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7 Expert Tips For Giving a Powerful Business Presentation

7 Expert Tips For Giving a Powerful Business Presentation
Posted By: Stephanie Snyder on June 05, 2021

A good business presentation needs much more than a collection of attractive slides. Whether you're giving a presentation to your potential customers, senior management, or venture capitalists, you need to stand out from the other speakers by making a solid first impression. For some people, giving a presentation in front of even a small group can be a nightmare. 

Things get considerably worse when you're in a room full of essential business people, such as investors or your employer. So don't worry if you feel nervous. We know how to calm your anxiety and restore your self-assurance. In this article, we will guide how to give a powerful business presentation.

Be energetic

The amount of energy in the room is determined by you. If you arrive at the presentation dull or exhausted, your listeners will be as well. The most important thing is that you must be enthusiastic about the topic you are about to present. If you are, then while you're giving your presentation, use this passion to pique people's interest in what you're saying. Prepare for the presentation by reading inspirational quotes, listening to music, doing some simple exercises, or practicing your voice. You'll get their attention right away if you do it this way.

Be sure of what you are going to present

It would help if you were thoroughly convinced of your idea or product before you start persuading others. It's necessary to understand the points you're making inside and out. When giving a presentation in front of an audience, you'll almost certainly need notes, visual ****, and of course, slides. While these tools can be beneficial, they should not be considered the sum of your knowledge. 

These are merely tools to help you communicate more effectively. Please don't put too much faith in them; otherwise, you'll come out as doubtful and disinterested. Your subject expertise should extend beyond your cue cards so that you can successfully respond to any queries that arise. It would help if you exuded self-assurance.

If you bring up a point from your slide, back it up with statistics you've come across or statements that are relevant to your topic.

Add strong quotes or images at the beginning of every new topic

Instead of using a standard title slide, introduce every single thought or subject with a full-screen image or a meaningful quotation that evokes the theme.

If necessary, add a few words on the subject, or simply speak it aloud and let the reference or image complement it.

Then, as people listen to the associated content, a strong statement or image will linger in their thoughts, giving your topic additional power. You can also add PowerPoint Add-ins to your presentation to captivate your audience.

Ask thought-provoking questions in between your presentation

Rather than diving right into the presentation material, asking a question is an efficient technique to deliver information. This will prompt them to consider the material in the context you desire. It would be best to consider your audience and the questions they might have and construct your questions accordingly.

Set goals

Set the goals you want to achieve during your time on stage right at the start of your presentation. This explains why the listeners should pay close attention to you and what they will benefit from by doing so. As these objectives are satisfied, you and your audience will feel accomplishment and purpose in good communication.

Speak naturally

We understand that it is a business presentation, and you have to use appropriate technical language and business terms; however, this should also sound natural. If you are using some words that don't make sense to you, don't use them. Instead, consider the objectives as hooks for your audience, something that will pique their attention and entice them to stay with you throughout the presentation. The idea is to communicate with your audience clearly and concisely.

Use some business-related humor

Nothing is better than a presenter who can make you laugh during a long presentation. It will appear as if you are droning on if you continue to speak in a serious tone. You can keep your audience's attention by using a warm, conversational style and light jokes. However, you should remember that this is a business presentation. If you use too much humor, your audience will not take you or your presentation seriously. Only use humor if it's something you're naturally excellent at. If it isn't working, don't force it.


Although it might sound scary, a good and powerful presentation can set you apart from the other presenters. Follow the easy tips we have mentioned above and stand out from the crowd!

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