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Def Poetry Jam
Posted By: Jon McAllister on May 25, 2005

The First Element Of Hip Hop
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The church has to take a more active role in discipline subject with parenting in the church
Friday, December 30th 2005 at 11:01PM

Member of chuches has to get leaders that are involved other than on sunday payday. We have too teach member about . god , family , finances , love caring about each other.Our chuch mentality has . when we have members in business the church and membership should attempt to do bus with these parties. The majority do the business and we don't get any returns from the guy on sunday reverend and Trustees
Friday, December 30th 2005 at 11:05PM

We have qualified business in our membership in churches and other areas. this writing is for us as black people our attitudes have got to change for success in our family life. We have to become better parents We have to demand that our kids begn tomorrow of obeying rules. School is a good place to learn. We as parents have too demand that our kids act and do the right things
Friday, December 30th 2005 at 11:10PM
SIE aka george simons
orderly at helping hands elder home care
i wanna hook up with poetssssssssssssss
Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 at 8:18PM

Im a poet and I know it, where Im from is killing my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to see this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, September 18th 2006 at 1:13AM

Looking for all the poets out there!!!
Monday, December 10th 2007 at 1:43PM
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