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Global Christian Car Buying Ministry

Posted By: Bruce Smith on October 22, 2022

Reposting excerpts from our Christian Car Buying Ministry's
previous client's "Dealer Tricks of the Trade" encounter for any car buyers who are planning to visit your local new car dealership: "Dear Bro.

Smith, again, reflecting on exactly what YOU WARNED ME COULD HAPPEN when buying my new ride 5 years ago, recently my daughter experienced the same plight when no more than two and a half weeks after taking delivery of her new ride the dealership F&I manager called her from the dealership and told her the 100% financing they implied she should have no problem qualifying for was NOT going to be approved by the lender unless within 24hrs she could arrange with her bank to pay them an additional $9,000.00 down payment in a cashiers check! The F&I Manager reassured her with "Don't Worry...You Look Good Double Talk, closing with the " I know you can get the cash down payment " story (again, exactly as I warned). Unfortunately, she was unable to raise the additional $9,000.00 cash down payment above what she already paid! The lender firmly stated if they didn't receive the $9,000.00 she had 2hrs to bring the car back or they would have to send a tow truck to repossess it and return it to the dealership lot. My prayer is that her "Nightmare" will encourage others to seek Christian Car Buying Advice at (christiancarbuying.org) to help them avoid becoming "HOODWINKED" before signing ANY car dealer documents. Instead, pray first followed by asking CCBM to freely, skillfully, and prayerfully broker your new car purchase to a SAFE, SUCCESSFUL -MONEY-SAVING conclusion and God will get the glory for faithful Christian Car Buyer's seeking our help to overcome "Secret Car Dealer Tricks of The Trade" BEFORE THEY GET TAKEN FOR A RIDE!
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Global Christian Car Buying Ministry

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