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Black History a Billion Dollar Enterprise

Black History a Billion Dollar Enterprise
Posted By: Ivan Butcher II on February 17, 2021

Black American History from our perspective is a Billion Dollar Enterprise. African Americans, those of us with Caribbean roots are boss, considering the multi-cultural impact we made on America's culture and history.

History demonstrates that the Caribbean Islands were essential to the supplying of the agricultural and construction materials, and often the rebellious slaves were often transported and traded between the southern plantations and the Caribbean Island plantations, mainly to preventing the slaves from being able to unify.

The fact, that many of the Caribbean Islands were being ruled by different major European Nations, and considering the enter trading and traveling of black people between the Islands over the years, magnified the diversity of contributions made by the African Americans, the Caribbean Africans and the Native Eastern North Americans.

History will also demonstrate, that many of the modern day Revolutionaries were of Caribbean Roots. The first one that comes to mind, who has had a major impact on my perspective on America, is Malcolm X, born in Grenada,WI.

The illustration: a picture of my southern roots, my mother's brother's wedding, the Austin, Jones, King families, Appomattox, Va.; I am of both bloods, my father was born in Trinidad, I am not sure where, but my father's mother, my grandmother Ruth Francois was born in Martinique, but was raised in Grenada, she married my grand father Charles Butcher from Barbados, and me, I was born in Harlem, raised in NYC.

I like using illustrations, for those who have trouble reading between the lines, because a picture offers a thousand words.

The Death of an Elder is like a Burning Library.


The fact that the European nations protected and preserved their libraries, they stole the documents from other nations' libraries, afterwards destroying them.

The Internet will offer a massive audience and marketplace, for this new history perspective, but this cannot and should not be the only outlet ignoring the publication of Books.

The Book will re insure the access to Knowledge.

There has been that racist expression made,"If you wanted to hide some information from a Negro put it into a Book". Paperless Information would allow controlling what is being broadcasted, and when ready all that would have to be done is to just pull the plug.

Fahrenheit 451?

The World is our Oyster, and because the successful Black American is looked upon as being a carbon copy of a White American, the scholars, the educators and the successful of the World, who ingest everything American, will consume our revised history.

Just imagine all of the related artistic renditions: biography, essays, poems, plays, lessons, songs, etc… and many other creative cultural merchandise that will be developed from the publications.

Like Solider Crabs, those successful with the finances need to buy-out the small and failing publishing companies, to control the Future of this business. I don't know much about Bit-Coins, but I do know that I would put all of my stock investing into a Black History Publications Enterprise.

It is also Show Time, Put-up or Shut-up! This pandemic challenge is altering future economic projections, opening up countless number of manufacturing and service business opportunities here in the Americas. Books of all kinds will be needed when there is no power to run your computers, so how to do books will be essential and in high demand.

I am now prepared to invest in the publishing of this manuscript, I have been working on …,

My Reflection: I Am My Words

I am in the market, looking for a Printer….

Ivan Butcher II
The Butcher Shop of the Virgin Islands
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