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College Students: Tips and Tricks for Saving Money and Budgeting

College Students: Tips and Tricks for Saving Money and Budgeting
Posted By: Anthony Christensen on October 26, 2020

There are plenty of ways to save money in college. But, even if you are not the least bit concerned about how you're going to pay your way through school, it's worth taking a look at some basic tips for saving money in college. These tips can help you get by on less money in some areas of your life than you might otherwise have to work with. And, if you can get through college without having to borrow money against what you make during the course of your studies, you can pay your way with very little effort.

Budget First

First of all, start off by dividing your budget into three categories: money for yourself, money for school, and money for your parents or siblings if you have them. Make sure you keep track of your money every month and go over your finances every few months to make sure you have enough for everything. Once you have learned how to budget, stick with it. Once you start going over your finances too often, you will lose some of your motivation.

It can be really difficult for college students to figure out where to cut corners when it comes to their expenses. They're always being told to pay for things that they use on campus and they don't even realize that they can go without most of their books until it's too late. However, there are lots of great resources available to college students that will help them save money as they pay for their tuition and other college costs. 

Financial Aid

The first thing that you should do when you come to college is going to the financial aid office to see what they are looking for in terms of financial aid. This will include figuring out your family's income, how many credits you need to get, and any other factors that determine what you can get. This will be an important part of your budget that you should know about, and you need to be aware of the requirements in order to make your college life easier.

Co-op Programs

College students can really benefit from signing up for a co-op program. These programs are a great way to save money because students get a chance to work in one of their college's departments for free. The only difference is that you'll be responsible for your own paychecks and it won't be as much as what you'd make in a regular job.

However, this is also a great way to learn about a subject in college and get some experience in the field before you actually do it.

Student Credit Card

Another good tip for saving money in college is to sign up for a student credit card. These cards are great because you can use them at any place you like. You'll be able to make your payments using a debit card or a credit card, which makes it easy to avoid spending money that you don't have at any given moment.

When it comes to books, college student credit cards can be a real help. Most students end up borrowing hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get started in college and this is a real problem for some. Student credit cards can give you all the convenience that you need to keep track of your money.

Find Cheaper Housing

If you're going away for the summer, you may not want to worry so much about being able to find cheap student housing. However, there are still ways to save money and get some pretty nice accommodations if you know where to look. Most dorms will only charge you for things like room and board and not much else.

However, dorm rooms do tend to come at a premium. One of the best ways to save money in college dorms is to look at where you can sleep for less. There are many places in college where you can save a lot of money. Some students even stay in free rooms that they rent out for their own use to help pay for their own living expenses.

Student Discounts

There are other ways to reduce college expenses that won't cost a dime - including finding discounts for your school's grocery store and parking services and getting cash back from your credit card companies for every dollar you spend. With these tips for saving money in college, you'll be able to pay your way without a lot of extra trouble.


Being a student should be your first priority and not stressing about money. If you can set yourself up with a solid budget and find a few ways to save yourself money you will still save money as you make your way through college. This will help you to avoid needing to find debt settlement help in the future and can keep you from going into large amounts of student debt.

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