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Scapegoating Sanity: Denial Diary (1st Entry: Pew Trusts)

Posted By: Jason Breckenridge on December 01, 2023

Pew Trusts

- Whether advancing environmental conservation, examining the impact of government policies on taxpayers and communities, or providing information about relevant trends in society, the foundation of Pew's work is careful planning; a consistent focus on facts, science and data
- The Pew Charitable Trusts uses data to make a difference. Pew addresses the challenges of a changing world by illuminating issues, creating common ground, and advancing ambitious projects that lead to tangible progress.

Dear Pew Trusts,

I found these two quotations from your literature and it inspired to me to present some data that I have been mining. It’s a very challenging subject and will certainly test the limits of your statements. I hope it’s not offensive to convey this thought over a blog/twitter but my email conversion rate is terrible for my solution for the eradication for systemic racism. It’s just too easy to ignore an email so please accept my sincerest apology if you find it inappropriate for presenting Planetary Chess in the court of public opinion.

The Great Replacement Theory has been linked to an alarming amount of incidents of mass shootings by white supremacists. This discussion usually trends towards gun control and mental health and rarely towards understanding the motives of this type of terro***m, how it can be prevented or how the victims might defend themselves from it. We’re all, it seems… at the mercy of delusional & disillusioned white males, who suffer from”mental health” issues.

The incident in Buffalo, at the supermarket, was directly implicated by The Great Replacement Theory. Another in El Paso, at Walmart.. directly implicated. And the numbers keep piling up.

The data conclusively links over a dozen mass shootings in the past 10 years to this theory by way of manifesto’s or social media correspondence. It’s become a creed of sorts to white supremacists all over the world who hide in online chat rooms, egging each other on to commit these heinous acts of vio***e. On the news TODAY is a white male who’s mother has confirmed that he suffers from “mental health issues”, who seen 3 men of color, shot to k**l and went home where he was found the next day by police. The media is currently trying to determine if he was motivated by hate…. But I submit that the Great Replacement Theory has seeped into the “mentally disturbed” mind of racists and is solely responsible for this dynamic.

Does this meet the qualifications of a relevant trend in society? Let’s explore more data.

The next piece of data I will present has been ignored and shunned for decades and I wonder will you too ignore the facts. That’s why your words moved me. I’m very anxious to see your response. The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation has been VALIDATED by The Great Replacement Theory. Dr. Francis Cress Welsing correctly analyzed the motivations behind racism white supremacy (Original racism) in her exhaustive research, as confirmed by the CURRENT generations of white supremacists. This is groundbreaking is the realm of social sciences. It changes the whole dynamic of race relations. This is the scholarship that Planetary Chess is based upon.

I discovered this link 2 years ago, in an essay entitled, “The Power & Efficacy of Antiracism”. For 2 years, I’ve been blabbering about this to my social media network of about 3500 people but for some reason beyond my understanding, no one in my network was willing to view the data. That’s when I began to study public relations. I released a few press releases. I sent emails to reporters and journalists to warn of the dangers of anti racism rhetoric. For 6 months of that, again… no action.

Then, in September, the media crucified the Center for Antiracist Research and Ibram Kendi for its apparent failure to deliver tangible progress. Also, in the days following, a racist white boy went to a dollar store and shot and **** black people with a swatstika on the gun.

There was a **** in Walmart last week that fit this same description by the way. Another racist white boy. It was the same Walmart in Ohio where a young black male was carrying a BB gun he was about to buy before being executed by the police a few years ago..... My cousin has began to get her groceries delivered. I support her decision.

So, again, I ask you.. does this meet the qualifications of a relevant trend in society?

If you were to invite me to apply as an ambitious project, I’d be happy to do so. Regardless, I’m thankful for the inspiration you’ve given me to gather data to contribute to my Denial Diary. I hadn't specifically realized the grocery store trend until now.

