since The Early 1960s Joseph Alan Fears Has Been Involved In Music, Firts By being taught To Play Guitar-Drums & even Saxiphone" That Today He Does Not Do-He says Although I Am Concidered A Multi-talented Artist " I Am Not A Saxiphonist, I Merrly use The Sound Effects On My keyboards To re-create The Saxiphone Sounds Needed To Place A Solo Riff On My Tracks & recordings, " Today In This Millinium" Joseph Alan Fears Performs Live With His Band mambers From The Band"Zafaja" & Continues To Write & record Jazz.Blues,R&B, & Gospel Songs. Joseph is One Of the Only Multi-talented Artist Who can Play Almost Every Style Of Music In His Home Based City Of salina,Kansas USA. Although As A Bassist? he Has Jammed On Stages With(Chicago Blues Artist) Artist Like "Lurrie Bell",Jimmy DLane",Bigtime Sara & The BTS Exspress",John Primer", Sweet Betty",The Kinzie Report","Sugar Blue"(Known For His Harmonica Line On The Song"I Miss You) By The Rolling Stones. And Many Other Mainstream Artist In More Than Just Blues-Jazz-& R&R Country Music. Joseph Has Told us That "He Used To Be Known As The"Chuck Berry" Of A band he Once performed With During His Teen Years Called"The Big Chill",Dressing Up In Tuxcedos & Performing As A Bassist With Lots Of Theatrical dance Steps. The Leader of That band(Forty Bonilla) Called Joseph The "Chuck Berry Of The Band". Joseph Earlier In The Mid 70s Performed In His First R&B Band (Kool Sat & The Second Breeze) Along With His Young band Member Friends- Mythias Wright-Lead Guitarist & Lead Vocalist, Albert Whitaker-Drummer Singer & Great Idealist For Writing Songs, And Micheal Jackson"(Not That One) MJ from salina,Ks Was Our keyboardist & Bass Vocalist. That Group Was One Of The Hottest bands In Kansas & Mississippi Too. Writing Songs Like" Mississippi Groove",How Does It Feel", Pains Of A Broken Heart",Sentuos Feeling",Act Like A Freak", I Want To Jamm With You", "Late At Night In Georgia",I've waited",I Need Your Love"", & The Most favorite" TAMERAC", Were Just Some Of The Songs originally Written By Joseph & Those Other Band members In That Group. But Someone Had To take Things Up A Bit, Meaning That After 3 years Of Just performing Our Songs Someone Had To Copyright Those Tunes. So After The Band Faded Joseph Got The Cool To Copyright The Songs & record Them & release Them On JAFF RECORD LABELS. Since That Time Joseph Alan Fears Has Exspanded His Musicical Ability To be More Versatile & Creative At Live Performance & Lyric & Song Writing. Although He wanted To Keep The same Guys Togather, he Has Found That Only One Of them for The Old Band Would Trully Keep In Touch & Stay In The Music Game, That Was His very First Musicial friend( After Mioving To kansas) Mythias Wright His Keyboardist & Vocalist Of "The Zafaja Band" Now After 40 Years Of Friendship Mike As he Was generally called By His Mother & Close Friends. Another Young man from back In Josephs Early Days Was Clifton R Clark(Who Is A Friend Of Josephs)Today Plays The Guitar & Sings In The Zafaja Band ", As A Matter Of fact" Clifton & Joseph Started This Zafaja Band", But It cant be Totally Said That We Started It"says Joseph"- We Merrly Just brought it Back Togather Again", That is Why I recored & releaed The CD"Back Where I belong" In 1994, It was My Way Of Saying That We Were Back To Doing What We Trully Loved. Joseph Alan Fears" Has Since The early days recorded & releaed sever CDs In Jazz Music, Blues, & Gospel Flavored", But never Forgets Where he Came from, Learning To Play The Guitar & Blues Songs At Age Of 3-5
taught By Old family Friends From His Early Childhood In Hastings Nebraska Where he was Born. And Going back To His BirthHome To Vist His Friends, & performing There With His Band At Special Functions. In The 1980s Joseph(as A Bassist) performed With A band Called"Flaire" A 7 Member dance Music Band, performing All Over The Kansas Area. Later In That Mix The" Brute Force Exspirence" Came Into His Path -A band That Would perform All Across The Midwest & Upper-Midwest -led By band Leader"Mike Warner" The Bands Drummer From California, Along Side Of Guitarist"James Knotts" from Richmond texas. Joseph Was There Lead Vocalst Known As That "Handsome Man" of The Band. Later In 1985 Joseph & james Got Togather & recorded What Would Be Josephs First debut release" Picture Of Love" Joseph had Already Written The Song & Lyrics At Home. But After It Was recorded At James Knotts Home Stidio, Joseph Contacted Nashville To have The Song Mastered & Distributed. And So It Was In 1986 The Song" Picture Of Love" was Finally Ready. Well? Joseph Pitched It To Motown records Only To Find That if he Wanted This Song To become A R&B Hit? It may Need backing Yeah" Like$30.0000 Dollars For Motown records To Reord & release It. That Would Have Made It A Instant Hit. However Joseph Didnt have The Money or The Heart To pay For Success In That Manor, So next He Contacted Billboard Magizine's Main Staff, There He was Told That If He paid Them $5000 Dollars & sent Them 50 Copies Of The Release That It Would Be garenteed To Climb Up To The Top 10 On The R&B Music Charts, making This Song Again A Hit recording, Well Joseph never Did Pay To have That Done. But In 1987 Joseph Did receive His First Royality from (BMI) For The Airplay Of "Picture Of Love" , That Was All he Needed, After That It came fairly Easy To Keep Up With his Own Music Airplay & Distribution Charts.Witch In Turn brought Several Other Royalties From Other Songs & releases That Joseph Had Produced. probably One Of The First In His Band To Ever Receive Them, from past To Present. Joseph Alan Fears Is Today A Recording Artist,Song Writer,Singer, & Music Producer. As Well As A Known Bassist In performing Live With His Band "Zafaja" Performing In Theatres,Concert Halls,Nightclubs & Other Venues Across USA Is Where You Will Find Him. Joseph Alan Fears Has More Than 16 Cds Available On The New Digital Music Distribution Market(WorldWide). And Continues To Spread His Love Of Jazz-Blues & R&B Across The Airways & & In The Spirits Of All people Who Hear Him On A CD Recording or Who Come To Watch Him Perform Live. Stay Tuned" He Will be In Your City & Country Soon .
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