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3 Steps To Buying The Best Technology For Your SMB

3 Steps To Buying The Best Technology For Your SMB
Posted By: Stephanie Snyder on June 07, 2021

Technological advancement has come with software solutions that make work easier and speed up business functions. Your small business might have limited human and financial resources necessitating the use of IT solutions. Technology, however, consists of a wide variety of tempting solutions, and you might be indecisive on which to implement in your small business.

The Best First Steps

It is worth noting that your business can take a plunge if you invest heavily in the wrong technology solution. To avoid this mishap, you need to buy the ideal software solution for your business's functional needs. Here are three steps you should take to get a technology solution best fit for your small business.

1. Assess the Functional Needs of Your Business

Figuring out the pressure points of your business is an excellent approach to deciding which technology solutions you need. Performing an inventory of your business can help you answer vital questions; what are the core functions of your business? What technology do you already have? Are the technologies in your business helping? Which operational activities always seem sluggish? Your staff can also be resourceful in giving you answers to these questions.

The resultant data can help you know where to make any technological improvements. It can benefit your business if you introduce technology in any functions that seem sluggish. 

Technical Input Needed

Fundamentally, the most common areas that might require technical input include:

  • Communication

  • Inventory management

  • Order taking and tracking

  • HR management

  • Accounting and finance

Your business model affects your business's needs and should be a factor to consider before making your choice. If your staff members are spread around the country or globe, an online business tool will serve them well.

2. Choose a Scalable Technology

When your small business grows in leaps and bounds, you want your technology solutions to adjust accordingly and accommodate the growing numbers. Otherwise, you’ll be required to find another solution for your business again.

Another future purchase is an extra expense that you can avoid by carefully considering what you buy at the moment.

Reading Online Reviews

Examining online business forums is an excellent way to find answers to the following questions and help you evaluate potential purchases:

  • What do other small firms in your industry use?

  • Have they encountered any difficulties while expanding?

  • Have you discovered that a specific hardware or software package quickly becomes obsolete?

The information you gather will inform you of the scalability of various software and hardware tools. This insight can help you make the right choice when buying your software solution. Besides scalability, another technological issue worth your consideration is flexibility. Is the business tool flexible to be used on different platforms? Will it be compatible with the operating system on your computers?

One ingenious way to work around compatibility issues is getting a business solution tool that comes with d3dx9_43.dll. The utility will automatically find any missing DLLs and upgrades and automatically install them for you on installation.

3. Employ IT Support and Training

Buying a new business solution or tool is a progressive idea but also comes with its challenges. If your company doesn’t have an established IT section with competent personnel, then you are likely to face difficulties using any software-based business solution in its infant stage. 

For a small business like yours, consider hiring a professional IT support individual to deal with installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting. They will also be in charge of training your entire staff on the modules and functions of the business solution.

Investing In What Your Business Needs

It will be unwise to pump a lot of cash into a new business technology without sufficient knowledge of using it. This way, your business, and staff will still not benefit from the efficiency brought by your IT investment. Consider buying a software solution that would demand basic IT skills. 

Going for a sophisticated business tool might cost you more in terms of maintaining and staff training. An advanced integrated business system might also necessitate the services of a specially skilled IT professional, and this might be cost-ineffective for your small business.

It is good to invest in suitable hardware and complementary facilities to ensure your business solution works at its optimum efficiency; computers, cloud storage, and reliable internet. Implementing ideal technologies in your small business will provide you with faster operations and increased efficiency.


In the end, using technology is about finding a means to optimize the output-to-input ratio of your business. It will allow you to get more out of your efforts, keeping your business updated and attractive.

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