Finally, here’s my research paper connecting the two theories, please don't hesitate to contact me if the data adds up:

**The Substantiation of the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation:
Connecting Independent Black Scholarship to White Supremacist Ideology**

*Janga Bussaja*

*Independent Researcher, Las Vegas, NV, USA*


This paper seeks to empirically validate Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's groundbreaking "Cress Theory of Color Confrontation" by analyzing contemporary white supremacist rhetoric. Drawing parallels between Welsing's identification of subconscious racial anxiety and the core tenets of the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory, this research underscores the psychological underpinnings of racism. The alignment of independent Black scholarship with inadvertent affirmations by white supremacists challenges conventional externalized conceptions of racism. By integrating psychoanalytic perspectives, as pioneered by Welsing, this paper aims to enrich social scientific explanations of prejudice and stimulate interdisciplinary interest in Welsing’s seminal contributions.


The murder of George Floyd in 2020 catalyzed global activism and scholarship aimed at dismantling systemic racism. This watershed moment in racial justice brought to the forefront the deep-seated racial inequities and **** that persist in society. Yet, despite the global outcry, the root causes of racism, particularly its psychological underpinnings, remain inadequately explored [1]. This paper bridges Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s pioneering 1970 critical race theory with modern white supremacist rhetoric, highlighting the continued empirical relevance of her insights and the urgency of understanding racism's deeper psychological roots.

**Welsing’s Prescient Theoretical Framework**

Dr. Welsing's theory, developed in the late 20th century, was ahead of its time. She posited that a deep-seated fixation on racial purity and survival underpins the collective white unconscious, manifesting as systemic oppression against people of color [2]. This preoccupation, rooted in a subconscious fear of genetic annihilation, drives the compulsive need for dominance.Despite her profound insights, Welsing's scholarship remains marginalized in mainstream discourse, perhaps due to its challenging nature that confronts deeply held societal beliefs.

**An Unexpected Source of Validation**

Empirical validation of Welsing’s psychoanalytic insights has been challenging due to their introspective nature. However, the rise of white supremacist rhetoric in recent years, particularly the "Great Replacement" theory, inadvertently echoes Welsing's identification of annihilation anxiety [3]. This theory, which suggests that mass **** threatens the demographic and cultural existence of whites, mirrors Welsing's insights, providing unexpected empirical support. The very groups that perpetuate racism are, unknowingly, validating the theories that seek to explain their behavior.


The alignment between Welsing’s theory and its inadvertent validation by white supremacists challenges dominant narratives that externalize racism as merely a product of socio-economic factors or historical events [4]. By centering racism within the human psyche, Welsing's model offers a more nuanced understanding of prejudice. Her insights suggest new avenues for scholarship and activism, emphasizing the need to unearth and address racism's irrational underpinnings.

This research underscores the importance of centering marginalized voices in discussions about racial oppression. The resonance between Welsing's theory and white supremacist ideology reveals gaps in dominant frameworks, emphasizing the need for a more holistic understanding of racism. It calls for a reevaluation of mainstream academic thought, urging scholars to delve deeper into the psychological roots of racial prejudice.


This paper underscores the profound parallels between Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s insights into racialized genetic anxiety and its manifestation within white supremacist ideology. By highlighting the continued relevance of Welsing's theory, this research calls for renewed engagement with her contributions and a deeper, more inclusive understanding of racism's roots. As society grapples with the challenges of racial prejudice, it is imperative to draw from all available knowledge, especially from marginalized voices that offer profound insights into the heart of the issue.


[1] Ray, R. (2020). Examining Racial Inequities in the Aftermath of George Floyd’s ****. Brookings.

[2] Welsing, F. C. (1991). The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation. The **** Papers. Third World Press.

[3] Davey, J. (2019). The Great Replacement: The **** Consequences of Mainstreamed Extremism. ICCT.

[4] Kendi, I. X. (2019). How to Be an Antiracist. One World.

Janga Bussaja
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Scapegoating Sanity: Denial Diary (1st Entry: Pew Trusts)

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