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Scapegoating Sanity: Denial Diary (2nd Entry: The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Posted By: Jason Breckenridge on December 02, 2023

I didn't get to explain what this portion of my blog will be about. I'm really tired of sending emails to folk who claim to have an interest in improving society or helping black folks... but can ignore a solution, any solution, to ending systemic racism. I've been sending emails to people all year about Planetary Chess but I've decided, NO MAS! From this point forward, every time I send an email presenting Planetary Chess, I will also post it here for the court of public opinion. The purpose is to see how many organizations will ignore this data. Please share this blog to hold these mfs feet to the fire. Thanks. Here's the article to which I will be presenting this verbal spanking: https://www.chronicle.com/article/where-do...


Dear The Chronicle,

I have created a system to end systemic racism based on counter racist scholarship named Planetary Chess. As such, I have been closely monitoring the progression of Anti-racism since it’s inception following the death of Mr. Floyd. In Sept of 2021, I wrote an essay named, “Disputation on the Power & Efficacy of Antiracism. In that essay, I began to explore a connection between my research and The Great Replacement Theory. 5 months prior to the incident at the Center for Antiracist Research, I made a press release warning of it’s ineffectiveness. I’m going to present data and trends that suggests that Antiracism exacerbates the race problem.

-Statista.com reports that, “the rate of fatal police shootings among Black Americans was much higher than that for any other ethnicity, standing at 5.9 fatal shootings per million of the population per year between 2015 and January 2023.

Antiracism, and the fight towards ending systemic racism has little to nothing to do with influencing the hearts and minds of racists police who shoot first with black people and ask questions later. This is problematic for Antiracism because it’s rise was based off an incident of individual racism white supremacy. Your article noted that you “spoke with half a dozen antiracism-center directors to get a sense of what the centers actually do and how effective they are,” (I wonder was that all you were able to get ahold of because I tried to contact virtually of all them and had little to no engagement) and then reported that have have three main themes: interdisciplinary research, community partnerships, and public engagement. The data says that those themes have no bearing on police executions on black people, the event that sparked in the antiracism movement.

-5 of top 30 deadliest mass shootings in the USA happened since 2020

“Racism is America’s original sin; it’s America’s longest-standing social problem.” This is a great statement. I’m going to send an email to Mr Harper. It’ll have more verifiable data than an email I sent to Dilliard March 25th. I’m going to try again now that they desire to be “racial-justice hub.” I’m confused to how an antiracist center can exist, with a stated mission to “dismantle” systemic racism and ignore an email from the “community” with a plan and serious desire to eradicate systemic racism. Multiple centers. It has led me to believe that perhaps it is “an unfruitful cash grab”. Because not only do these Antiracism centers do little towards the cause from which they sprouted.. Antiracism shuns the scholarship of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and ignores white supremacist rhetoric as well. In doing so, it makes the problem worse by pressuring the white society to be antiracist and doing nothing for the victims and targets of angered racists. As demonstrated on Jan 6, 2021, we have a significant portion of white men who feel as if they have lost the country made for them…who also deny CRT… and here antiracism comes along forcing it’s principles. 2 out of those 5 deadliest shootings share traces of the Great Replacement Theory.

- 5 shootings share traces of the Great Replacement Theory this year

“Communities have to be part of the conversations that we’re having. Otherwise, we’re tackling racism at an intellectual level, rather than the real-world level.” Another great statement. Attached is a short research paper, produced in the “real world”, that shines more light on anti racism’s inadequacies, the final piece of data in this discussion. “Original” racism, was developed as a power basis for white people. When you throw it in the faces by attempting to guilt trip them into changing and go against their own self interest…… it’s not rocket science to see why this data is presenting itself. I was recently asked to sit on a review board as an expert on European history and at no time in European history does forcing europeans to do anything, results in a peaceful or productive experience.

“It took hundreds of years to build the country’s systems and institutions, and it will take a long time to address the racism that was baked into them, the directors said.” Systemic racism, the remnants of colonialism and imperialism is not a sturdy system that requires an extremely long time to demolish. Systemic racism is already failing and on the way out. This explains the current aggressiveness of the real white supremacists and as long as mainstream society continues to ignore the motivations of white supremacist… things will only get worse.

I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to share this data and trend and I hope you find it suitable for your readership. I would love to discuss Planetary Chess and counter racism in detail as empowering black people to avoid the traps of systemic racism (counter racism) is a much wiser and safer plan for restoring balance, peace and justice in our country. Thanks for your consideration in bringing this issue into the court of public opinion.
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Scapegoating Sanity: Denial Diary (2nd Entry: The Chronicle of Higher Education)

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